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What Are the Best Places for Living Overseas

Posted Country Guides / November 4, 2019

If you are an adventurer, then living overseas is probably your lifelong wish. You can choose your favorite destination to live in, depending on your lifestyle, goals, and priorities. Before hiring moving services, find out what international places should be the perfect choice for you. Our useful guide will help you discover various amenities in different places all over the world.

What Are the Benefits of Living Overseas

If you really want to learn how to live in another country, be prepared for something new and challenging. Every day, you will learn about local traditions, values, and mentalities. Being an expat in a country where everything is new can, however, be frustrating at times. But if you look at this experience as a transformative and empowering process, you’ll find yourself happy and fulfilled.

So, what are the perks of relocating abroad? Some of the most crucial factors are:

  • Gaining new experiences and an international chain of friends
  • Learning a new language – English will only get you so far
  • Accepting new social norms and understanding other people’s habits and day-to-day actions
  • Being aware of historical backgrounds, art, and tradition. The more you know about a population, the more familiar it becomes.
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The Best Places to Live in Abroad – What Are the Crucial Factors

If you ask someone to tell you what place or country is the best to live in, you will not get just one answer. There are many requirements that should be met to make life complete.

So firstly, you should ask yourself what your goals are and what is important for you. Maybe that’s your career, or happy family life, or perhaps spending your retirement peacefully. Still, several factors should be taken into account when picking a perfect place abroad:

  • Housing
  • Economic environment
  • School and education
  • Consumer goods availability
  • Political and social environment
  • Natural environment
  • The social and cultural context
  • Healthcare
  • Recreation

Relocating Overseas After You Retire

Maybe you are a person who is looking forward to spending your golden age in one of the top foreigner-friendly countries, where nature is breathtaking and cuisine perfect. Several factors should be considered when looking for the best location for retirement:

  • Climate
  • Low cost of living
  • Low housing costs
  • Recreational areas
  • Historic monuments
  • Low crime rate
  • Full-service medical facility
  • Lower property taxes

The Best  Places in the World for Hedonists

If you are someone who likes the big city vibes, vibrant social life, and delicious food, then you should pick the right location on the world map. Fortunately, there are a lot of countries where you can enjoy all the charms of life overseas.

How to Choose the Best Places for Family Life Abroad?

Family people usually look for low-crime places with good schools and education systems. Outdoor activities are equally crucial since children need to be active all the time and their curious nature can be pleased with rich content. Affordable prices, combined with a safe and exciting environment are the cat’s whiskers for people with family.

Being With Family in Belize

Belize is a state on the eastern coast of Central America that offers various conveniences for different generations. Besides reasonable prices and secure surroundings, this place is famous for several following interesting facts:

  • National parks and wildlife sanctuaries are inspiring areas for kids’ inquisitiveness
  • Possibility of exploring mysterious Maya ruins and dark caves is an adventure which will not leave anyone indifferent
  • With the Caribbean Sea shorelines, Belize is the perfect place for children of all ages

Cascais, Mazatlan, and Cuenca – Best Places for Retirement

Portugal and Mexico are countries to think about if you’re looking for a place to spend your retirement in.

Portugal’s Cascais, a beach city with lavish social events and a low cost of living, is a popular place for those who prefer a mixture of cultural, coastal, and cuisine experiences. People are friendly and welcoming, so you’ll feel at home.

The next two destinations are in Mexico, which is, according to Americans, the world’s number one location abroad. Mazatlan and Cuenca are beautiful cities with rich historical backgrounds, cobblestone streets, and inexpensive healthcare. Climate is mild and with little to no rain. Cuenca is, for example, one of the world’s most affordable places for retirees since a budget of $1,000 per month is more than enough for a couple’s comfortable existence.

Revel in Beautiful Culture and Cuisine – Annecy and George Town

In case you’re a fan of the arts, tasty specialties, and delicious food, then you should consider moving to France. Annecy is the town that will satisfy even the pickiest ones – it has beautiful nature with the traditional rural appeal, a multitude of museums and castles, and many notable restaurants with great local specialties.

On the other hand, the city of George Town is one of the best-preserved old towns in Asia and is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list. Besides these amenities, this place will delight you with gorgeous sandy beaches and savory meals. Since Malaysia is one of the world’s most tax-friendly zones, if you’re planning to become a resident of this country, you will be taxed only on income derived from within the state.

Achieve a Work-Life Balance in the Czech Republic

Living and working in the Czech capital Prague, the city of Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, can be an enjoyable experience. However, the cost of raising children is ranked very high – fourth of all the countries. Still, the Czech Republic has a highly developed industry and an above-average standard of life. With excellent health care and balanced work and life spheres, this country is one of the most desirable locations for expats.

Have a Fulfilled Social Life in Spain

Although Spain is considered an economically unattractive destination, it is still very alluring to many people, probably because of its comfortable environment for raising a family. Also, some of the reasons why expats love Spain are the weather, lifestyle, and delicious food.

When It Comes to Economics, Switzerland Leads the Way

High living standards and a developed, robust economy are the key factors for any person who decides to stay in Switzerland for good. Most expats have very considerable salaries, but that’s reasonable because everything is more expensive. The entire quality of life here is highly ranked, and its beautiful landscapes and tasty food are definitely a big plus.

Hannah Michaelson

Hannah is a freelance relocation writer from NYC that has become an expert on packing and unpacking.

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