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Have you dreamed about living the sweet and fancy Italian lifestyle? Or reveling in the well-known cuisine and fashion? However, what you witnessed in movies and experienced in Italian restaurants can differ from the reality you will face if you decide to pack your household and move overseas.

Moving to Italy cannot be a decision made solely based on your favorite movie or your favorite dish – there is a lot more to it. If you have firmly decided that you want to move to Europe and you chose this land as your new home, there are certain things you need to take into account.

The land of fashion, pizza, pasta, and history is yearning for you as well – take care of everything before you move your home overseas. Whether you’re moving abroad alone or with your family, get familiar with the most important tips and moving to Italy from the USA will be enjoyable.

Moving to Italy – How Will You Move Your Household?

If you are seriously contemplating relocation, you need to take into account that this will be an international move and the shipping prices will go up. You will probably have to reach out to a professional relocation company to provide you with international moving services and help you settle into a new home. So before you even think about what your new life will look like if you move across the world, try to find the best way to get there. The sooner you start with the preparations and the planning process, the easier it will be. Learn what to pack when moving abroad and how to live in another country. Your future sweet life is just an overseas relocation away.

Be ready more than ever.

Popular Italian Cities vs. US Cities


Italy is home to some of the most beautiful and culturally rich places in Europe, even in the whole world. Nonetheless, you have to decide where you want to go. Living the sweet Italian life may commence in Rome, Milan, Florence, or some other city – you have to choose.

If you think that US cities are diverse, wait till you see their Italian counterparts. If you want to follow in the steps of other expats, you may as well choose Genoa, Naples, Turin, Venice, or Palermo.

Venice, for example, will take your breath away with its canal system which makes river passages function like streets. You just need a gondola to cross from one part of the city to the other. However, the city is crawling with tourists, which can be a lot to take in sometimes.

Take some time to create a strategy, read all about the lifestyle of each city, and choose the best place for your upcoming stay.

Living in the Countryside: Weigh the Pros and Cons

Have you been thinking about starting your life over in a remote part of the land? If you are not a fan of crowded tourist places, the countryside can be a perfect choice. Nonetheless, living in the village has some major drawbacks. Beautiful as they are, you should know that these places usually have a poor internet connection and you might feel like being cut off from the entire world. If you are really into the provincial lifestyle, you should get familiar with it before you go there. In Italy, there are almost no work opportunities in rural areas. In exchange for a peaceful life, you will have to change your daily habits completely.

In the heart of the renaissance culture.

Becoming an Italian Citizen

Things in Europe work a bit differently than in the States. To become a citizen, you need to deal with a lot more than an international relocation. As you plan the relocation to this beautiful land, you have to check the legal requirements for staying there. Get familiar with all the options before you physically move there.

 Good or Bad News: Visa Requirements

If you are thinking about getting a residency visa, you would need to prove that you have enough wealth to support yourself and your family. The wealth you have should not come from income in Italy.

In case you are thinking about getting a work visa, you need to put a lot of effort and get familiar with different worker visas. If you have landed a job in Italy, it is most likely that your company will provide you with one. Talk to your supervisor and tackle the necessary visa paperwork on time.

What else do you have to do?

Living in a Country Where English Is Not the Main Language

If you enjoy speaking your mother tongue and have no knowledge of any other, you will have to change your attitude – very few Italians are fluent in English. The English language you can hear on the streets is mainly broken. If you live in a metropolis, the situation will be better for sure. Still, even the ones who do speak English are hard to understand sometimes. Before you start the relocation process, enroll in a few beginner language courses. This will make your life so much easier!

Read Local Newspaper

One way to learn a language is to read as much as possible. Get in the habit of buying newspapers or start reading them online. A coffee with a croissant and newspaper in the morning can be a really good start!

 Start Networking

You need to interact with other people if you want to master your language skills. This is also a great way to meet new people and make friends. Sign up for some newsletters and check the events you are interested in. There is nothing to be afraid of.

Hello or Buon giorno?

Italian Job Market

Finding a good job there is not as it used to be – the number of opportunities goes down every single year. You will surely improve your chances if you learn the language. Sticking with English only won’t be the best way to approach the job search.

 Living in a Competitive Environment

Since there is a smaller number of opportunities, the market can be competitive sometimes – you are in the race with other expats who came before you. This should not bother you – make yourself presentable, and everything will work out fine. Update your CV and be the best version of yourself. With proficient English skills and an advanced level of Italian, you have no reason to stress out!

Is there a job for you?

House Prices and Renting

The economy is not in its best shape. Still, the costs of living don’t differ too much from the rest of Europe. Bigger cities in the north are more expensive for sure, but if you choose Verona or other smaller towns, you won’t have to make ends meet every month. Most people live in the same home even after 30 years, and the reason for that is expensive housing. Even though the buildings here have vintage looks, the apartments still go for a premium cost.

Can You Afford to Buy a Flat

Even if you can afford to buy your own place, the bureaucratic system can drive you crazy. Don’t look for the place after you move, start digging right away and get in touch with a real estate agent. If you cannot decide before you go there, rent a nice place, spend some months researching the market, and then decide.

Rent a dream house in the heartland.


Schooling is in the heart of this country as the oldest university in the world is located in the city of Bologna. The public school system is free and your kids can receive a really good education. Students get excellent schooling in the sciences, arts, and history fields.

There are also many international schools where English is the primary language. Going to an international school can be a bit more expensive than a regular one. Even if your kids decide to stay here for their college, they will find excellent programs taught in English.

Is the education system good?

Lifestyle You Love: Food and Nightlife

What says Italy better than gelato? If you are a big fan of the ice-cream, pasta, pizza, and sauces, this is the perfect place for you. The cuisine is well-known – many Italians claim that no other nation has the same pizza as they do!

Italians are extremely social. Only torrential rain can keep them indoors. You can find coffee places full of people even late at night. There are always clubs open during the entire night.

You Will like Travelling Around the Country

What is so great is the vast number of opportunities for travel. You can visit different cities and feel like you have gone to another state. The south and north differ a lot and sometimes really seem like two different countries. If you like driving, rent a car and start your tour around the beautiful Toscana, or head to Cinque Terre, a group of ancient seaside villages on the Ligurian coastline.

Visit the Nearby Countries: Travelling Out of the Country

Why stay in Italy when France, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany are so close! Take the opportunity to visit the nearby countries in your free time – it will be just a few hours drive to some of them. Take a tour and treat yourself with a true European experience.

Time to get familiar with the real dolce vita.