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How to Get a Job in a New City – A Guide to Networking

Posted How-to / July 15, 2022

When searching for information on how to get a job in a new city, one of the first terms that might appear is “networking.” What does this term mean? It is basically the process of meeting people within your field of expertise who can assist with valuable information and help you climb the career ladder.

Networking should not be confused with having connections when finding a job in a new city. Indeed, having connections usually has a completely negative connotation, and rightfully so. However, whether the process of networking will be a success or not depends completely on yourself and no one else. Nevertheless, it is the crucial part of the answer to the question, “How do I move to a new city for a job“?

If You Are Wondering How to Get a Job in a New City, Networking Is Sometimes Enough

We have to be honest and say that more introverted people will probably find it harder to go through this experience. However, if you have found the courage to browse “overseas shipping company” and organize a move, you will muster up confidence for this as well. Networking entails getting in touch with a lot of people, joining groups, and attending various events. It can be tiresome, but getting a job in a new city will be much easier.

How to Find a Job in a New City? A Good Résumé and Cover Letter Are the First Points in the “How to Find a Job in Another City” Plan

Before choosing international movers and hiring packing services, it’s necessary to organize important documents. Since you’re looking to get employment as an American in Europe (or anywhere else) before the move, a well-written résumé and a cover letter are necessary if you want to land an interview. And this is exactly where networking can begin. If you don’t know how to write these important documents, there are two ways to go about this issue:

  • You can ask your employed friends to help by giving you their résumés and cover letters, and then try to copy the style. However, this can be sometimes risky as you can’t know for sure whether theirs are good in the first place. Still, if your friend has landed a nice position in a company using them, it should be genuine.
  • The other way is to hire professional help (people associated with linguistic sciences) to write a résumé and cover letter for you. This is probably the best way as you won’t have to worry about the quality. But, you will have to pay for it, so be sure to add that to your relocation budget.
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How Do I Get a Job in a New City Before I Move? Putting Social Networks to Work Is an Essential Part of Networking

How do I get a job before I move? By using social media platforms. If you want to take full advantage of networking in the twenty-first century, social networks are an absolute must. Nowadays, there are even social networks specifically designed for business purposes, but in general, they are all great sources of data for all potential employees, as enterprises and employers post ads and all relevant information on them. Therefore, don’t pack your electronics yet and start making accounts on these social networks.


Although it has recently been renamed Meta Platforms, Facebook has been one of the leading social networks since the creation of this internet phenomenon. The main advantage of Facebook is that it has an incredibly wide audience. Hence, whatever your desired business is, you can be bound to find a page or a group associated with your profession. Groups are especially popular. It doesn’t matter whether you’re relocating to South Korea or any other country.

You can just type in the search “Ads for jobs,” and numerous groups will pop up. If you’re relocating to a big town, it is likely that there will even be specific groups for each professional field. Facebook is also known to have well-developed targeted advertising. So, when you start searching for certain companies, more ads from different companies will automatically start appearing on your feed. Finally, Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends back home, but also meet new ones in a new country people from all over the place will be members of these groups.


LinkedIn has become the most popular platform for both employers and potential employees. The reason behind that is that this social platform is specifically designed for business purposes. The way it works is that your account is basically your résumé and cover letter at the same time. Of course, you have to invest time in order to set everything up, but it’s fairly easy. LinkedIn also works on the principle of targeted advertising. You will be asked to choose occupations of your interest and the desired location, and it will start generating local ads for jobs.

The best thing about it’s that many employers and enterprises have incorporated the method of fast application through this social platform, so you will just have to click a single button in order to send your information. LinkedIn can also be used to acquire information, as companies all have their pages, but you can also contact HRs through it and ask any relocation questions for an employer that you might have.


Instagram has certainly become the most popular platform for younger people, and it is also useful when relocating to another country as you can see genuine pictures of neighborhoods and such. When it comes to business, Instagram doesn’t have a wide audience. However, it has strong communities for certain professions. If your occupation includes photography or depends on visual advertising, Instagram is by far the best social media platform for these types of businesses. For example, if you’re an interior designer and want to advertise your small apartment ideas, posting pictures on Instagram is the best way to do it.

