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How to Pack Electronics for Moving Internationally

Posted How-to / June 1, 2022
Anastasia Hill

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Relocations require a lot of work, especially if you’re a tech fanatic and have tons of electronic devices that need to make it to your new home with you. Learning how to pack electronics for moving internationally can be much easier if you follow our guide. If you follow our tips and tricks, you’ll definitely avoid unnecessary complications and properly protect all the devices without the risk of damaging something that’s expensive or you find extremely important.

Why Is It Important to Learn How to Pack Electronics for Moving

This is one of the most responsible packing tasks in the entire relocation process because financial losses could be the biggest. We all know that sometimes a small electronic device could be worth a fortune, more than all the furniture you’re shipping overseas and other things together.

If you skip some of the important steps and something valuable breaks because you made a relocation mistake, there will be no one else to blame but you. This can be extremely overwhelming if you’re relocating without a job, moving abroad alone, or maybe relocating for the first time on a budget.

Apart from packing electronics, relocations come with many other responsibilities as well. If you’re not sure how to pack fragile items or handle some other tasks from your packing list for moving overseas, hiring a professional overseas shipping company can be a good way to avoid relocation stress.

One of the Key Steps in Protecting These Items Is Getting Suitable and Quality Packing Materials

The best thing for packing these objects is definitely their original packaging, but if you haven’t kept them, you can use a suitable alternative as well. Here are some essential materials you need to focus on:

  • Sturdy cardboard boxes,
  • Cushioning and moving blankets,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Tape,
  • Labels.
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Don’t Have the Original Box? You Should Use Boxes in Appropriate Size and Shape to Pack These Items

Custom-made boxes might be the best option because they will fit perfectly, and the less empty space there is in the box, the bigger the chance is that the device will stay in its place. So, go to the nearest liquor store or online websites such as Freecycle and try to find cardboard that is of a similar size. Try putting only one device and its additional components in one box to avoid potential complications.

How to Prepare Electronics for a Move?

Preparing your devices is another essential part of the process. You should carefully remove the cords from the back of your device, untangle them, sort, label, and put them together with the device. Here’s an extra pro tip: before you unplug everything, take a picture of the back of your device – this way, it will be much easier for you to remember how to plug everything back in once you get to your new home. You should also clean dust and make sure that the cords aren’t tangled.

Packing Electronics Step-by-Step

Once you unplug your devices, its time to properly protect them by following these steps:

  • Put a relocation blanket or a sheet of bubble wrap on a flat surface and place the device upon it,
  • Wrap the device and secure it with the tape, ensuring all the corners are covered,
  • Place the wrapped device inside the box,
  • Add any keyboards, cords, or remotes that go with this device (ensure each piece is wrapped individually),
  • Fill the empty space with crumpled papers or some soft fabrics for cushioning,
  • Close the box and secure it with tape on each side,
  • Label the box.

Can You Put Electronics in Bubble Wrap? This Should Be Used as an Additional Layer When Packing Your Home Items for Moving

Using bubble wrap isn’t forbidden, but it is often recommended that you don’t use bubble wrap as a first layer of protection over an electronic device because plastic can sometimes scratch delicate screens. Try putting something soft as a first layer – a relocation blanket, for example, and once you secure it, put an additional layer of bubble wrap on top of it for maximum protection.

Ensure Everything Is Labeled and Carefully Transported

It is essential that every box is properly labeled. You should use loud colors such as red and clearly mark that this container has fragile items inside. If you’re transporting TVs and monitors, they should stay in an upright position during the whole process. Use additional labels to mark which side goes up and which one goes down.

This is also a recommended way to keep them in storage. When you load this container in a relocation truck, don’t put it under something heavy. Ensure they stay in the same position during transportation. It is for the best that you place them between two sturdy objects so they can’t move or fall if the ride gets bumpy.

Consider Hiring Professional Overseas Moving Company

If you have a lot of challenging tasks and many items you don’t have the time to pack on your own, hiring a professional overseas moving company can be a good way to ensure you’ll have a stress-free relocation. A professional international moving company can offer you amazing overseas shipping services no matter if you need help with packing household objects or even vehicle shipping.

You can also get additional moving insurance, so in case of any losses, you’ll be covered. A company can also offer you convenient storage services, so there is nothing you should worry about if you decide to book reliable professional services.

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