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If you have been thinking about relocating for work to a country in Europe, then I Love Moving has got you covered. We have set up a list of cities that are open to giving new job opportunities for their newcomers, stay tuned for more!


The Best Places in Europe to Find a Job: IT

Emerald Isle has a Silicon Docks district with popular innovations like Google, LinkedIn, Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook that offer a lot of jobs these days. Many other successful startups like Dropbox also have international headquarters in this amazing city!


Barcelona is one of the best places you can look for a job in Europe especially when it comes down to IT and technology. The government also offers plenty of new jobs for Spanish and Catalan speakers that will benefit from rich pickings in the banking, gaming, travel, and logistics categories.


Berlin is the perfect place to relocate to for work if you have an open-minded mindset. The whole city is filled with creativity, attracting trendy, innovative types of people from all over the world. Rent is also quite affordable in Berlin and today the city attracts a lot of capitalists and tech entrepreneurs. The city is also an epic center for musicians and artists. People come from around the world to visit Berlin’s night scene and get a taste of the diversity it has to offer.

The Best Places in Europe to Find a Job: BucharestBucharest

Bucharest is slowly becoming one of Europe’s strong economic centers with so much energy and good vibes coming from the locals. Today the city is an amazing place to live and work. Even the standard of living is almost in line with the other countries in Western Europe. Bucharest has a lower employment rate than the UK and there are so many new industry sectors that prosper here.


If you’re in hospitality, you can find plenty of opportunities to develop a career in Paris for it.


Austria’s city, Vienna is one of the most loveable cities in all of Europe. The city is most known for its arts, infrastructure, and low crime rate. Even though it’s a good to know German, Vienna still offers jobs for English speakers. You will find many English speakers for jobs in marketing and technology.


Amsterdam has plenty of jobs and reasonable tax conditions that welcome startups in the country. A third of Amsterdam’s employments consist of foreign companies that have an outpost in Holland, so there’s no need to be fluent in Dutch. English is spoken in most of Netherlands’ professions. Therefore, it is quite easy to get a job here if you happen to be fluent in Dutch. In conclusion, you have a lot to choose from! Get some more information on all of the cities, and then when you feel that you are ready to start scheduling your move, give I Love Moving a call!
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