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Moving Day Preparation Checklist – What to Do Before the Move

Posted Moving Preparation / July 26, 2021

When organizing a relocation, especially an international one, a moving day preparation could be your guiding star or the source of all destruction. Yes, we realize it sounds a bit melodramatic, but it is essential to get your attention to how important organization is. In order to help you, we decided to create an ultimate checklist for things you need to do when the relocation date comes.

How Do I Start Preparing to Move Out – Weeks Before the Move

Preparing for the relocation date is one of the last tasks before you finally move across the worldweeks or rather months of the preparation process will be behind you. Plan your budget, gather documents needed to travel abroad, decide which items you will take with you, and maybe even find some tips for learning a new language so you can break the language barrier when you finally move.

However, the absolute first thing to determine when considering a move to another country is whether you will hire an international moving company or opt for the DIY option. Deciding in favor of a company that can provide you with an amazing relocation experience, including international moving services, could be quite a hit to your budget. Still, it would seriously reduce the amount of relocation stress you will experience. Remember to visit the Better Business Bureau and look for a company with the best reviews, so your relocation ends as a complete success.

Considering the current global pandemic situation, exploring how to travel abroad during covid-19 should be on top of your list, as well as getting to know if the country of your choosing has some covid-related travel restrictions. Only when you are finished with crucial tasks should you consider things you need to prepare for the date of the relocation.

How to Prepare Your Home for the Move

To ensure that everything flows without a bump on the road, there are several actions you should take care of, regarding cleaning, safety measures, deciding what to pack when relocating abroad, and so on. Some of them could be done on the date of the relocation, but keep in mind that those moments will be chaotic as is – make sure not to leave anything that can be done earlier for the last minute.

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Clean and Clear Every Possible Obstacle in Your Home

When preparing your house for movers (or friends and family, if you don’t want to hire an overseas moving company), try to awaken your investigative instincts. Ask yourself what will or could bother you while relocating household objects, especially those big and tricky ones. Remove flower pots from your driveway, clear walkways from toys and other obstacles, remove all low-hanging chandeliers, and so on. It would be good to get all doors off the hinges and remove rugs and floor mats to enable an easy and safe passage. If you overlook this task, there is a huge possibility of someone getting hurt.

Be the Protector, Not the Destroyer

It doesn’t matter if you are selling your home before the relocation or keeping it – ensure to leave the house in the best possible condition. That does require a deep-cleaning session but also protecting your floors and walls from scratches. Be sure that the objects you will leave behind (and those you won’t) don’t get damaged in the process. Try to cover stair railings with stretch tape or any other kind of protective material. Even a little scratch could add some unnecessary stress to an already stressful and emotional moment, so do everything you can to prevent it.

However, accidents happen – but there is a solution for that, too. If you want to learn how to fix a scratch on your hardwood floor so it looks brand new, watch the following video:

Prepare Your Vehicle for Shipping Overseas

Most people tend to sell their vehicles before it’s time to relocate overseas, but that is not a rule. If you don’t know how to live in another country without a car and if you opt to get an overseas car shipping service, it would be good to visit an authorized car shop. It won’t be wise to spend a vast amount of money on international car shipping if your car is not in good condition. Remember to get all necessary documentation so you can legally drive your vehicle in a new country. In addition to that, after your car is nicely polished and clean, take a few photos for proof of already existing external damage.

What Should You Do the Night Before You Move – Quick Tips

When moving internationally, no matter if you are relocating to Barcelona or if you decided to relocate to Taiwan, the night before your move, you are bound to experience butterflies in your stomach. Feeling overly excited and a little bit scared is perfectly normal – in a few hours, your life as you know it won’t exist anymore. However, so you can function properly in the morning, try to go to bed early and have a nice, eight-hour-long sleep.

Apart from your sleeping schedule, there are a few more tasks you need to take care of before the relocation date. Empty and defrost the fridge and freezer the night before the move – it takes a bit more time. Everything you haven’t eaten yet should be either thrown away or donated. Ensure to check which items movers won’t move so you know what to do with them on time. This is the case for most of your cleaning supplies, for example – they are toxic and flammable and could pose a danger for movers in the transportation process.

Before you go to bed, ensure to plug in your electronics and leave them to charge.  International relocation usually implies a long-distance trip, so make sure that your phone, laptop, and any other gadget you use are fully charged on the relocation date. Be sure that your family, friends, or even boss can get a hold of you.

