The relocation process can be an adventure you’ll remember but notice it won’t be the easiest task to do. If you’re moving out for the first time or buying your own house, or you decided it is time to start over and find a place to live in another state, you should consider making a plan to do it effortlessly and not forgetting a thing. There are no strict rules to follow to achieve a successful relocation, but you should begin planning the whole process on time, and the stressless and smooth move will be possible.

Be Aware Of Psychological Effects Local or International Moving Can Bring

As the saying goes, every person is an island, so everyone has a different psychological response when it comes to moving overseas. Everyone’s experience is unique, but there are some things we can do to deal with a huge change in our life effectively. Once you decided it is time to move across the world, far away from home and away from the people you know, you’re probably asking yourself how you will handle it best.

Traveling around the world is one thing. Moving to another country is something completely different because a good holiday destination doesn’t necessarily mean a good place to live. When you move to a new country, your world changes completely and you have to deal with all the unknown things without much to rely on. You have to adapt and deal with culture shock after moving overseas. Research shows that expats are more likely to suffer from anxiety or depression as they are separated from family and friends. Moving to a new county means losing your social support system and the necessity to work on building new relationships. Reasons for the move can be various – maybe you’re relocating to another country for love, or you have a great job opportunity you just can’t miss. However, some reasons are not so great, divorce, for example, and you have to start over with your life.

A language barrier can be a big issue. The more foreign the country is (in a sense that moving to Ireland or any other English-speaking country would be much easier for an American than, say, relocating to Singapore) the more disconnected you’re likely to feel. Nonetheless, moving abroad is a rich experience, and it will make you grow as a human being in many ways. Therefore, if you’re considering packing your bags and starting somewhere new, you have to prepare yourself properly:

Do your research and learn everything you can find about the culture

This is especially important for those who relocate because of work. The knowledge of the local business culture can be a make-or-break factor in your professional success. Luckily, nowadays, there are many resources you can find online.

Get to know the local language as well as you can

Learning a language abroad is an essential step in your relocation process. You’ll feel more comfortable knowing the mother tongue of the country you moved to, and you’ll more easily get to know the locals. In addition, people will appreciate that you’re at least trying to learn their language, so you should start finding tips for learning a new language right away.

Look for communities with the same background or interests as yours

Once you finally get to your destination, start looking for people with the same interests. This can be anything – from arts and sports to expat communities.

How to Overcome Fear of Relocation

The fear of the unknown is completely understandable, especially when you’re traveling abroad during Covid-19. This fear usually comes from the uncertainty about things you can expect in the new surroundings. However, this negative feeling shouldn’t get you completely and make you incapable of continuing to plan your future. Yes, you might feel overwhelmed and tired, but here are some methods you can implement to the daily routine that can help you:

  • Think about the reason why you’re relocating and stay positive,
  • Have in mind all the opportunities this change can give you,
  • If you’re relocating for a job opportunity, consider all the benefits for your professional aspects,
  • Hold to the thought that you’ll learn a bunch of new things and people.

Use Some Tricks to Reduce Relocation Anxiety

Handling moving stress and anxiety about moving out is something you should dedicate some time to and get over it. But, be aware that it’s not going to be the easiest thing to do. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time relocating or you’ve done this before – it’s always hard to leave the place you spent some period of your life in. So, feeling nervous about moving out is completely normal, but you should do something about it. The best way to overcome the relocation anxiety is to embrace the fact that you don’t have a timeline in your life, so take as much time as you need to get used to the change and don’t force yourself to feel something you can’t. Even though time will be your best friend, you can still do something for yourself to feel better. Start by changing your eating and drinking habits – eat healthily and drink a lot of water. Don’t skip things you usually do in your free time, and don’t forget that it’s ok to ask for help if you feel you can’t manage on your own.

There Are Some Helpful Ways to Fight Back the Moving Depression

If you think that moving depression doesn’t exist or that it isn’t a big deal, you’re wrong, and you have to react immediately if it kicks in. Feeling alone and homesick all the time and not wanting to meet new people are just some of the indicators you need to react to. Fortunately, there are things you can do before and after the move to reduce and avoid any sign of depression. The simple one could be bringing a significant item from your old house, like a framed picture or any other thing that will make you feel like you’re not so far away from home.

Another important thing you should remember is to talk to your family and friends about your worries and fears related to the move to another country. Finally, to avoid post-moving depression, don’t let time pass without exploring the place. So, on the weekends, visit the landmarks and other places of the city and make yourself feel like you’re on holiday.

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Throw a Goodbye Party and Stay in Touch – the Best Methods to Cope With the Big Change

One of the most effective methods to defeat relocation fear, anxiety, and depression is to be surrounded by people you love, and there’s no better way than throwing a farewell party. It is a perfect way to say goodbye to everyone at once and not relive the same process over and over. For the best organization, make a list of all the guests you want to invite and start planning the whole party, but don’t get stressed about it because its purpose is to get you relaxed and power you up.

On the other hand, once you move to a new city, you shouldn’t forget to keep in touch with your friends and family back home. True, you’ll have a lot on your mind in the first period of relocation, but make room in your schedule to hear from your loved ones. The good news is that nowadays technology can offer you many ways of communication (video calls and online chats,) so maintaining communication with the people back home is going to be much easier.

