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Moving to a Big City Alone – Things to Know and Expect in Another Country

Posted Moving Tips / April 16, 2022
Blake Shaw

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If you are considering moving internationally you’re not alone! Every year, hordes of people make that jump. But before you take the plunge, there are a few things you should know. This blog post will outline things you should know and expect when moving to a big city alone especially when that metropolis is in another country. So if you’re ready to make the move, read on!

First Figure Out How to Move to a Big City Alone

Let’s be honest, there are many reasons to live in a big city, especially if that place is abroad. It comes with a completely different vibe than what you are used to. However, before the whole moving abroad process starts, you need to thoroughly plan it, in case you don’t the relocation stress can get off the charts.

For starters, relocation abroad starts with hiring the right international moving company that will be your right hand during the process. With the right overseas shipping company by your side, you’ll be able to move anywhere in the world without too much trouble. So, no matter if you are relocating to England, or going all the way to New Zealand, shipping overseas the valuables will be easy.

The next thing should be preparing for life in the big city abroad meaning you’ll have to find a place to call home and employment. When that is out of the way you’ll have enough time to learn a bit more about the country and the metropolis itself, which will in the end speed up the adjustment process.

Be Prepared for Different Housing Prices

Putting a roof over your head is one of the most important things you need to think about when moving overseas. However, different countries come with different prices, so if you want to stay on the budget research the housing market before the move. For example, relocating to Zurich or down under to Sydney, won’t cost you the same.

To make the whole thing a bit clearer, we made a table showing the rent for two-bedroom apartments in some of the most expensive cities in the world (according to Mapping the World’s Prices report).

City Rent For a Two-Bedroom Apartment
Hong Kong $3,690
New York City $2,910
Zurich $2,540
Paris $2,450
London $2,340

You Can Save Up by Finding a Kick-Ass Roommate When Moving To A Big City Alone

Some folks may despise the idea of living with strangers, in particular areas, it may be unavoidable due to exorbitant living costs and skyrocketing real estate prices (just imagine relocating to Paris and paying rent). That’s why living with roommates can be a wonderful option. After all, when you initially arrive in a new place, they are frequently among your first pals and can begin to teach you ins and out of the big city.

They may also be able to introduce you to some new potential friends. As your social circle grows, you’ll be able to meet more people, and hopefully, you’ll be able to weed out those who aren’t a good fit as pals. Finding like-minded housemates who are around the same age and experience level is crucial. It’s also excellent if they have similar employment (hospitality, office, etc.) so that your schedules aren’t completely opposite.

Another advantage of living with roommates is that you might be able to afford to live in a better location, closer to the action. To find a roommate in a new and unfamiliar country while still being in the US starts online. Join a variety of Facebook groups dedicated to real estate and apartments in the region is one method. You can also reach out to expat communities. The good news is that you can always look up a possible roommate’s Facebook page to determine whether they are someone you would like to live with before you move in. While not flawless, this first screening might help you sort out folks who you know aren’t a good fit for you.

Moving to a Big City Alone Can Be a Great Career Choice

Employment opportunities are vast when you don’t limit yourself to the US. Suppose you have read that there are plenty of jobs for Americans and Europe and you have decided to give that a try and send a few resumes. It doesn’t actually have to be Europe, there are plenty of jobs available if you move to the United Arab Emirates or some other country.

And since big companies usually have headquarters in metropolises, you’ll probably end up in one. However, before calling an overseas moving company you should research the market. Some places offer excellent teaching jobs, while others are in need of doctors, engineers, and software technicians. The move to the right location will be great for climbing the career ladder.

You Won’t Need to Pack up All of Your Stuff

Relocating from Arizona to a place with a colder climate such as Sweeden means that you need to rethink the things you are bringing along. Packing to move to another location is stressful enough as it is without realizing you overpacked. That’s why, for example, if you are going to a colder climate, make a list of what you’ll pack before the movers arrive.

Packing clothes such as shorts and short dresses will be completely unnecessary if you are relocating to a place that is in a colder climate. On the other hand, if you are relocating to a sunny metropolis, such as Barcelona, consider bringing slippers and leaving boots behind when packing shoes.

Be Prepared for Culture Shock

Culture shock is something you’ll experience whether you are relocating to a big or a small city. It is the fact that you are relocating abroad that matters. You’ll need (in most cases) to break the language barrier but also learn about customs and traditions in the place you are planning to call your home.

Luckily, settling in a metropolis means that you won’t probably be the only expat there. Huge expat communities can help you grasp the differences fast, and they can even help you learn the language abroad. All you have to do is reach out.

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You’ll Miss Your Old Home Sometimes

There is always a point in every move you might feel a little sad. This occurs to a lot of people who move and you shouldn’t be concerned. This melancholy normally lasts only a few days or weeks. A pro piece of advice – During the holiday season, this sensation of grief can intensify. If you know you’ll be alone for the holidays, try to locate something fun to do or a new area to visit.

There Are Ways To Miss the Old Home But Move On

No, we don’t imply you should forget about everyone you knew and loved in your previous residence. But, at least for the time being, try to concentrate on establishing a new life in your new house. It will be nearly impossible to settle down anyplace new, no matter how great that particular place is, if you sit and linger too much on all of the things you are missing, thus when you first get anywhere, you should look forward rather than back.

This may entail disconnecting from social media for a period of time, particularly during the holiday season, planning a variety of exciting activities for yourself, and making a concerted effort to meet new people.

Don’t Let the Unknown Stop You From Making a Move to a Big City

If you are considering a move to a big city, there are many things to take into account. Cost of living, job opportunities, and quality of life are just a few factors that will impact your decision. We hope this article has given you some food for thought and helped you start thinking about what is important to you when making such an important decision.

Relocating abroad can be a huge adventure despite so many unknowns. That’s why do your research, gather intel, and don’t let anything stop you from embarking on once in a lifetime type of adventure that is international relocation.

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