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A Complete Guide for Moving to Bulgaria From the US

Posted Country Guides / June 12, 2018
Kaitlyn Bradley

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The Old Continent is a true mosaic of glorious natural beauties, cultures, customs, and people. And if you want to discover a hidden gem of Eastern Europe, which is a true heaven for investors, then moving to Bulgaria will be the right choice for you. Here is everything you need to know about international moving to the Land of Roses and the Black Sea.

Moving to Bulgaria From the US – Here Is Why You Should Move to this Gorgeous Country at the End of Europe!

Aside from the 235 miles long coastline, some of the most prominent ski centers in the EU, and extraordinary unspoiled nature, there are even more reasons to move to the Land of Roses. Affordable cost of living and great potential for investments are definitely worth moving internationally to this place at the southeastern end of the European continent. If you’re looking for a new opportunity, starting over, or simply want to experience this part of the world at its fullest, then this part of the Balkan Peninsula will definitely be the right choice for you, and here is the definitive guide on how to move to another country as a US citizen.

BG Is One of the Best and Safest Countries to Live In

The latest research shows that the Land of Roses is one of the best countries to live in this part of Europe. Besides, it is a part of the European Union, which gives much broader opportunities for the citizens to travel all across the continent, great infrastructure, and many opportunities of finding a job or putting a real good investment. BG is now also one of the safest countries to live in the EU.

Visa Requirements Are Minimal for the US Citizens

Among the most common questions of US citizens are, “can I move to Bulgaria” and “what are visa requirements?” Except for valid documents needed to travel abroad, you won’t need any visa for the first 90 days of your stay in BG as an American citizen.

However, if you plan to relocate to BG permanently, then you should apply for a work visa. That is one of the relocation questions to ask employers since they could help you get it (or some other type of visa most suitable for your intentions). The safest way to get accurate information is to consult the Bulgarian embassy in Washington, where all details will be presented to you.

Bulgarian People Are Friendly, And Willing to Help Every Expat to Adjust Easier to their Community

Adjusting to a new country is never an easy task; however, Bulgarians will be more than willing to support you in becoming a member of their society. Since they are very proud of their customs and traditions, they will be very decisive in presenting them to you so that you can expect frequent invitations to their parties and celebrations.

Although some of them could cause a huge culture shock, like walking on the fire or a grandiose celebration where they wear tribal masks, in the end, you will definitely find them unique. And this is exactly the greatest wealth of diversity and experience of living in another country.

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Low Costs of Living (Even for European Standards) Is the Greatest Advantage of Life in BG

Balancing finances abroad can be challenging when moving overseas. However, this is not the case when it comes to the Land of Roses. Affordable cost of living is definitely one of the main advantages, so if you’re wondering how much money do you need to live comfortably in Bulgaria, here is the definite answer!

To keep up with all the monthly costs (excluding rent,) a single person will need around $440, while a family of four should set aside $1,500. When it comes to rental prices, finding a one-bedroom apartment is possible at a price that ranges from $190 to $255, while a three-bedroom apartment can be rented from $330 to $445.

Buying a property in BG is also quite affordable, compared to US standards. The square foot price ranges from $45 to $230, and there are no limitations for foreigners when it comes to buying a home in BG. So, if you’re looking for one of the best places to retire in Europe, ensure to seriously consider moving internationally to the Land of Roses.

Good To Know – BG Has Its Own Currency

Speaking of budgeting, it is highly recommended to keep in mind that Bulgarians have their own national currency – Bulgarian Lev (BGN). Paying in Euro is not possible. Typically, for $1, you’ll get around 1.72 BGN, and everything you’ll have to take care of is to choose an exchange office that doesn’t get too high commissions. So, always read twice the rules regarding commission before you ask them to exchange your dollars into levs.

Cities In Bulgaria Every Expat Should Consider When Setting a Life and a Home Base

BG is 89 times smaller than the USA. However, it is still considered one of the largest European countries. Great cultural heritage, high safety standards, and great opportunities to spend some quality free time are definitely the main perks of BG cities. Here are some places you should consider calling your new home.

Why Moving to Sofia, Bulgaria, Is a Good Decision?

Sofia is the capital of BG and the largest city in the country. It is considered a political, business, cultural, and educational center, and it also presents a fruitful ground for any business investments. Sofia is also the 15th largest city in the EU, and it is situated at the crossroads that connect European and Asian continents.