There are many ways to overcome fear and all the negative feeling about moving out

Decide Between DIY or Hiring Professional International Moving Company

When moving across the world, the main dilemma for most people is whether it is better to DIY or hire professional international movers to take care of everything. The best way to determine is to think about your priorities – if it’s time or money – and decide which way to go based on that.

If your priority is time, then really consider hiring a professional and reliable overseas moving company with international moving services to handle your relocation from the minute you call their customer support until the last box is unloaded from the truck. On the other hand, if you’re on a tight budget and want to save some money on tasks that you can perform on your own, it can be possible with a good organization. However, DIY-ing a move isn’t always a cheaper option because you often don’t count on hidden expenses that are bound to spring up along the way.

When it comes to the packing process, hiring professionals might be a better solution because they can reimburse you if something happens to your belongings during the move. Every trustworthy relocation company provides mandatory coverage for your things, and in that way, even if some item gets damaged, it will be paid off. If you have some more valuable stuff or just want extra protection, there is full coverage, too, but if you’re unsure how it works, you can always call customer support and ask for everything you need.

How Moving Abroad Works – Learn How the Price Is Set, and How a Moving Company Organize the Whole Process

Learn how the whole relocation process works

There are many things to think about when moving internationally, no matter the reasons for your move. Certainly, one of the most important things is to figure out how the overseas shipping company will charge you. Do they base the cost on the volume or weight of your household? Budgeting your relocation costs will depend on mileage and additional services you might need.

A trustworthy relocation team should perform the estimate of your household inventory in your home or online on a video call since you’re moving during the Coronavirus pandemic. However, you can do your own estimate of your household goods, although it’s a time-consuming task. This step is important because you’ll know exactly what will be packed when professional international movers come.

Know-How to Find a Reliable Overseas Moving Company and Don’t Come Pray of Moving Scammers

If you decided that packing your entire household items and organizing transportation isn’t something you can or wish to do, you should start researching reliable overseas movers. With the right steps and methods, you will find a trustworthy international moving company that will safely move your precious belongings.

The essential step is to start your search on time and see what options you have. So, contact more than one company – don’t hire the first moving crew you find, and have at least three quotes from different relocation companies. That way, you’ll lower the possibility of getting scammed. It is extremely important because you’d want to be ready to start adjusting to a new country and culture immediately after the move and not worry about the whereabouts and safety of your belongings.

So, let’s see the most common scenarios in moving company scams and how to do your research on trustworthy relocation company:

Frequently name change of the company

The first sign that should tell you something is not right. If you find a relocation team that changes name every year, know it’s a red flag. So, if you’re not sure about a company, check data on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website.

Movers don't provide a clear picture of services they offer

You should have an open and clear agreement with the moving company you hire and be able to calculate how much their relocation services will cost you. If you notice anything suspicious, it’s a red flag.

Hidden costs

Reliable and experienced moving companies present their services transparently, without any hidden fees. If the price you initially get changes after every call you make, and it’s higher every time, know that a trustworthy team wouldn’t do something like that.

The moving crew doesn't offer a contract

After everything is settled, you have to receive a valid contract sent by a trustworthy crew. Make sure you carefully read the whole document, and if you find something that isn’t clear, you should call the company’s customer support and ask all that you want or need to know.

A man in front of a laptop with a cup of coffee in his hand finding overseas movers
It's essential to find reliable movers that will safely handle your relocation

How to Pre-Prepare Yourself When Moving Internationally – Obtain the Visa and Other International Documents

Before you start writing down every little task you have to do to make the relocation abroad smooth, there are some things to think about as a pre-preparation. For example, what documents for moving internationally you need to have. So, to have everything organized and arranged, you should start taking care of your paperwork a few months before the relocation day. This is especially important because you might not be allowed to enter a foreign country if your passport is due to expire in a couple of months. If you’re relocating with family, you have to think about their documents as well. No matter if you’re traveling for a holiday or making a permanent move, you’ll need a passport, visa, and insurance. However, visa and insurance types might vary from country to country if you decide to stay there permanently.

The passport is the most important document you’ll need and if you don’t have it, be prepared to wait a few months until you get it. So, it’s best to apply right away to the US Department of State, providing proof of US citizenship, an ID card, and a recent photo.

If you’re not sure whether you need a visa, you can go online, visit the website Americans traveling abroad and check all information regarding visa requirements. Another great way to get familiar with the regulations of the country you’re relocating to is by visiting the official websites of that country. You can also contact the embassy of that specific country. Besides all documents you have to prepare for your move, let’s explore some steps that will keep you organized.

Create a Checklist of Things You Have to Do Before Relocating

No matter if you moved before or it’s your first time to relocate, one thing is sure – you have to get organized. To make that happen, you should make a relocation checklist of all tasks to do. This list of things will help you remember all the tasks to be done, and it’s an essential step in your relocation process. Here are the most important things every moving checklist should have:

  • Research your future city and neighborhood,
  • Set your budget,
  • Declutter and decide what you won’t pack,
  • Hire professional international movers,
  • Take care of utilities and change address,
  • Clean your old house,
  • Notify everyone about your move.

Set a Budget for Your Relocation

After you created a list of things you have to do for a successful and stress-free move, the next step is to see how much money you’ll need for this whole process and how much you have to start with. The budget can depend on many factors, like how far is your new destination and will you go with DIY or prefer professionals to take care of wrapping up your items and packing materials.

