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Portugal by the waterThere is more to Portugal than what meets the eye. Before you decide on relocating to this beautiful country, our team at I Love Moving recommends going through the following facts on the country that we have put together for you. They are sure to help you be more informed before you move to this scenic country.

Cost of Living

The county is no longer a cheap retirement location, because it requires most of its locals to be employed. Today’s minimum wage of the country is around 500 euros per month. The perks of living here is the fact that the cost of living is a lot cheaper than from the US when it comes down to food, eating out and alcohol. Health insurance, on the other hand is quite expensive.


When relocating to Portugal, beforehand, think about the type of property you want to live in especially if you are thinking about retiring. In Portugal, villas are incredibly cheap and the locals often complain about the expense of heating during the winter.


It is necessary to really think about where you want to live in Portugal. By looking at pictures it may seem as if the city is tropical with its beaches and sunny weather. Don’t be fooled, because winters are actually really cold in some parts of the country and you are going to be in the need of heating. Think about if you are up for a more an urban scene or a peaceful coastal apartment/house.

Renting or buying

Purchasing a property may seem as a mistake and quite expensive, but if you rent for a couple of months prior to buying the property it will give you the chance to explore the area. Once you have become familiar with the area, it will be easier for you to pick out the perfect place to buy.

The Language

Traveller in street of Portugal

It is important to learn Portuguese sooner or later so that you can feel at home instead of being an outsider the rest of your life. Learning a new language is difficult, which is why it is good to start from the basics like greetings, numbers, days of the weeks, months of the year and grocery products and more. Portuguese is not an easy language but it will definitely make a difference if you get to learn it.


Apart from work there are plenty of things to do in Portugal on your free time. The country has a lot of options for water sports and activities because it is situated on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean which is why most of its cities are along the coast. Apart from sports, Portugal offers plenty of scenic views for artists and writers, there is inspiration on every corner of the country! In conclusion, when you feel that you are ready to step out of your comfort zone and relocate to this amazing country, give I Love Moving a call! We are excited to be hearing from you!  
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