Breaking down language barrier while moving abroad

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language barrierMoving overseas sounds exciting and challenging to everybody, but it can turn into a nightmare if you don’t speak the language of the country you are moving into. You are terrified thinking about the language barrier in all the situations you may face in everyday situations, let alone searching for a job. How to overcome this problem? Here is some advice:

Take language classes before and after you move

Learning a language is not as easy as it was when you were a child, and you may think it’s quite an obstacle for you. Be patient and don’t give up. You are not the only one who starts learning something completely new in the adulthood. In the beginning, you may be confused and unwilling to learn all the rules, but after a while, it will get easier, especially when you settle in your new country. You can practice it in the street, in the shop, with your new colleagues. They will all appreciate the fact that you’re trying hard to speak their language and help you learn it faster.

Find an online course and practice whenever you have time

If the idea of a course isn’t appropriate to you since you can’t schedule it because you are too busy and you think you will have to miss classes very often, it’s god to study at home in your free time. That way you won’t have to cancel the classes or be worried because you have missed some due to sickness or work. Anyway, you must force yourself to study at least half an hour every day to see the progress.

language barrierMake a list of simple terms and keywords and learn at least 20 of them by heart every day

Maybe you have never been familiar with grammar, and you think you are not good at studying a foreign language. It will just help if you know some keywords which are used in everyday situations. You will improve the rest when you start living there and communicate with locals. You will speak the language sooner or later.

Use gestures and body language

It’s not the perfect method of communication, but it may help. It sounds funny to think what you will look like when you start explaining something by moving your hands and your head, rolling your eyes and mimicking, doing everything other than using words to name things. In such situations many people also speak much louder, thinking that the person they are talking to will understand them better if they yell. They will be empathetic to you and help you learn the word you need. Just repeat after them, and you will start talking eventually.

Download an app on your mobile

Thanks to the newest technology, you can get any information you need in a split of a second. Millions of people have been using google translator and similar sites to communicate personally and commercially. Take this advantage and download the translator for the language you will need. No matter where you are, you will be able to type a necessary word and find out what it means or translate an English word into another language. You can also hear the pronunciation automatically after you find the meaning of it. Don’t worry: the new language will be a piece of cake! Just be patient and start talking word by word loudly. It helps much when you hear yourself pronouncing. Don’t be shy to talk and be social, your new friends will appreciate to assist you to learn it!
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