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Friendliest Countries in the World

Posted Country Guides / May 30, 2018
Blake Shaw

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Are you looking for the friendliest countries in the world to start your new adventure? When picking the right one to move to, think about all the benefits that being surrounded by friendly people brings.

Get to know the culture and customs well before you relocate, and you won’t feel rejected or unwanted. In an unexplored state, you will get to enjoy unusual cuisines, and feel a different pace of life. Some places value relaxation, while others encourage you to be adventurous and driven. Pick the one that seems like a perfect fit for you, and you won’t be unhappy.

So, if you want to move to the other side of the world, finding a place that will take you in and not make you feel like an intruder is of utmost importance.

Friendliest Countries in the World – What Does That Mean?

First of all, create a list of priorities. Whether you care more about job opportunities, the cost of living, or maybe you have kids and you need to know about the quality of education, having a list of things that are important to you is essential. Once you have made a shortlist of countries, go online and read what other expats have said about living there. Were natives outgoing and willing to help them fit in? Did they feel accepted by locals?

Choosing the friendliest community means that you won’t have to return to the USA just because you felt unwelcome in your new surroundings.

Prepare for Living as an Expat

Before packing to move and sailing away to a new adventure across the planet, you should prepare for this trip. Find a reputable company and choose between international moving by sea and international moving by air for your belongings. Once you make up your mind about where you want to go, know that international movers also offer packing services and overseas vehicle shipping. That way, you will save yourself enough time to find out everything you can about your new home.

How to live in another country is a question that has many answers. Firstly, try to learn a few phrases of the language that is spoken there, learn about the culture, get information about the history and current political topics, find out if sports are a big deal there, and so on. Talking about the best sports clubs can score you some points when you are trying to fit into the community.

Portugal – Low Prices of Accommodation

Are you worried that you won’t be accepted in the new community? Then maybe you should consider moving to Portugal since 94 percent of immigrants said that the local crowd was welcoming towards them. In a survey done by InterNations, more than half of the expats who participated said that they made friends with locals easily, while 47 percent stated that they would most likely stay in Portugal forever.

If friendliness doesn’t win you over, know that with the lowest cost of living in Western Europe, this state is quite budget-friendly. And whether you rent or buy a place to live in, you can find it for a reasonable price.

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Portugal Has Many Places Where You Can Eat

Portugal offers distinctive cuisine, rich culture and history, spectacular islands, seaside locations, and booming towns.

If being a foodie is one of your main hobbies, pack your bags and move to Portugal. Here, food prices are low and there are traditional markets where you can get a variety of seafood and local produce.

Many restaurants serve a variety of fish recipes. The history of pastry dates back to medieval Catholic monasteries which used almonds and liquor to create a wide range of baked goods.

Taiwan – the Place for Good Education

Across the planet, there is a country that makes people feel welcomed no matter where they are from, and its name is Taiwan. If you are thinking about moving to Taiwan, you should know that more than 60% of expats said that they easily made friends with locals.

If you have kids and you are thinking about their education while choosing the next home, worry no more! Taiwan has a 98.87% literacy rate. Also, there have been heavy investments in education which made this island nation a top performer when it comes to literacy and science.

Best Jobs for Immigrants

Relocating to Taiwan can be good for your career. Capital Taipei has a really pleasant working environment for immigrants. However, you should know that looking for a job there might require learning a little bit of Mandarin so that you can communicate within the departments. So, while your moving company is preparing your items, you can learn a few phrases to help you fit in easier.

And remember, teaching languages is one of the top career paths for foreigners.

Canada – the Northern Neighbor

There is a way to change the scenery quite a bit and not cross the ocean to do so. On the northern border of the USA, there is an opportunity for the new life you’ve been dreaming of. All you have to do is pick Canada as your next home.

Canadians are famous for their open-minded nature, so it is not surprising that more than 40% of immigrants said they would stay there forever. Almost the same number of them said that it is easy to make friends in the Great White North.

Things You Should Know About Canada

If you decided to move to Canada, know that Canadians tend to drive everywhere. That also means that biking is a big deal. Also, a major attraction is the free healthcare system. This means that you don’t pay direct fees when you go to the doctor’s office. Your kids will have access to the free public school system, and higher education fees are relatively low.

Israel – An Unexpectedly Friendly Crowd

When you think about Israel, you don’t necessarily think about moving there. But among the folks who decided to do it, almost 80% of them said that Israelis have a welcoming attitude towards expats. And don’t be surprised by the fact that more than 60% of them would stay in the community forever. Indeed, the state ranks low on safety and security, but it is almost at the top of the list when it comes to leisure and entertainment options.

