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How to Find a Job Abroad and Jumpstart Your International Career

Posted How-to / April 6, 2023
Maya Brown

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Are you planning on moving overseas but don’t know where to start with your job search? Figuring out how to find a job abroad can be an intimidating experience – you’re not only leaving everything familiar behind, but you also have to start building your international career from the ground up. So, let’s explore how to go through this life-altering process confidently and jumpstart your global journey with success.

The Benefits of Working Abroad and Learning How to Find a Job Abroad

When you’re going through the process of employee relocation, some of the troubles are cut short because you’re moving for a job, and a position is waiting for you at your destination. However, when you need to figure out how to get a job before the move, the task might seem almost impossible. But accomplishing this and getting a job in a new city has numerous benefits, both personally and professionally.

Overcoming the cultural shock can help you gain a broader perspective on the world, which develops greater adaptability and resilience in the long run. Also, you might have to learn a new language, which is always a good skill to have. All in all, working abroad can enhance your resume and increase your job prospects, as many employers value international experience.

Researching Job Opportunities Abroad – Where to Look for Postings

Just like moving abroad can’t be done with a last-minute move, finding a position when living in another country isn’t exactly a piece of cake. Because of that, it’s better to plan the move and job search ahead to leave plenty of time to do your research, as that can help you immensely in adjusting to the new country.

However, figuring out how to land a position at your new residence can take a lot of time out of your packing schedule. So, it’s best to hire a reputable international moving company to take care of the whole ordeal. With their packing services and other amenities, such as international moving by sea, you’ll be able to avoid relocation stress knowing your belongings are in capable hands, all while having enough time to dedicate yourself to getting the position of your dreams.

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How to Find a Job in Your Field Abroad

It’s best to start by researching the job market in the country you’re interested in and identifying companies that match your qualifications and experience. This will help you understand the local job market, including the types of jobs available, the industries that are thriving, and the qualifications and skills that are in demand.

Tools and Resources for Finding International Job Postings

There are various tools and resources available for finding international job postings. Online job boards such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed have numerous job listings and allow you to search for positions by location and industry. These networking sites can also be helpful in connecting with professionals in your field who may have insights or leads on opportunities abroad.

Tips for Networking Abroad and Establishing a Network

When moving internationally, networking is an unavoidable part of the whole ordeal. It’ll help you establish professional connections and build a support system in the new city you’re relocating to, and that will obviously be very helpful in discovering career opportunities. Moreover, by building a network of friends and acquaintances, you can develop a sense of community, break the language barrier, and feel more comfortable in your new surroundings.

Join International Professional Organizations

Joining international professional organizations is an excellent way to expand your professional network and gain access to valuable resources and opportunities. These types of organizations are typically dedicated to advancing the interests of a particular industry or profession and often offer networking events, conferences, and publications.

Attend Networking Events in the New Location

Attending networking events is probably the best way to establish connections and broaden your professional horizon in a new location. So, make sure to research professional associations, industry groups, and networking events in the area you’re interested in and make plans to attend.

When attending the event, it’s best to be prepared with business cards and a casual pitch that showcases your skills, experience, and goals. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with people, ask questions, and exchange contact information, as well as follow up with your new connections after the event with a personalized message. After all, it might turn out to be the most rewarding job-searching strategy.

Preparing for the Job Search

Once you’ve researched the job market and done a fair bit of networking, the next step is to tailor your resume and cover letter to the position or company you’re applying for and ensure that they conform to local standards and requirements.

It’s best to research the local business culture and practices to prepare yourself for any cultural differences that may affect the application process or the workplace. If you’re having any trouble during the preparation process, you always have the option to work with a recruitment agency or job placement service that specializes in placing candidates abroad.

Translating Your Resume and Qualifications for the New Location

While you might be able to put off learning a new language until you actually move there, it’s important to ensure that your resume and cover letter are translated accurately, as it can greatly affect your chances of landing the position. An accurate translation entails using the appropriate terminology for the industry and job you’re applying for, as well as conforming to local formatting and style conventions.

Additionally, ensure that your educational qualifications and certifications are recognized in the new location and that you have the important documents gathered and ready for viewing. Finally, be prepared to discuss your qualifications and experience in an interview setting and explain any differences between them and the local requirements.

Creating a Portfolio to Showcase Your Work

Creating a portfolio is a great way to showcase your work and demonstrate your skills and experience to potential employers when relocating abroad. It should include samples of your work, projects you’ve completed, and testimonials from clients or colleagues.

However, preparing all of this can take a lot of time and effort. So, it’s best to leave tasks such as packing fragile items or getting your car shipped abroad in the capable hands of a professional overseas moving company. With services such as overseas vehicle shipping, you don’t have to worry about getting even your biggest belongings from one place to another, and you can focus on jumpstarting your career in the new place.