In both cases, you’re going to need money because, unfortunately, you can’t move without it. However, you can prevent spending too much by going over every service and creating a moving expenses checklist. Notice that this budget list isn’t definitive because it can change depending on how many additional services you’ll need.

Another factor that can impact your budget is the time of the year when you’ll move. If you’re wondering how to save some money, you should consider relocating in the less busy months. That way, you can book your international moving company in autumn or winter (yes, moving in winter isn’t impossible, whatever someone may think.)

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Use the Best Materials to Pack Your Belongings

Make space on your relocation checklist for packing materials. Imagine you start with the packing process, and in the middle of it, you realize you don’t have enough materials to protect your belongings. So, when you write a list of things to do before international moving, one of the tasks should be getting as many packing supplies as possible.

You could use many supplies, but it’s not just the materials that count – you should know how to use them. That’s why you should hire ILM’s skilled overseas movers and their packing services. They will bring everything needed for protecting your belongings and, with many years of experience and all the tricks and hack for packing, make that daunting task a breeze.

Now, let’s explore packing supplies that our well-trained crew will use to wrap up and protect your items because, in the end, it’s not all about expensive stuff you can replace. It’s about those items with the sentimental value you can’t replace or buy a new one.

Moving Boxes

We all often think that there isn’t too much stuff to pack and make the biggest mistake by not getting enough boxes of different sizes.

Packing Paper

Excellent material for protecting any item is packing paper. It doesn’t leave stains or marks on your possessions.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is an inevitable material that will come in handy for packing fragile items, like glassware and china.

Packing Peanut

When your items are properly protected with packing paper and bubble wrap, our professional movers will apply packing peanuts to prevent items from colliding with each other in the box.

Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are thick covering that our international movers use to protect bulky items when relocating. Vulnerable or fragile pieces of furniture are wrapped with these blankets in order to protect them from any damage during the move.


Don’t forget the moving tape that will ensure the boxes and packages once you fill them with items.

Custom Crating

With I Love Moving international moving company, you’ll get custom crating – a custom-built crate for your sensitive or valuable items. We provide a wide range of custom-designed wood crates and boxes.

How to Find Reliable International Movers

Once you decided that you need a professional overseas shipping company to handle your relocation, it’s time to hunt for a reliable one. But don’t think it’s something you can do in a few minutes, so prepare to spend one afternoon in front of your phone and computer. You need to check if international moving companies you find have all the licenses and certificates.

Start by calling at least three relocation companies and ask for quotes. After receiving them, feel free to compare the numbers and see what they offer in terms of services and prices.

The quick and easy way to research is to ask for recommendations from your family and friends, especially if some of them moved recently. Another way is to go online and check the reviews and comments on the company’s website. This is a very useful method because you can read what customers think about the company and its services.

It's important to know the best methods for finding trustworthy international companies

Best Tips for Decluttering Your Home

If you’re wondering how you will pack your entire household, the answer is to declutter first. So, before you start packing, separate all the things you don’t use or need anymore. That way, you won’t lose energy and time on the items you won’t even need in your new home.

Even if it sounds impossible, decluttering will help you figure out how to live in another country. Living simply and without too many items in an apartment sounds appealing to many people, so why not do it. Here are some of the most effective ways to quickly declutter your home:

  • Create a decluttering checklist – it’s going to be a lot easier with the visual picture of where to start with decluttering.
  • Start room by room – doing it room by room will keep you organized, and you’ll exactly know where everything is.
  • Make four piles – make a pile or designate a box for things you’ll keep, throw, donate, or sell.
  • Get help from a friend – two pairs of hands are faster than one pair, so if you can, call family or friends to help you.

What Should be Safe from Decluttering

This big change in your life is something you should look forward to, but it can be quite stressful with all those things to do. When it comes to packing up your belongings, the key to a successful, stress-free move is to travel light. This doesn’t mean you should move without any luggage, but you can apply some tricks and hacks for smart packing. The first thing to do is make a list of the things you wish to bring with you and then separate those you need and those you don’t really need. Let’s look at some of the things your list should have:

Important documents

There’s no need to explain why you have to pack all the documents you will need in a new country. Just make sure you have this task on your list, so you don’t forget them.


When it comes to packing up your clothes, you probably think you’ll have to pack your entire closet. But, once you declutter, you’ll be packing only those clothes you actually need. For example, if you’re relocating to a place with a warm climate, you don’t need all those sweaters.

Sentimental items

If you have some important and sentimental items, like art and family heirlooms, and you’re planning on an overseas move, then ILM movers will safely transport them.


If you can’t imagine life without gadgets like phones and tablets, you better start packing them properly. However, those items require some extra protection, and I Love Moving international movers can provide you with a custom crating option for them.

Some piece of furniture

This depends on whether you’re internationally moving into furnished accommodation or not. Still, in either case, it would be more cost-effective to travel without bulky items. However, if you have a beautiful antique piece of furniture you really want in your new home, check with the overseas moving company about terms and conditions.

