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What Are the Most Common Reasons to Move Internationally?

Posted Moving Preparation / September 30, 2021

Relocation is a big step, but that step turns into a leap when we move internationally. However, if the opportunity arises, sometimes relocating abroad is exactly what we need. If you’d like to move to a different country but aren’t sure yet, here are some common reasons to move overseas.

When Is It Time to Move Out and Embrace Change?

People stay in one place for longer than they should for many reasons. They could be attached to their job, friends, and family and don’t want to leave them behind. Others are too afraid to make big changes because they bring an uncertain future. However, change is rarely comfortable but often necessary.

When your day-to-day routines start feeling like they’re no longer enough to keep you happy, you can do some things differently. Similarly, when you start feeling curious about the world and get overwhelmed by everything around you, that’s a good time to start figuring out what to pack for relocating.

Most importantly, when you finally learn that relocating is necessary, do the research on moving internationally and ensure your budget and possibilities match the given opportunities for moving.

The Most Common Reasons to Move Abroad Are Job Opportunities

Among the most common reasons to move out and live abroad are employee relocation and looking for a job in different countries. Some companies send their employees to their various international headquarters, and if you get chosen for that job relocation, it could be a blessing in disguise.

If your company sends you abroad, it’s a great way to move efficiently – accommodation, visas, and airfare will all be taken care of by your employers. All you have to do is find the motivation to relocate, go through with it, and start learning a new language to fit in with the new co-workers.

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The Entrepreneurial Spirit Could Be An Excellent Reason for Moving Overseas

You don’t have to be employed to work overseas. Many countries accept expats who want to open their own business there. The only difference between being your own boss and getting transferred is the process of getting all the documents for relocating overseas.

If there’s a great business idea brewing in your head and you feel like another country could be a great place to make it happen, by all means, try it out. Research countries in which the business could have the most success (according to the industry, focus groups, and product availability) and work on getting licensed and settled abroad.

The video below shows an international business consultant talking about the benefits of starting a business abroad and sharing some tips on where to begin in that situation.

Love Knows No Distance – When Your Favorite Person Is a Plane Ride Away

Moving abroad for love is among the most beautiful reasons people move. Knowing that you and your partner have overcome the difficulties of being constantly separated and now getting to continue that relationship closer to each other is probably one of the best feelings in the world.

Your mind may always be with your partner. However, thinking about them 24/7 and just wishing for a new life isn’t going to cut it. At one point, the leap of faith has to happen, and one of you needs to relocate. If their country seems exciting and attractive, why not give living there a try? Your partner will assist you in breaking the language barrier and be there for you whenever relocation stress strikes.

The only disadvantage here, which could apply to any reason for relocating, is missing home. The new house is great, but it may not have all that the old home did. That could cause feelings of depression, and rightfully so, but remember – the change you make when relocating for love means you’re taking matters into your own hands and making life work for you. There’s always the option of coming back home.

You Could Retire and Settle In a Home Overseas

Your 401K has been filling up nicely with retirement funds, and you want to spend it well when the moment comes. Between 2007 and 2017, the percentage of Americans retiring abroad was 40% and hasn’t declined since. The higher cost of retirement domestically was the most common argument; however, retiring abroad has its challenges, too.

It doesn’t get much better than retirement being the reason for moving out of an apartment and into a lovely, small house on the coasts of Italy or Panama. The reasons someone might choose to spend the golden years in some of the best places to retire in Europe and the world include:

  • Cheaper cost of living,
  • Increased happiness and longevity,
  • Experiencing new things despite age,
  • Meeting expat communities and making friends,
  • Fulfilling an old dream.

Whatever other reason you have, they should be enough to give you a boost and move out. No one said we have to stay in one place or house our entire lives. Additionally, no one can tell you what to do at a certain age because life doesn’t stop in retirement. This period can be the perfect boost you need to move to another country.

The Costs of Retiring in an Overseas Home

Of course, age can be restricting in some aspects. The risks of retiring overseas could grow if you plan to travel abroad during the coronavirus. Since the start of this period, people over 60 have been advised to restrict their movement and travel; however, there are ways to resolve that. Other costs of living abroad include being a bit too old for learning a language from scratch and having difficulties keeping in touch with old friends.