Applying for International Jobs

With a tailored approach to your resume and cover letter, as well as a bit of networking added to the mix, you’ll be able to start applying for different positions. Keep in mind that there might be significant differences when it comes to cultural norms and business practices, so it’s best to research them in advance and know what you can expect from the whole experience.

Understanding the Visa and Work Permit Requirements for the New Location

During the process, be sure to research the local immigration laws and regulations to familiarize yourself with the requirements and eligibility criteria for obtaining a visa or work permit. In most cases, you need to secure an offer first and then apply for the work permit, but this can vary depending on the country and the type of visa you require.

The application process may involve providing evidence of your qualifications, work experience, and financial situation. It’s essential to ensure that your documentation is accurate, complete, and up to date, as any errors or omissions can delay or jeopardize your application. Finally, be aware of any expiration dates or renewal requirements for your visa or work permit, and ensure that you comply with any reporting obligations once you arrive in the new location.

Tips for Relocating for a Job Abroad

A life-altering event such as relocating across the world comes with loads of moving hacks and tips from people that have already gone through the process. We’ve already mentioned that choosing reputable movers, such as I Love International Moving, might be the best way to ensure that you have enough time to dedicate yourself to job hunting. However, let’s take a look at a few additional relocation tips that will definitely come in handy once it’s time to move.

Preparing for Cultural Differences in the New Location

Here are a few ways you can prepare yourself for the inevitable cultural shock you’ll experience while living on your own in a foreign country:

  • Research the local customs, traditions, and social norms,
  • Learn some basic phrases in the local language,
  • Familiarize yourself with the workplace culture,
  • Be open-minded and flexible, as well as prepared to adapt to the new environment,
  • Seek advice and guidance from locals or colleagues,
  • Be respectful of local customs and etiquette,
  • Embrace the opportunity to learn about and experience a new culture.

Dealing With the Logistics of the Move

It’s difficult to stay on top of everything when you’re relocating to a new destination, and that’s why it’s best to have a to-do list that will cover everything around shipping overseas and the job application process.

If you’re planning to attend some networking events before you even settle into your new place, you’ll have to pack some clothes for the trip. If you’re having any trouble decluttering your wardrobe or deciding what to keep, here’s a helpful video:

Call International Movers to Help You Relocate Safely

As mentioned, trying to land your dream position in a foreign country can take a lot of dedication and effort. The relocation is a demanding process in itself, so why not opt for hiring an overseas shipping company that has skillfully gone through the whole ordeal time and time again? So, contact us and let professionals from the I Love International Moving company handle this job while you focus on landing a job yourself.


What Are Some Common Challenges of Finding a Job Abroad?

Some common challenges of finding a job abroad include language barriers, unfamiliar job markets, different qualification requirements, and cultural differences.

How Long Does It Typically Take to Find a Job Abroad?

The time it takes to find a job abroad can vary greatly depending on the location, industry, and job market. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months or more.

Is It Necessary to Speak the Local Language in Order to Find a Job Abroad?

While it’s not always necessary to speak the local language to find a job abroad, it can be a significant advantage, particularly for jobs that require communication with locals or colleagues who don’t speak English.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Finding a Job Abroad?

Age restrictions for finding a job abroad can vary by country and industry. Some countries may have age limits for obtaining work visas or favor younger job candidates.

What Are Some Popular Industries to Work in When Seeking a Job Abroad?

Popular industries to work in when seeking a job abroad include technology, finance, healthcare, engineering, and education.

Can I Apply for Jobs Abroad While Still Living in My Home Country?

Yes, you can apply for jobs abroad while still living in your home country. Many employers offer remote interviews and may be willing to sponsor work visas for qualified applicants.

Are There Any Specific Qualifications or Degrees Needed to Work Abroad?

The specific qualifications or degrees needed to work abroad can vary by country and industry. Some countries may require specific certifications or licenses, while others may place more emphasis on work experience.

Can I Expect to Earn More Money Working Abroad Than I Would in My Home Country?

Whether or not you can expect to earn more money working abroad than in your home country depends on a variety of factors, including location, industry, and the job market.

Are There Any Safety Concerns I Should Be Aware of When Finding a Job Abroad?

Safety concerns when finding a job abroad can include issues such as crime, political instability, natural disasters, and health risks. It’s important to research the safety situation in the country you’re considering and take appropriate precautions.

How Can I Make Sure That the Job I Find Abroad Is Legitimate and Not a Scam?

To make sure that the job you find abroad is legitimate, research the company thoroughly, check its website and social media presence, and speak with current or former employees if possible.

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