Once Decluttering Piles are Made, Learn What You Can Donate and Where

When relocating overseas, you’re probably wondering how and where to donate your unwanted items to charities or other organizations and help the less fortunate. The good news is that many charities have pick-up services – all you have to do is check the ZIP code of the charity online and find out what kind of donation that organization takes. Here are things you can donate and tips on how to prepare them:

  • Clothes – make sure everything is dry and clean before you put them into plastic bags.
  • Electronics – wipe the dust off the electronics and, if possible, pack them in the original package with the instructions manual.
  • Cars – if you decided to leave your old vehicle behind, find a charity that accepts cars. Among them are Goodwill and Salvation Army.
  • Books – local libraries are always a good place where you can donate your books when internationally relocating.
  • Toys – if you have some unwrapped toys and your kids are grown, don’t throw them away, but donate them.
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Organize a Garage Sale of Things You Can’t Donate

A garage sale is a great way to get rid of the items you won't be bringing with you

There are some things you don’t want to be shipped overseas that you can’t donate to charities. The great solution is to organize a garage sale and find a new home for those items. A successful garage sale requires organization and time. So, make an inventory list of stuff you want to sell and set the date of the sale.

However, there’s another thing left – advertising. You can promote your event for free on many platforms, like Facebook groups or Instagram. When the sale day comes, you should get some help – make it a family day and give each family member something to do. Ensure the prices of items are visible to the future buyers and be available for any kind of question.

Organize Important Documentation at Home

Having your documents organized isn’t important only when you’re relocating abroad but in general. You might think it’s impossible to do since there is too much paperwork to be checked and filed, but you can do it like a pro with some useful tips. It is going to be a time-consuming task, but once it’s done, you’ll know exactly where to look for that one specific paper. So, you can start with gathering all the documents in one big pile and checking each file’s date. Everything that is not up to date you can toss. On the other hand, you can separate active documents into different folders:

  • Active – reminders, appointments, shopping lists, and similar papers that you can toss later.
  • Inactive – here should be records you use a few times a year, like health insurance, mortgage, birth, and school certificates.
  • Daily – everything you use on a daily basis should be in this category, like bills, coupons, and recipes.
  • Discard – this category will help you not accumulate those unnecessary promotional leaflets, brochures, and such.

Change the Address Before the Move

If you’re planning an international move, you have to change your address because you’ll still want to get your mail, right? In this case, the only method possible is to go in person to the nearest post office and fill the change address form. If you somehow forgot to do it before the move, you can request the change of address through your new country postal service administrator. Regardless of your location, you can always call the USPS for further information.

Take Care Of Utilities

Relocating to a new country means a lot of stuff, and one of them is certainly switching off utilities. No one wants to move to a new place without water or electricity because we all know that it’s impossible to live without these two things. It’s maybe not the funniest task from your relocation to-do list, but you should start on time and ensure utilities in your old place are turned off one day after the moving day and turned on at least one day before you move into your new house in another country. Let’s see what companies and providers you need to contact:

  • Electricity,
  • Gas,
  • Water,
  • Sewer,
  • Landline telephone,
  • Internet,
  • Home security,

Let Everyone Else Know About Your Relocation

Letting every institution and company know about your move is an essential step

A bit of lack of attention, and you can easily miss informing other institutions about your move and get into legal trouble. To prevent that, you should get this government and financial institutions on the top of your list of who to notify when moving abroad:

  • Social Security – you can contact the local office and let them know you’re changing your address.
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – modification of your data in the IRS database is essential, and you can easily do it by calling them or visiting them in person.
  • Banks – let your bank be updated about your relocation.
  • Credit card companies – you can call your credit card issuers and check the terms and conditions for your future state if they do business there at all.

Packing Your Items With Some Useful Tips Will Be a Breeze

The most important thing when it comes to packing your belongings is to start on time. Since you’ve done the decluttering of your entire home, you’re probably left with less stuff to pack, but there’s still a question of where to start. If you’re still wondering what to pack when moving abroad, you should first decide whether you’re traveling internationally by air or by sea (a much pricier option, mind you.) It’s important to establish that because of limitations of the amount of luggage you can carry with you.

We’ll get over clothes and other items that are not essential in a sec, but first, let’s see what you must have if you want to have a successful move abroad:

Important documents

We don’t need to explain why documents are vital for overseas relocation. So make sure you have your passport, visa, birth certificate, driving license, school records, and other documents safely protected and packed in a bag that will go with you.


Remember to pack all of your medicines and have them with you. Another important step you should do before the relocation is to check if the new country has supplies of your needed medication. If you can’t find your medicine abroad, it may be because it is under a different name or local regulations forbid it.

Relocation day bag

When relocation day comes, you probably won’t remember to pack some essentials, like snacks, bottles of water, toothbrushes, toothpaste, or toys for your kids and pets. You can put important documents and money on the list as well. So, make sure you pack a bag with these things a few days before the move.

How to Efficiently Pack Your Shoes and Clothes

When it comes to packing shoes and clothes for an overseas move, it is essential to pack only the amount you’ll need in the first couple of months. Another important thing you need to do before you start packing is to check the weather conditions in the country and city you’re relocating to. If the climate is dry and sunny, then there’s no need to pack those winter boots. However, some pairs of shoes and clothes you have to pack and the best way to do it efficiently and save some space is to put packing paper into your shoes, so they don’t lose their shape, and then store them into boxes. For clothes, it is best to put them into plastic bags that can be vacuumed. This way, your clothes will be protected from any kind of damage during transportation.