Bonus Points – Making a Checklist of Tasks for Movers and Yourself

If you want to go the extra mile and make the hours ahead easier, try to make a checklist of everything that has to be done tomorrow (something a little less complex than your relocating abroad checklist). That way, you will be able to cross items one by one and be sure that nothing has been forgotten. Include all tasks and sub-tasks and determine when each one should be finished – great organization leads to great success.

Moving Day Preparation – A Few Things You Must Remember

If you are not an early bird, you won’t like our next tip – be ready to wake up quite early. The big moment is finally here, and there is so much to be done! Just tell yourself that everything will be over soon and that the destination of your dreams is within your arm’s reach. Do your morning routine and be ready to meet the relation crew. Don’t forget to dress appropriately – no one expects you to be the queen/king of the runway in brand new clothes – so put on something comfortable and be ready for a nice workout.

Handle Packing on the Moving Day Like a Pro

Note that the last hours in your old home will be different depending on your choice of whether to hire a packing service or not. In the first case, other than packing your things and loading your furniture and appliances into the truck, the crew will also pack all your household items and help you relocate efficiently. However, if you choose a DIY option, almost all the boxes should be packed before the relocation date. If you left something out because you were still using it, ensure to pack it first thing in the morning.

Point out those items that demand some extra care and show your relocation crew which boxes to pack and what needs to go with you. When you are relocating jewelry or any other valuables, keep them by your side. And when it comes to items that will go with you, have an essential bag separated and prepared – it will be an enormous help in the days ahead when you are trying to adjust to a new country and home. Double and triple-check if all your necessities are in there, such as:

  • Change of clothes for you and your family,
  • Toiletries, such as toothpaste, toothbrush, and deodorant,
  • Toilet paper and cleaning wipes,
  • Medication and first-aid kit,
  • Charges for each electronic device,
  • Toys for your kids to keep them entertained during the move,
  • Food and beverages for everyone, including your cat or dog, if you are relocating abroad with pets.

Final Contract and What to Do When You Get It

On the date of move, you will be provided with a final contract. Before you sign it, make sure to read the fine print – don’t put your signature on anything you are not completely familiar with. No matter how trustworthy a company may seem, ensure that the contract contains everything you previously agreed on and no additional service or cost.

How Can I Make the Moving Day Easier for Movers?

When the relocation morning comes, the crew will be very busy disassembling, packing, and loading all your items in a truck. Do everything that is in your power to make their job easier and safer, and they will thank you by providing a good service. Aside from cleaning the walkthrough, as we discussed earlier, you should also consider:

  • Getting kids and pets out of the way – we know that this is common sense and that you wouldn’t intentionally put your loved ones in danger. The relocation specialists going in and out, carrying heavy objects, and kids and pets who wish to play are never a good combination – it can put everyone in danger. Ask your friends and family if they could watch over them or hire a babysitter for the morning.
  • Providing food and drinks for everyone – relocation is a physically exhausting job, so ensure that everyone stays well-fed and hydrated. Order food and invite the relocation crew to take a break to eat.
  • Reserving a parking spot for a relocation truck close to your home – not only will it benefit workers, because they won’t need to carry heavy objects for long, but it will benefit you too – the closer that parking spot is, the less money you will pay.

After all their hard work, don’t forget to give tips to crew members. It is not mandatory, of course, but it is a gesture of gratitude. After all, it is the perfect moment for getting some good karma in your life.

Look for Stuff Left Behind and Say Your Last Goodbye

When the relocation crew is done loading and is ready to go, you will not be left with too much work to do. When everything is packed and out of the house, don’t forget to clean all those places you previously couldn’t reach and empty all of the trashcans you used. Don’t forget to do one more walk-through of your rooms and see if you left anything in the bathroom, kitchen, on the bed, or under the bed. Better be safe than sorry – one last look will help you sleep better during the trip.

How Do You Survive the Moving Day – It’s Not Easy, but It Doable

Even though this list may not seem to contain particularly tough tasks, remember that most of them should be done in a time span of a few hours. Add to that the emotional instability you will undoubtedly be exposed to, especially if you are relocating abroad alone, and even the most basic job can become harder. So, keep in mind everything you need to do and check off the finished tasks one by one. And when everything is done and you are ready to go, focus all your attention on imagining how fantastic your future will be.

Milly Andrews

Born and raised in Portland, Milly has had a lot of experience moving and writing about the relocation process.

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