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Overseas vehicle shippingSince you have decided to relocate, you have been preoccupied with the tasks regarding your international procedure. One of the most important things is taking care of your vehicle. I Love International Moving has an excellent team of experts that can help you by offering you our service of overseas vehicle shipping. Before we ship your car to the address you give us, you should prepare your vehicle. Follow these simple rules to be sure your car is ready and safe for overseas shipping.

Should you fill up your gas tank?

You need enough gas to drive your car to the place where we will pick it up and to your future house once it arrives. That means that you should calculate everything as accurately as you can in order to know how much gas you should fill up. Be careful not to fill it up because it will weigh more. And more weight means a higher fee of transportation. Just don’t leave it completely empty since you will need to drive it once you pick it up and get on the road again.

Go to a mechanic

Whether you know a lot about cars and you know nothing at all, it is advisable to drive your car to your mechanic before shipping it. The professional should take a closer look at it and thoroughly inspect it. You can consult him about the necessary steps that have to be done; for example, topping off the important fluids and inspecting the tires, belts, gaskets, etc. This is especially important if you have a classic car since it is more sensitive than the modern and new vehicles. Don’t avoid this crucial step.

Check for damage

Apart from going to a mechanic, you can do the checking yourself. After washing your car you will see if there are any damages or scratches. If there are any, you should take pictures from several angles, as well as the close-up shots. After that, date the photographs and give them to the moving company you choose.

Clearing out your car’s interior

No matter how neat you are, you probably have a lot of documents and other personal things in your vehicle. Don’t leave them there and decrease the risk of theft. It is advisable to remove a custom stereo if you have one, and all the players and GPS systems. Things like these should be shipped separately. Some people think that they will save some money by packing their personal items and some smaller boxes in their vehicles. However, this is one of the most common mistakes that should be avoided. Don’t forget to empty the trunk, too. The insurance will not cover the items inside the vehicle. Besides, the things you leave in your car may shift and turn thus causing damage to your car. If you are interested to know more about international relocation, visit this site and contact our I Love International Moving representatives to get more details about vehicle shipping.
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