Prepare Bulky Furniture for the Move

Relocating your bulky furniture abroad is a challenging task. Still, if you have a piece of furniture you can’t leave behind (if it has a sentimental value,) you have to consider some careful steps to safely protect them. The first thing to do is get enough proper supplies for the task:

  • Moving blankets – a perfect material for protecting your furniture from any damage during transportation.
  • Bubble wrap – it will protect delicate parts of furniture.
  • Plastic covers – you don’t want to transport your furniture and find it all smelly and moist. The plastic covers are waterproof and provide excellent protection.
  • Plastic wrap – it is similar to plastic covers but more flexible. That makes it perfect for some irregular-shaped parts of furniture.
  • Packing tape – some wraps need an extra layer of protection, and that’s why packing tape should be on your list of materials.
  • Labeling kit – it’s essential to label each pack with numbers on sides so, when you assemble the furniture, you know exactly what part goes where.
  • Tools – if you don’t own a toolbox, make sure you get one.
  • Dolly – it will be a lifesaver, not only for transporting your bulky furniture, but also other heavier boxes.
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Best Protection for Fragile Items

Protecting your fragile items might be the most stressful part of the whole packing process because they are most likely to get broken or damaged during transportation. However, wrapping up your breakables properly will keep your worries away. You probably already have bubble wrap and tape, which are the best materials for wrapping up your fragile items. Other things you should get are cardboard boxes and fragile stickers.

The greatest hack on ensuring your breakables is to wrap each item separately and then store them into boxes.

How to Pack Electronics

The best solution for transporting your electronics abroad is to bring only the small and most necessary ones with you. However, if you need to bring some devices with you, the most important thing is to remove the cables and protect each one. For smaller electronics, like phones and tablets, ensure that batteries are out (they can leak and cause damage) and remember to bring their chargers.

Packing Other Valuable Belongings

Let’s look at how to pack some other valuable belongings you have to bring with you on this journey. The first of those valuables you can’t leave behind is probably your laptop. Put it in its bag and remove the battery.

When it comes to artwork, you should fully protect it and check with our customer service about custom crating options.

Items that have irregular shapes are also most likely to be damaged during the move. So, make sure you double wrap them and put a “fragile” sticker on a box.

If you’re more into reading books and feeling the paper, then you should protect your paper fortune from damage. The good thing is that you already have all the supplies you need, so you can start wrapping each book separately and putting them into boxes.

What Not to Pack When Moving Overseas

You already know this, but the fewer items you bring, the less your relocation expenses will be. However, there are some items you can’t import into other countries, or you need to have proper paperwork for them. So, hazardous items that may be dangerous to health and life are among those you can’t bring. Here are some other items you’ll have to check whether you can bring to the country you’re relocating to:

  • Food,
  • Alcohol,
  • Tobacco,
  • Medicines,
  • Animal skins.

Notice that every country has different laws and regulations, so be sure what you can and can’t bring.

There are many things to consider when it comes to packing, so start on time

Preparing Home for Sale and Finding the Next One

When you decide it is time to move somewhere else, you should start thinking about selling your old place. The first thing you should do is to prepare your home for sale, and here are some crucial steps you need to take:

  • Take care of the house’s exterior – you should make it pleasant because the first impression is the most important. So, keep the greenery tidy, clean in front and the back of the house, and arrange the flowers.
  • Inside the house, everything should sparkle – make sure you clean each corner of your home because the potential buyer will look at every little detail.
  • Take the best pictures of your place and post them online – an average buyer will first go online and explore the real estate market, so make sure your photographs are professional and, if possible, different from others.

Tips for House Hunting

You should consider many things when house-hunting, from the size of the house to the neighborhood it is in. Here are some of the best tips that will help you choose a suitable home:

Set your budget

The first thing when house-hunting is to decide how much money you have because everything depends on it.

Explore the housing market

If it is growing rapidly every year, it means that there are more opportunities for you.

Decide the size of your house

How many rooms are enough for you and your family? Do you want a yard (back or front)? Need a garage or storage facility? Answer these questions honestly before you start your research.

Check the neighborhood

If relocating with children, pay attention to proximity to a good school. And if relocating with pets, ensure there are parks where you can take them for a walk.

Get help from real estate agents

It’s completely reasonable if all this is too overwhelming for you, so get a helping hand in the form of a reliable real estate agent.

What to Do When Renting an Apartment

If you opt for renting an apartment, the essential thing is to start searching at least one month before the move. That way, you will have more options and more possibilities to find the place that suits you best. And if you need help, a real estate agent can come to the rescue and find what you’re looking for.

A man and woman are internationally moving and carrying boxes
The essential thing when house-hunting or renting an apartment is to start on time

Job Hunting When Moving Internationally

Having a proper plan when relocating overseas is the golden rule for any successful move. And you can apply it on job hunting, as well. You should consider how much money you’ll need in the new country by exploring the cost of living, housing, groceries, utilities, and similar stuff. Based on these expenses, you’ll know what salary to look for. However, there are some essential questions you should ask your current employer. Namely, is there an international branch of the company present in your future country and can you transfer there.

