Things to Consider Before Relocating to Sweden

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Have you been thinking about relocating to this fine Scandinavian country? If so, I Love Moving has put together for you some things you should consider before moving to this amazing country, apart from preparing for all the cold and gloomy weather! Stay tuned for more!

Sweden StockholmRacism

The country may be a land of tolerance, but there is still a lot of racism here . Even though there are people relocating from all parts of the world, there can be a lot of judgment if you are foreign- born.

Peace and quiet

Sweden is a country perfect for retirement or raising your children because it is really peaceful. This quiet atmosphere may seem unfriendly because people don’t really talk to each other. If you walk down the streets and open a door for someone, you probably won’t get a thank you. People go about with their lives without communicating, unless they are with some they really know. This is why it is quite difficult making friendships in this country because most people keep to themselves.


Here it is almost impossible to get benefits, even if you are moving from within the EU. If you are seeking a job, you have to have worked in the country the year before at least 6 months to get an allowance. Refugees have a different process to go through rather than immigrants because they get a certain amount of financial support.

English makes life easier

Even though it would be a good idea for you to do your best to learn Swedish, there are still a lot of opportunities for people that only speak English. Most of the courses that you can take to learn the Swedish language and eventually get a job in the country are in English. Teaching English is quite the popular job and a good backup plan before you get a decent one. Many people also are on the lookout for someone to tutor them English, by helping someone else out, they can help you learn Swedish as well.

Sweden transit system

Your job is your identity

The Swedes are hardworking people where everyone does their best to get a job, wants to work, and does its best to continue working, even after having children. It is not normal for woman for instance, to become a housewife. Your job in the country really identifies who you are as a person to the locals, it helps them picture what you are like, but you can also be judged by what you do. If you answer the question, what is your job more confidently, you are more likely to feel more accepted.

It is great to live here

Most of the things we have gone over are negative, but with them aside, Sweden offers plenty of things to its newcomers! The quality of life is unlike anywhere else in the world! Moving to this country means you get to live in a fairer and inclusive society where you will feel more settled and integrated. When you feel that you are ready to start scheduling your move, give I Love Moving a call!
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