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Moving to Germany | Night scene and bridgeMoving to Germany soon?  There is a wealth of exciting attractions and awesome festivals. Here are a few places that you must visit in your first year. Europa-Park In Rust, Germany awaits a world of thrills in Rust, Germany. Europa park has 11 roller coasters, 9 water rides, and many more to total up to 54 rides! One of the largest theme parks in Europe. But the rides aren’t everything, with a massive fantasy village, this is a vacation worthy of the whole family. There will be excitement, and opportunities to just unwind and enjoy the German hospitality. This is a great first stop as you unwind after your long move. Neuschwanstein Castle It’s quite a drive outside of Schwangau, Germany, but eventually you’ll arrive at a place that looks like it was taken straight from a fantasy novel. Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most beautiful man made structures in the world. An artifact of Romanesque Revival, many visitors feel like they are transported to the past when they go on guided tours through its old halls. This is a great site to visit in fall because the forest surrounding the castle all turn vibrant shades of brown, gold, and orange, and the weather is very mild. Cologne Cathedral Once the tallest building in the world, it’s mighty spires still stand towering over the city of Cologne, Germany. Sanctioned as a world treasure, it is no surprise as one looks at the beautiful and intricate artwork on the inside and outside. The Berlin Wall In Berlin, Germany, lies a moving reminder of times past when the city was divided in half by the line that separated communism from capitalism. In 1989, the Berlin Wall came down ending the cold war. The wall was torn apart as people from East Germany, poor and starving, walked into west Berlin to embrace opportunity. It’s nice to end with a piece of history.
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