Getting a job before you relocate would be the best scenario because you won’t have to worry about the rent and other monthly expenses. Here are some tips for your research when wondering how to find a new job in Europe:

  • Explore the local job market and what are the most popular positions (check some jobs for Americans in Europe),
  • Update your profile on social media,
  • Search and join the groups and meetups,
  • Ask your family and friends for recommendations,
  • Update your resume,
  • Have a cover letter.

Networking Is Essential When Looking for a Job

The sooner you start building your social network, the whole process of finding a professional opportunity will go much smoother. If you’ll be working in Europe as an American, social media can be of great help here because platforms like Linkedin and many Facebook groups are something you need to have if looking for a job. However, before you get into your research, prepare your resume and have a cover letter. Make them stand out, and it is a half job done.

What to Do Without a Job – Moving Abroad on a Tight Budget

International moving without a job is possible; you’ll just have to do everything on a tight budget. The first thing you should do when you decide to move is to start saving some money. Unfortunately, you can’t move without any money, but cutting expenses is certainly possible. You can begin by checking what places in your new country are the most affordable. On the other hand, you can save money when you start packing – we all know how packing supplies can be expensive. So, you can use every soft material you find at home, like sheets, socks, blankets, and similar stuff.

It is better to find a job before you move

Check Some Special Relocation Circumstances and How to Handle Them

Each relocation is stressful enough, especially if you have to move under special circumstances. So, if you have kids or pets, or if you’re relocating after college, we prepared some tips for each situation that will help you relocate effortlessly.

Everything You Need to Know When Moving While Pregnant

If there’s a baby on the way, you probably think it’s impossible to travel or move. However, with some tips implemented, overseas moving during pregnancy will be possible. Once you picked one of the best places to live abroad with family, the first thing you must do before you actually start planning a relocation is to visit your doctor and get permission to travel. When you get that, you can dedicate yourself to all the planning and tasks that don’t include any hard physical work. So, in this case, let the professional international movers handle all the packing, storing, and loading stuff while you can do some of the tasks from your chair (switching utilities and similar things.)

When the relocation day comes, make sure you pack everything you need in the essential bag – lots of water, snacks, comfortable shoes, and necessary medicines.

Best Tips When Relocating With Kids

Relocating abroad with kids can actually make the whole process much easier with just a little more organization and delegating tasks. Yes, there will be a bit more work to do, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be harder. The key to every successful relocation is planning on time, and this stands for every kind of relocation – it doesn’t matter if you have a baby or a toddler. However, letting the professionals handle the relocation might be the best solution for you because there are already enough tasks on your hands.

Another important thing is to talk to your kids about this huge change in your and their life. Don’t let your kids feel sad – present them this relocation as an adventure you all will enjoy.

For more awesome tips on how to relocate with kids, watch the video below.

Make a Relocation With Your Pets a Breeze

Everyone with a furry friend knows how anxious they can be about the little changes, so you can imagine how the changing homes will affect them. There are many things to take into consideration here. For example, if you’re relocating with pets to Hawaii, you should prepare for some specific requirements, like quarantine and all the necessary documents. But don’t worry, relocating with pets shouldn’t scare you; just follow these simple steps for your and your pet’s stressless relocation:

Keep your pets away

Pets can feel the stress as well, so it’s better to keep them away from all the chaos of the relocation process. If possible, leave them at your friend’s or hire a pet sitter on a moving day.

Give them as much attention as you can

Like already said, animals are very affectionate creatures, and if you don’t give them as much attention as they are used to, they’ll know something is happening.

Don't change their routine

Not changing their daily routine is the key to a successful relocation with your furry friends.

Prepare all the documentation on time

Some countries are more strict than others, but you need to have your pet’s proof of rabies vaccination and health certificate.

Relocating With Elderly Parents Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful

If you’re moving with your parents, you will do good to look for the best places to retire in Europe. The essential thing when relocating with elderly parents is having an open conversation. Try your best to explain why this relocation is happening and what they will get out of it. Also, have in mind what your parents leave behind because people can get attached to many things – their house or even a piece of furniture. So, arm yourself with patience and be there for your loved ones in this challenging period. You should hear their opinion and let them express their feelings because only then both you and your parents can make compromises and have a stress-free relocation.

The Best Way to Handle Relocation After College

Once you get your diploma, the first thing on your mind is where you will live. No matter if you’re wondering what are the best cities to live in Europe for Americans, or you’re looking for the best vegan cities where you can live after college, there are some things you need to consider. The most important thing is setting your budget and exploring your options in accordance with financial possibilities. Then you should let everybody know about your decision to move internationally and maybe throw a farewell party.

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Some Useful Tips and Tricks on How to Move Office

With a reliable overseas shipping company, you should feel confident when transporting valuable items from your office

Moving your office overseas is a challenging task, so you better start planning on time. The first thing you should do is make a business move checklist with all the tasks you need to do and create a team of people to help you organize the whole office relocation process. Another essential step you need to do when moving internationally is to back up all confidential and important data and documents.

If you’re planning on overseas shipping of some of the equipment, like computers, desks, shelves, and other things, you should consider oversized freight options that I Love Moving provide. Since this is a valuable cargo, you probably don’t feel safe enough with shipping them overseas, but with our system for tracking shipment, you’ll know exactly where your stuff is and when it will arrive.