Also, in case you are still not ready to develop your own business and look for some jobs for Americans in Europe, Sofia will give you a wide range of options. IT, business development, marketing, financial services, customer care, tourism, and hospitality are the main industries in the city where many opportunities are waiting for you.

Living in Burgas, the Most Prospective City on the Black Sea Coast, Means Enjoying the Life at Fullest

Not only is Burgas one of the largest cities in the eastern part of BG, but it is also one of the major ports on the Black Sea. Known as the administrative, business, and educational center of this part of the country, Burgas is one of the most desirable places to relocate to.

Great infrastructure, high quality of life, and vicinity to some of the most beautiful summer destinations in BG like Nessebar, Sunny Beach of Golden Sands, are only additional reasons to choose this place to set your home base. Once you move here, you will be able to invest in real estate in the mentioned resorts and live in an urban, metropolitan city full of life and opportunities.

Welcome to Plovdiv, The Cultural and Urban Capital of the Country that Bulgarians Love Most

Plovdiv is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in BG. Rich history, vicinity of ski-centers, and gorgeous natural beauties make this place ideal both for families and those at the end of their career who search for slow-paced environments.

Here in Plovdiv, you can experience at the fullest how it looks like to live in Europe as an American. Plovdiv definitely represents the place with the greatest metropolitan spirit in BG, and all expats simply love to live there.

Learning Bulgarian Can Be Challenging, So Start in Advance

Breaking the language barrier will certainly be one of the toughest challenges after your international relocation since the Bulgarian language doesn’t have many similarities with English. The good news is that English is widely spoken in BG, especially among the younger population. However, although Bulgarians are pretty friendly and welcoming, and they will be willing to help you learn a language abroad, it is still highly recommended to start learning Bulgarian in advance.

Although learning Bulgarian probably sounds like an exotic hobby, finding a native speaker in the US will be simpler than you could possibly assume since there are almost 250,000 Bulgarians who live in the US. Besides, you can always check with the BG embassy if they are providing some free language lessons or try to find your teacher online. But, before you take any action, check this free language lesson in the video below, and learn the basic phrases you’ll need in daily communication.

Education Is Not Free for Expat Kids, But There Are Many Other Options Provided By Private Schools

Since classes in BG schools are held only in the Bulgarian language, there is no way for expat children to get it for free. Luckily, there are many private, international, and prestigious schools that offer different courses and curriculums exclusively in English.

The prices on a yearly basis range from $8,480 to $21,250, so depending on the age of your kids, it will differ. However, the education they’ll get will be more than enough for them to enroll in any European university later, so this investment definitely pays off.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to bring your children’s school records when relocating abroad!

Health System In BG Is Free If You’re A Permanent Resident

The public health system in BG is run by the state and is free, being financed from the taxes every resident pays. That’s why this kind of health service is only available to those expats who have the status of permanent resident. However, not all services are provided through the public health system. Assistance every permanent resident can expect to get for free are:

  • Emergencies,
  • Ambulance transport,
  • Hospital treatment,
  • Diagnostic tests,
  • Gynecological care,
  • Vaccinations.

However, all additional services are available only if you use private health insurance or use services of the clinics and practices run privately. The good news is those services are pretty affordable in BG, which will make your living overseas experience a pleasant one when it comes to these inconvenient situations.

Hiring a Reliable International Moving Company Will Be the Best Way to Ease the Relocation Process

If you have ever wondered how to move overseas in the easiest way possible, here comes the solution! Hiring an overseas moving company specialized for these types of relocation will definitely make the whole relocation stress go down since they will take care of everything, to the tiniest details.

Not only will the overseas shipping company offer you a wide range of international moving services, but their professional crew will help you move as efficiently as possible. No matter if you want to book international car shipping or all you need is support with packing, they will have the right option to provide you. Just ensure to contact them in advance and book your moving date and all services you’ll use, and relocating across the world won’t be that difficult after all.

In the End, Is Bulgaria a Good Place to Move To?

So, is it worth living in Bulgaria? If you ask us, we would definitely say yes, but the final choice is up to you. Making a decision is a process for itself, and comparing all the pros and cons might be the best way to come up with one. Since this is a thing that could change your life crucially, be sure to think seriously about all the mentioned facts and thoroughly explore all other details that might be important to you.

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