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Nowadays it has become a lot easier for vegans to find good places to relocate to where they can live normally on their life style. People around the world are becoming more aware of the benefits of this lifestyle which is why it is possible to find many different cities to relocate to. The following four that I Love Moving has put together for you are truly the best! Some other places that have plenty to offer the vegan community include Prague, Amsterdam, Budapest and Vienna. For now, read about what London, Vancouver, Berlin, and Turin have to offer you!

Top Places to relocate to if you are VeganLondon

In the past couple of years, London has become a great vegan-accepting community. It has been known as one of the friendliest vegetarian cities in the whole world. There are so many places to dine in if you are vegan here like Manna where the menu is entirely vegan, the Pomodoro e Basilica – a great Italian vegan restaurant, the Boiler House, the Waiting Room where you can go for a vegan coffee, and the Temple of Hackney is a perfect place for some vegan chicken. London even has a vegan tattoo parlor called the Fifth Dimension Tattoo.  


Known as the vegan capital, Berlin has over 50 restaurants and cafes that only serve of vegan food. Their cruelty-free movement is more popular over food. Vegans in this city can also find clothing, beer and wine without leather or latex. The city also hosts a Veganes Sommerfest Berlin that includes music, games, athletics and even a fashion show. Since one of Germany’s most famous food is the kebabs, vegans here don’t have to miss out because at the Vӧner you can oder cruelty-free doner kebabs. Kopps, Berlin was voted as one of the best vegan restaurants in the world. Dessert delicacies can be found at Kontor Eismanufaktur. You can find plant-based ice cream, and plenty of dyes, aromas, additives, vegetable fats and emulsifiers.


Turin is known for being Italy’s first vegetarian city where you can find plenty of the famous Italian vegan dishes. The city also plays its part in raising awareness and teaching its school children on how to live a healthy lifestyle and animal welfare. The city has over 30 restaurants that serve vegan food. Vancouver market


Vancouver has become quite popular in the vegan scene where you can try some of the city’s greatest vegan appetizers in the world. The city is also famous for its plus sized chefs that quit, meet and open up their own restaurants. One of them is Heirloom Vegetarian that really abbreviates the vegan lifestyle. In conclusion, these are just some of the many cities you can go to that breathes the vegan lifestyle! It is up to you to explore the rest of the parts of the world or at least relocate somewhere to spread the message! When you are ready to start planning out your relocation, give I Love Moving a call today!
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