Find Out How Overseas Shipping Car Works

Once you decide to move internationally, there’s another question to be answered – should you use overseas vehicle shipping service? You probably think it’s pretty risky to do it, but if you take into consideration that around 90% of US households have at least one vehicle, then you know what you should do next. With a reliable overseas shipping company that has many years of experience and full knowledge of how overseas car shipping works, you won’t have to worry about anything. However, there are some steps you should take to prepare your four-wheeler for transportation.

One of the First Steps in Shipping a Car Overseas Is to Find a Trustworthy International Moving Company

We all know how stressful shipping overseas can be and that’s why you should find a reliable crew with many years of experience in the car transportation industry. So, take some time to do your research. The fastest way is to go online and read the reviews and comments on the companies’ websites. Don’t skip checking the relocation company on Better Business Bureau. On this website, you can check if the company is legitimate and be sure you picked the right overseas movers.

Make Sure You Adequately Prepare Your Vehicle For the Move

Having a professional relocation team that can help you with shipping your car means you’ll take the enormous task off your relocation list. However, the preparation of your car is still up to you, so make sure to perform these steps and have your four-wheeler in top condition for transportation:

Have all necessary documents

Gather all documents you have for your vehicle. This means you have to prepare a car registration, your ID, insurance, and original title.

Make your car clean

Have your four-wheeler cleaned, and make sure to document any external or damages to the interior.

Take pictures before shipment

If you already know there is some damage to your car, take a picture of it as proof after shipment.

Remove everything from your car

Remove valuables from your vehicle. That way, you don’t have to worry about them being damaged or stolen.

Drain the gas tank

With a full tank your car will weigh more, so empty it almost entirely. You can leave it a quarter full, so you can drive once it arrives at your future destination.

Pay a visit to a mechanic

It’s better to ship your car repaired, so if there are any mechanical issues, you should fix them.

Make one extra set of keys and lock the car

Lock your vehicle but leave one set of keys to professional movers because they need to drive it onto the ship.

Choose the Shipping Method That Suits You Best

Once you found reliable movers that can provide you with the auto services you need, you should choose between the transportation options:

  • Ro-Ro (Roll on-roll off) – your car will be driven onto the transport, and it will be driven off at the port of discharge (POD).
  • LCL (less than container load) – your vehicle will be transported to a warehouse and safely secured in a container there. The container will be sent to the port of loading and then to the port of discharge. It might take more time for your vehicle to arrive in this way because the container is shared with two other vehicles.
  • FCL (Full container load) – your vehicle will be packed and secured in a single container and will arrive in no time.
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Get Familiar With Car Shipping Dos and Don’ts Before You Authorize Professional Movers to Transport Your Vehicle

Suppose you never had a chance to transport your vehicle before. In that case, you should get familiar with some things before even hiring professional movers to take care of your relocation and transportation. The most important “don’t” for smooth relocation is filling your vehicle with stuff. Not only will it increase the weight of your car, but it can also damage the interior and you’ll end up with your stuff broken. If you still want to put some of your belongings into the car, you can call the relocation company’s support service and check what their policies are.

Another thing to pay attention to is how much time the shipping will take. Usually, you can’t have your vehicle transported in just a few days, so you might consider renting a car when you move in.

A reliable relocation company with experience in car shipping will save you a lot of worries

Moving Day Doesn’t Have to Be All About Chaos

Since the relocation is the third most stressful situation in people’s lives, you can only imagine how the relocation day looks like. However, with good preparation, this doesn’t have to be a day you want to avoid. So, make a checklist of all things you need to remember to pack and bring with you and think about this new adventure and all the opportunities you will have.

Don’t Forget the Cleaning-Your-Old-Place Part

This might not be your most favorite task, but you should still do it because no one likes to live in a dusty and dirty home. That’s why you should clean after the professional movers leave the house and leave it in the same conditions as when you first moved in. So, grab all the cleaning supplies you have and start mopping those floors. It depends on how big your place is, but either way, you’ll need some time to get it all clean and shiny. To be more efficient, you can start cleaning room by room and watch the video below for some useful tips and tricks.

How to Prepare Your Home for International Movers

Another task for a stressless relocation day is to prepare your home for professional international movers. If you’re relocating in winter, make sure you have some hot beverages to offer the crew and some snacks, too. On the other hand, if you’re relocating in hotter months of the year, prepare some refreshing drinks. However, there are some things to do, no matter the season you’re relocating in:

  • Cover your floors with some covering or plastic paper and prevent further damage and scratches.
  • Check every drawer and make sure they are empty.

Another important thing to remember is to leave your utilities on. This step is important because you’ll need electricity and water, and you’ll probably have to do some cleaning after the overseas movers are done.

A girl with a notepad surrounded by boxes before international moving
Have everything prepared and reduce stress on the relocation day

Things to Do After the Move

No matter if it’s your first time to move or you did it before, having a checklist of things you should do after relocating abroad is a must. The first day after the move is essential, so having everything you should do written down will keep you organized and focused. Let’s look at the things everyone should do and have the easiest relocation abroad experience.

Prepare Your Home for a Comfortable Adjusting

After the professional international movers unload all of your belongings, you’ll be left with your new apartment or house to inspect them thoroughly. Check every corner and make sure there are no leaking pipes or mold on the walls. Also, check if something from the inventory list is broken.

