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Best Cities to Live in Europe

Posted Country Guides / September 5, 2018

You decided to become a European, but picking the right country can be tricky. You might wonder what best cities to live in Europe have that others don’t? Is it a low cost of living? Maybe the level of entertainment they offer, the quality of life, and various job opportunities? Determine your priorities and find the city that suits all your needs. And maybe the following list will help you reach an educated decision.

The Best in the World – Vienna

Vienna has held the title of the best one in the world for precisely ten years in a row. Mercer Quality of Living Survey has the capital of Austria on the top because it excels in political stability, healthcare, education, housing, and public transport. Do you want to feel like a European? You can’t go wrong with the place that started as a roman war camp and turned into a vibrant capital of the Austrian Empire.

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Collection of All Good Things Vienna Has to Offer

To be the best in the world means having low living costs. Luckily, Vienna is very affordable, where average monthly rent for 900 sqft furnished accommodation is €941 and utilities are around €200.

Vienna also has very low crime rates. And safety during the night is almost the same as during the day. 

In addition, Vienna’s well designed, cheap, and efficient transport system is widely used by its residents.

It’s a Tie Between Lisbon and Porto

Moving to Portugal sounds kind of dreamy, right? All that warm weather, diverse cuisine, rich culture that is a mixture of different civilizations, who would not want to live there? Throw in a low cost of living and friendly people, and you got yourself a new home.

Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, is everything that an adventure-seeking person can wish for. It offers a beautiful seaside setting, seafood restaurants, plenty of LGBT-friendly establishments.

Porto is a place for you if you want to keep a part of the USA close. The city looks a little bit like San Francisco, with its bridges and tram rides. Also, it is home to many large companies, which is especially significant if you will be looking for a job.

Portugal Is Good for Your Budget

Portugal has one of the lowest overall costs of living in western Europe, including affordable accommodation and utility bills. No matter where you choose to live, it will be great for your budget.

Groceries are very affordable, since there are still traditional, large markets where you can get everything you need.

Budapest – Two Cities in One

When the city is located on one of the most beautiful rivers on the continent, it tells you something about its cultural and entertainment potential.

Budapest is made out of two cities, Buda and Pest, and each has its own vibe. Buda is rich in historical landmarks, such as the Royal Palace and museums, while Pest features a modern scene. Whenever you get bored with your daily routines, you can hop on a boat and cruise down the Danube river.

Moving to Hungary 

Before you move across the world and relocate to Hungary, you should know the state still uses forint as a currency, but many places accept euros.

The costs of living in Hungary are low. You will need around $700 to cover accommodation and utilities, as well as public transport. 

Munich – a Paradise for Beer Drinkers

Are you a big beer drinker? Pick Munich for your next home then! Know that the capital of the federal state of Bavaria is one of the most visited cities in Germany. And not only that, but the annual Oktoberfest is a dream come true for all ale lovers.

If drinking beer is not exactly your thing, Munich also offers a variety of museums. One of them is the BMW museum, which will make every car enthusiast happy.

Make a New Home in Germany

Germany has many great cities with a wide specter of cultural, historical, job and entertainment offers. From Berlin and Munich to Dusseldorf, they all bring something specific to their present and future citizens.

If you plan on moving to Germany to find a job, remember that most wanted employees are healthcare workers, nurses, sales representatives, and IT analysts. 

Paris – the Place for Excellent Education

 Paris can be a great place if you are looking for high-quality education for you or your family. It has many world-class schools for basic or higher learning.

But if you just want to bask in the glory of the Louvre, Eiffel tower or any other cultural or historic landmark, the City of Light will not let you down.

Take a walk along the Seine, visit the Buttes Chaumont park, grab a bite or a cup of coffee at one of the many restaurants and cafes, and enjoy your life it the French capital.

Living in France

If you are in the mood for fresh groceries, you can definitely find them in outdoor establishments like farmers’ markets. 

Are you moving to France so that you can earn or save some money? Know that among the most paid jobs are medical practitioners, financial advisors, lawyers, and marketing managers.  

Spain Has It All – Barcelona and Madrid

 You can pick your capital when you are going to Spain. Do you want to move to the capital of Catalonia or the capital of Spain? Barcelona and Madrid offer a wide variety of spectacular natural and historic wonders.

Architecture in both of them is impressive, from Gaudi’s buildings in Barcelona to the grand boulevards of Madrid. They both offer diverse entertainment options as well as countless bars, coffee shops, and bakeries. You can’t go wrong either way.

Move to Spain and Enjoy the Warm Weather

Eating out in Spain is not as expensive as it can be in many countries. Daily menu costs between $12 and $20, while beer costs around $2.

The abundance of sunny days in Spain has more than one benefit. A mild Mediterranean climate means that many essential foods are affordable. So think about moving to Spain if you’re a big fan of the warm weather and cheap and delicious food.

Warsaw – Green City

Warsaw is divided into two very distinct halves by the Vistula river that runs through it. West bank is more glamorous while the east bank is more art-oriented.  

If you appreciate nature know that Warsaw is a green city. It has 20,000 acres of parks, and other green spaces and 15% of the area is covered by woodland.

Move to Poland and Save Some Money

Poland is a cheap place to live and learn in. Although prices depend on the location, you can rent a flat for around €700, and utilities would cost you around €100.

As far as food and transportation are concerned, Poland is, like many Eastern European countries, very affordable. So living in Poland would have a beneficial impact on your budget.

Sofia – Art Center of Bulgaria

 The capital of Bulgaria is the nation’s cultural and art center. It is home to many institutes like Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Italian, Confucius Institute and Cervantes.

 Named after the Greek word for wisdom,” Sofia is the ideal place if you want to give your kids a good education. There are many international schools to choose from. Five top-ranked universities in the country are located in Sofia as well.

 Life in Bulgaria

 Life in Bulgaria is around 60% cheaper than in the north of the continent. You can find cheap food, groceries and go out for a reasonable price.

 If you are a skilled hotel and restaurant worker that is looking for a job, Bulgaria is the right place for you. Drivers are also in high demand in this Eastern European country. 

All Roads Lead to Rome

If you are moving to Europe and you want to enjoy a diverse dining scene, this is the place for you.

Living in the Eternal City is a paradise for history and art geeks. From Colosseum to the Roman Forum, you will have a different place to explore every week.

And if you are feeling adventurous at any moment, you can enroll in a gladiator school.

Move to Italy

If you move to Italy, try to buy as many local products as you can, since they are cheaper. You will be saving up and supporting local vendors at the same time.

One of the biggest financial pros of life in Italy is that healthcare is free. But you have an option to pay for private healthcare.  

London – Urban Jungle

First of all, if you are moving to the capital of the United Kingdom, be prepared to commute. It is an urban jungle divided into 6 zones, and you can reach them by buses, trains, and tube transportation.

London is a city that will keep you on your toes. There are so many places to explore and visit. Whether you are strolling through Hyde Park or dancing your night away in Soho, London has something for everybody.

The UK Is Cheaper Than the USA

Life in the UK will be good for your savings since the costs of living there are cheaper than in the US. Do you want to send your kids to private schools? The cost of those is much lower, the same goes for preschool and kindergarten.

You did your research, and you found the place that suits your needs. Now it is time to pick the very best moving company to help you relocate and turn your dream of living in another country a reality. Moving overseas is a complex operation. So, you need a professional enterprise that offers international moving services by sea or relocation by air, overseas vehicle shipping, packing, and storage services. You will be in the best hands with a company that has excellent reviews and good customer service. 

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