A Chance to Buy a Cheaper House and Live In a More Suitable Neighborhood

Relocating to another city sometimes means getting the same amount of space for less money. Of course, it all depends on the location – a city like London, or Zurich, is in some aspects more expensive than New York. However, Prague and Valencia are among the most affordable European cities to live in and experience a different lifestyle. Adjusting to another country typically means living outside of your comfort zone. You will have to adjust to being relaxed and not taking life too seriously in Valencia, while Prague will expect you to get your beer-drinking, cold-enduring boots on.

Prioritize saving over splurging wherever you decide to relocate. There could be many reasons to move to a new city, but every move starts with one common thing. Your relocation day preparation should not go without first researching rents, living conditions, and job opportunities in the city.

Otherwise, you may as well just wing it and move to some of the friendliest countries in the world and hope it’s going to work out. We’d recommend some planning for the purpose, but it’s your move and your choice on how to live.

Experiencing a Cultural Refresh and a Change of Scenery Is Sometimes Mandatory

There’s an excellent word: novaturient. It represents a desire for powerful change in one’s life or situation. It’s used as an adjective, so you could say, “I feel novaturient.” If you feel a strong desire to make changes to your life and situation, relocating abroad alone or with someone may be a helpful solution.

We often ignore our inner desire to see the world, explore the space around us or take long trips to unknown places. It’s usually out of fear of changing things, leaving our family behind, or the future, but there’s no better time than now to follow that feeling and put yourself out there no matter the cost. You know what they say: “No risk, no reward.”

You Can Experience Some of the Most Beautiful Nature in the World

Maybe you and your family want to settle in a house surrounded by nature and its wonders. If you enjoy being outside, hiking, skiing, cycling, or just taking long walks, then relocating somewhere suitable for that is a good choice. Many people have chosen the adventure of living overseas to spend weekends on road trips across the country.

Some of the best places to live abroad with family include outdoor activities and places where adults and children could equally have fun. Some examples are:

  • Reykjavik, Iceland (the best quality of life and low crime rates)
  • Lisbon, Portugal (low crime rates and cheap rent)
  • Wellington, New Zealand (low air pollution, lots of greenery, and many schools)
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland (great education opportunities and many green surfaces)

A Culture You Like Could Teach You How to Live Better and Enjoy

Learning how to live abroad cannot happen without relocating first. Expect to experience mild to severe culture shock no matter where you move because it should be more than evident that every country has its traditions, customs, and rituals.

Your bus is late in Colombia? No worries, it’ll all work out. You’ll rarely see someone in a rush or overwhelmed by things out of their control there. If this seems attractive because you spend your days worrying about everything, Colombia might offer the required reset by helping you naturally learn how to relax.

In Istanbul, everyone will go out of their way to welcome you. The landlords will bring hot black tea in small glass pitchers, people in the street will help you manage (but don’t expect them to speak English that well,) and your hosts may often pick up the tab at a restaurant. If you grew up in a cold environment, this could teach you how to be more welcoming to people from all parts of the world.

Pack for Your Dream Destination With an International Moving Company

We think relocating overseas is a great idea. An even better idea is doing it with the help of an overseas shipping company. International relocation services can assist you in ways you didn’t even know were necessary – their movers can provide packing services if you intend to move most of your belongings. Changing your mind about some belongings can happen, and if it does, you get to use storage services for anything that has to stay.

In some countries, it’s easier to move around by car, and an overseas moving company could come in handy in this situation, too. Getting a car shipped overseas will save you lots of money and time; that way, you don’t have to spend more than you have on transportation.

A New Home Awaits, and It’s Better Than Ever Before

As relocation day gets closer, and all you can do is mentally prepare while movers do the rest, think about what’s happening. A significant transformation is happening, and it’s difficult not to get excited about the possibilities and things to do abroad. We hope you’re now convinced to take control of your future and excited for everything that might come next.

Gemma Collins

Gemma is an NJ local that has explored all the US states, making her the perfect person to write about moving.

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