Adapt Your New Place for Kids and Pets if Necessary

If you’re relocating with your little ones, you should set it as your priority to adjust the place for them. If you have a newborn, remember that it will be crawling and exploring the whole place in just a few months, so make sure you baby-proof it.

On the other hand, if you have a furry friend, ensure they have a corner in the house with their toys so they can adapt to new surroundings faster.

Everything You Need to Know About Tipping Movers

If you’re not familiar with the unspoken rules of shipping overseas, then you’re probably asking yourself should you even tip international movers. Just to be clear, you don’t have to tip the relocation crew and no one should force you to do it. However, if you’re satisfied with their services, you can tip them as a boost to their good work. The tricky part is how to calculate the amount you should set aside for tipping. The standard formula is 20% of the total amount, but since the total amount can be high and not everyone has that 20%, you can apply $4-5 per mover.

Guaranteed prices for International Moving. No hidden fees or surprises! Free Estimate

Can’t Avoid the Unpacking Process After You Move In

As the whole packing process was tedious and time-consuming, the unpacking will be as well. However, there is one big difference – you don’t have to rush anywhere, and no one is waiting for you. Take your time and start unpacking room by room. That way, you’ll be more efficient, and you don’t have to unpack all the boxes and then wonder where to start. Once you’re done, you can go over your inventory list and make sure everything is in its place. You can check the video below for some tips on quick unpacking after the move.

Smooth Adapting to a New Country

No one said it will be easy, but if you want to succeed in your future country and adapt quickly, you should get to know local traditions and customs. Every country has its customs, and some of them can be really strange. So, if you plan to move to a country where the sun is out 24 hours a day, you should be prepared for a boot-throwing competition.

Even though you might not understand each custom and tradition, the essential thing is to embrace this huge change in your life. It is going to be very difficult in the first period to adjust, but don’t shut down. Talk to the local people, learn their language and participate in the festivals they are celebrating. That way, you’ll feel more comfortable and accepted in the new community.

Make Yourself Comfortable In the New Place Until All of Your Stuff Arrive

Feeling comfortable in your new home will help you with adjusting to the new surroundings faster

No matter if you chose one of the friendliest countries of the world, adapting to new surroundings is one thing and adapting to your new home is completely different. So, until all of your stuff arrives (it usually takes 21 days plus weekends), make sure you make your home comfortable for your family, furry friends, and you by arranging things you have. So, bringing some suitcases and an essential bag with you doesn’t seem like an unnecessary tip now, right?

Answers to Some of the FAQ When Moving Abroad

There are too many questions to be answered when it comes to a relocation process. We’ll gladly respond to some of the most common questions that can help you get the clear picture of moving internationally and solve any dilemma you may still have.

FAQ About Storage Units

Do moving companies store your stuff?

Most professional relocation companies offer storage units for your stuff, but it’s always better to check with them directly. I Love Moving offers you a protected storage unit where your belongings will be secured from rust, mold, and mildew.

What does a 10x10 storage unit cost?

The cost exclusively depends on the relocation company and how many things you want to keep in the storage unit. ILM provides you this service without extra fees and hidden costs. However, you should feel free to contact the relocation company and check with their customer service about the price.

How much is storage a month?

The answer is practically the same as for the question above. If you have some additional concerns, you should contact the chosen relocation company and ask everything you need to know.

What can you fit in a 5x10 storage unit?

The answer to this question depends mostly on the items you want to store, but to have a clearer picture of the size, in this storage unit you can keep queen mattresses and mid-sized boxes and containers.

FAQ About Moving Insurance

How does moving insurance work? What does moving insurance cover?

The insurance policy should cover any type of damage to your belongings while in transport. ILM offers you moving insurance that covers 60 cents per pound of each broken or damaged item.

Is moving insurance necessary?

The moving insurance will provide you some peace of mind about your items. ILM has mandatory liability coverage that is already included in the quote.

Where to purchase moving insurance?

When opting for reliable relocation services, make sure you check what options the relocation company offers when it comes to the insurance for your possessions.

Why choose full value coverage?

This kind of insurance is a great solution for those with valuable artworks or some items that have sentimental value.

FAQ About Moving Quote

How much does it typically cost to hire movers? How do you quote moving?

Most relocation crews base their price on the weight of the household goods you wish to move. However, if you choose ILM as your overseas moving company, you should know that we base the price on the detailed inventory list. So, the best thing you can do is to give us a call and check for more details with our customer service.

How many mover quotes should I get?

You should get at least two quotes from two different relocation companies. It can be a tedious process of finding the right professional team, but you shouldn’t hire the first overseas movers you find.

What is the cheapest day to move?

If you’re looking to save some money when relocating to one of the best European countries to live for Americans, you should choose any working day (except Friday.)

What's included in the price?

The price of the whole relocation process changes from company to company. However, know that the price will be higher if you need some additional services, but the best way to know precisely how much money you’ll need is to contact the company’s customer support department.

Detailed Guide for Moving Internationally Will Make Your Life Easier

It’s your first time moving abroad, and you don’t know where to start and what are all the steps you need to take for a successful relocation? There’s no room for despair because with our extended moving guide, you’ll know exactly what will be your next step and you won’t have to worry about tasks you might forget. Go over our step-by-step guide and you’ll see how overseas relocating with ILM can be a breeze. Check with our customer service when getting a free quote about all little details you’re interested in because our representatives will be more than happy to help you.

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