Good Education

Moving to Israel will be a fun adventure, not only for you but for your family as well. The state offers a quality university education, as well as plenty of opportunities to start your own business. Israel has the second-largest number of startup companies.

Spain – the Land of Food and Wine

If you are thinking about moving to the sunny parts of Europe, Spain might be just the place for you. People there give off a relaxing and chill vibe. Maybe that is why 80% of expats said that the country is welcoming, while more than 40% of them would like to stay in Spain forever.

Moving to Spain means you get to enjoy a diverse and rich culture. So, if you are up for exploring the centuries-old Spanish history, and enjoying its food and wine, this is the place for you.

Importance of Family and Enjoying Life

Be prepared to change your lifestyle if you relocate to Spain. People here put an emphasis on family and enjoying every aspect of life. Mornings start slowly, so try not to get too upset if you can’t do anything on time. Spaniards appreciate their time. You will learn to relax and enjoy the simpler things while you are there.

New Zealand – Wide Open Spaces Are Perfect for Taking Photos

The Land of the Kiwi is a great place to settle in if you are looking for wide, open spaces and friendly neighbors. New Zealanders have a laid-back attitude that you might find uplifting. You will find it easy to relax and enjoy biking, hiking, or just chilling with friends.

Strict Rules About Importing Animals

Relocating to New Zealand can be complicated if you are moving with pets. The country has strict rules about importing animals. And if you have them, they will need to meet health requirements, and those vary for each animal group. If you are moving with cats or relocating with dogs, you will have to take a look at the list of prohibited breeds and check if your pet is on it.

Friendly Romania vs Unfriendly Bulgaria?

Your heart is set on Europe, but before you move across the world, you need to find a friendly country that will fulfill all of your desires.

If you pick Romania for your next home, the level of approachability that you find there might surprise you. Through the long history, many empires crossed this area, which led to the mix of cultures that we see today. Maybe that is why Romanians are such a lovely and sociable bunch. Human connection plays a major role in interaction, so don’t be surprised if your new Romanian friend kisses you on the cheek or hugs you every time they see you.

Just southeast of Romania is their neighbor, Bulgaria, a country that attracts many visitors. What is different from Romania is the level of friendliness Bulgarians manifest. They will never be openly rude to you, but their body language will let you know when they don’t like you.

Travel Around

If you like to explore the country you are living in, Romania will give you a run for your money. Many diverse forms of nature make this place unique. From the seaside to skiing resorts, Romania has everything.

Rural tourism puts focus on folklore and tradition, and if you want to learn about vampires and how the legend was created, visit Dracula’s Castle.

Cyprus – a Place with the Best Hotel Offer

Living surrounded by the sea seems appealing to you? Maybe you should move to Cyprus.

This country has a very friendly attitude towards expats. Many of them said that it was easy to make friends with the local crowd, and more than 40% said that they would like to stay forever.

This is the place for world travelers. Cyprus offers every imaginable type of accommodation, from three-star hotels to luxury ones.

Good Job Opportunities

If you are moving to Cyprus because of a job, know that the tourism industry is the largest sector and accounts for the biggest part of their GDP. People with degrees in electrical engineering, finance, IT, telecommunications, and advertising are also in demand.

Ireland – a Country of Pubs

Irish people are world-famous for their hospitality and overall friendliness. Most of them are amicable, extroverted, and easily approachable. If you like beer and having fun, know that Ireland takes pubs seriously. Take a walk and find the one that suits your needs the best.

You Can Choose Your Own Healthcare

After moving to Ireland, you will get to choose between public and private healthcare solutions. The public system offers services if you need immediate attention. But if you are not in imminent danger, you go on the waiting list. Or you can always use private care, where there are no waiting lists, but it costs more.

The world is a big and unexplored place. Wherever you go, you will find friendly and a few unfriendly people. But if you pick one of these countries as your new home, the chances are that you will get to spend time with happy, social, and open-minded people that embrace expats as their own.

Moving Internationally Will Be Worth All the Trouble

When you finally make a decision, pack up your life, and move, you’ll see that the time you spent researching was worth all the trouble. Settling in a friendly environment means you’ll easily adjust and make friends. Furthermore, these states offer some top-notch employment, education, and entertainment opportunities, so when all is said and done, you’ll see that relocation was the right move all along.

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