The Pro’s and Con’s when Relocating to Italy

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Coastal city in ItalyBefore you pack up your bags to move to beautiful Italy, it’s a good idea to know its contrasts.


PRO: Nightlife All the locals here are pretty friendly and social. Everybody is either chatting with friends over dinner at a restaurant or sipping their drinks at a bar, so feel free to socialize here. There are so many places to go day and night which is why you’ll love the whole experience to it. Where you go there is always a festival to check out or a concert, theatre, museum opening, late night film session, literally anything you can think of. CON: English Italians tend to avoid learning the English language which is why very few of the locals are fluent in the language. The only locations that are more keen on speaking the language are more tourist popular cities like Milan, Rome, Venice and Florence. Here though locals are abrupt when you speak in English because they see tourists as a nuisance. PRO: Landscapes Every single city in this amazing country has picturesque surroundings. Roman remains have left some of the most beautiful historic surroundings in the world that will leave you breathtaking. The whole experience will leave you feeling more cultured and appreciative of all the history around you. CON: Pollution and Cleanliness The country may be quite beautiful, but it has a problem with grime and the cleanliness of its streets. They tend to be filled with graffiti, messy and usually overcrowded.


CON: Expensive Most accommodations in the apartment blocks of the country are in 50 to 70 year old buildings. These spaces are usually quite small, but very expensive. PRO: Well maintained The interior design might not be your cup of tea, but you can’t judge the state the apartments are in. The locals put in their best effort to make the spaces in good working order, and cleanliness here is key.

Italy market, fresh produceCost of Living

PRO: Food When it comes to food, everything is quite cheap. Italy is made up of some the most greatest food markets that are filled with affordable fruit, vegetables, meat and cheese. Everything that you would never buy back home because of the price you can find here for a smaller price and the best quality. The country has very strict food laws that prevent overuse of preservatives or colorings. CON: Amenities Everything you can buy in this country that is made here is quite affordable, but all things imported are quite expensive. Fuel, gas and electricity can be mind blowing when it comes down to their prices. Italy definitely has its dose of pros and cons, but in the end it is all about your perspective. If you acknowledge the fact that it is a busy and very populated country and look through all the perks it has to offer, you will soon learn to love it. When you are ready to start scheduling your move, give I Love Moving a call!
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