The Best Locations for Retirement in Europe

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Places to RetirementI Love Moving has put together a list of locations perfect for retirement in Europe! Stay tuned for more!

Retirement in France

France is not only quite affordable, but it also offers a great quality of life. Most people believe that France is quite expensive, but in fact it is the quite opposite if you are relocating somewhere out of Paris. The other cities this country has to offer are quite reasonable in price. The French keep their quality of life high on ‘the good life’. This consists of simple things like laughing with friends, spending time with family, drinking some good wine or sipping your coffee at a café with a great view. France, in a whole, makes it easy for you to enjoy life with its diversity. One day you can be skiing on a mountain the next you can be taking a walk by one of its golden beaches. The country also consists of a great sum of museums, galleries and restaurants that you can explore. You will definitely never get bored!

Retire to MaltaRetirement in Malta

This small European island radiates life! It gives three reasons that are enough for you to relocate here and they are the sea, sunshine and friendly locals. Most of the population also speaks English which is a big plus. Here you will find plenty of sunshine even throughout winter and the cost of living is truly affordable. The atmosphere of the whole country is quite laid back, so if you are ready for an enjoyable experience, then get to packing!


Retirement in Spain

Spain is not only sunny almost all year round, but quite affordable as well! This place is absolutely perfect for retirement with the Mediterranean Sea, cool nights and plenty of fresh seafood, roast lamb, rich culture and plenty of countryside for you to explore. The real estate prices are the lowest they have ever been in the last couple of years, which makes it quite a bargain to relocate here. There are plenty of English speakers in Spain, and most of the country is accessible by bus or train.

Rome, ItalyRetirement in Italy

Italy has art treasures, history, and beautiful landscapes. Quality life is everywhere. The country outside of the main hotspots is quite affordable. Lecce and Puglia are the perfect destinations to relocate to if you are planning on retiring. They are by the beach and quite peaceful. The locals here are also quite friendly and most of them speak English. Puglia is made up of red earth, silvery-green trees, houses dripping with purple bougainvillea, and, from many places, the glimpse of the scenic sea. You will fall in love right away in this sun kissed region!

Retirement in Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal’s capital is the ideal place to relocate if you want a peaceful retirement. The city is quite small, but you will find a lot of diversity here. Portugal is filled with beautiful coastal towns to medieval towns and acres of oak and olive trees. English in this country is widely spoken and you can travel to other different parts of Europe for a small fee. Portugal is almost stress-free because there is barely any hassle or traffic. The cuisine and wine here is extremely delicious. In Portugal for only a couple of dollars you can discover a lot!  
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