What is the fastest way to get a job in a new city? If you are wondering this, the answer is probably through these three social media platforms. There are others as well, like Twitter, Quora, or Reddit, and it’s worth trying them as well. Here is a useful video that provides further information on this topic.

You Should Make Use of All Other Internet Resources When Searching for Jobs, Posted Even by Employers Themselves

There are regular internet conferences conducted by companies on social media or streaming platforms like Youtube where people can join and participate in the conversation. This is a great way to learn about all the requirements, but you can also assert yourself during these meetings by asking the right questions and providing glimpses of your knowledge.

Whether It Will Be via Computer or Face-to-Face in Another Country, Don’t Skip the Interview

How do I get a job when relocating? By applying and going to the potential interview. Since we are relocating during coronavirus, interviews are, nowadays, conducted via Skype and other platforms. However, the old-fashioned way of face-to-face communication has never gone away. If you get invited, it is out of the question not to attend it. Traveling to the location costs, but it is better to save on relocating costs than skip an interview.

The Alumni Association Is an Organization for College Graduates Searching for Employment

How to get a job in another city as a college graduate? If you’re a graduate who is relocating after college in search of jobs, reaching the alumni association is probably the best move to make. The Alumni association is an organization specifically created to aid graduates when searching for work. The organization works like this:

  • First of all, you can contact counselors and advisors who can instruct you on where to start the search for work and give you many useful tips about all aspects of the employment application.
  • Counselors will advise you to attend networking events and become a member of online communities. Networking events are a great way to meet fellow graduates and exchange information about employment opportunities.
  • Another great feature of this organization is career portals. These portals are both attended by fellow graduates and employers. Companies often offer jobs during these events, and there is a high chance of securing interviews or trial periods.
  • Finally, there are career webinars. Although these events are not specifically related to employment search, they are attended by graduates all over the world, and all sorts of topics are covered, including employment opportunities. All in all, this is a great chance to practice your oratorical skills, which are much needed during interviews.

Being Active and Gathering All the Information Is the Key When Searching for Employment

Having the right information is the key when relocating for work. Luckily, many people before you have gone through this experience, and such information is the most reliable. Here are some common questions when relocating for employment:

Should I get a job before I move?

The ideal situation is to know that employment awaits in the country you have picked to live in. You will be more relaxed when creating a checklist for moving abroad and hiring international moving services. Therefore, as soon as you decide to relocate.

How long does it take to move to a new city for a job?

The issue of how to get a job in a different city can be resolved quickly. However, relocation is not solved just by finding work. You will have to search for housing, notify all authorities and institutions, make an inventory list, and many other things. The efficiency of relocation is affected by many factors.

What is the easiest city to get a job?

In general, all bigger cities offer many opportunities, especially in the tech industry. According to research, Boston, MA, Pittsburgh, PA, and Washington, DC are some of the cities with the most numerous employment openings at the moment.

How do you start over in a new city with no job?

Apply all tips mentioned in this article. Having no work does increase relocation anxiety, but being active and searching for opportunities is the only way to address this issue. Of course, you will probably have to live for a certain period of time more frugally as you won’t have monthly income, but use this as further motivation to find work.

What is the first thing to do when moving to a new city?

After an international moving company unloads your stuff, start by getting to know the environment, where all the local services are, and where your office is. Then move on to meeting people like your neighbors and colleagues. This is necessary in order to adapt as quickly as possible to the different local circumstances.

At the Very Least, Networking Will Increase Your Chances of Finding Employment

Hiring an overseas moving company in order to change location because of employment is a common situation among people nowadays. A person can significantly advance in their career after such a move. Some even find different career paths which suit them more. All in all, effort and diligence are required in order to create a chance for yourself, and networking is one of the ways of getting that chance.

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