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Living and Working in Europe

Posted Country Guides / April 11, 2018

I Love Moving has put together a list of things you can do if you wish to live, work and even study in Europe, stay tuned for more!

Study overseas

A lot of universities have classes and programs if you want to go abroad to study. There is a chance you can go without paying any costs if you have financial aid or a scholarship. If you wish to take a summer program you are going to have to pay because financial aid does not cover the costs unless the programs are in fall or spring.

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Student Exchange Program

A cool way of living abroad is by participating in a student exchange program where a student from Europe exchanges places with you at your university. This normally functions if the student you are switching with takes the same courses as you do at your university.

Internships in Europe

There are two internship programs that exist, IAESTE and AIESEC, that offer you the chance to use the knowledge you have learned from school and the money to finance your experience living in Europe while working there. If you happen to go to Eastern Europe, it is impossible to earn money, and you are going to have to use some that you have saved up, but the experience is amazing. Working in Western Europe, however, will give you the opportunity to earn some money especially if you go to some of the Scandinavian countries as well as Germany, Switzerland, Belgium or Netherlands.

Work as a nanny

Nowadays it is quite common and easy to find a babysitting job in Europe where you work fulltime at the family’s house or apartment to take care of their children. Even though this is a fulltime job, you can still find the time to explore your surroundings and make the best of the situation. Programs such as au-pair do all the arranging of paperwork for you. If you are fluent in English you are more likely to get a job because most families want their children to be taught and spoken to in English by their nannies.

Teach English

Eastern Europe is always on the lookout for native English speakers that are willing to work as teachers. You can find a bunch of ads for teaching in English schools and private tutoring someone all over any European city. Teachers should have certificates that they can do their job, but a lot of people work in the business without them. To teach in Western Europe it is best to live in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal because most of their locals don’t speak the language well. There are more locals fluent in English in Central and Northern Europe. This is the perfect job if you just want to make ends meet before you get a more stable position.

In conclusion, these are just some of the many options you can think of when it comes to relocating to Europe. If you happen to be interested in some of the options, do some for research then contact us at I Love Moving to start scheduling your international relocation!

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