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How to Decide Where to Live When Moving Abroad?

Posted How-to / June 7, 2022
Hannah Michaelson

Hannah is a freelance relocation writer from NYC that has become an expert on packing and unpacking.

You must have, at least once, thought about relocating abroad and starting from scratch. Maybe you liked your holiday destination so much that you’re now considering it your future residence. But how to decide where to live objectively while considering every important aspect of life? If you’re puzzled by this question, keep reading.

When thinking about moving internationally, you have to consider why you want to move. Figure out where the best socioeconomic situation is and where you can get a great job. Learn the legal requirements for living in that country, and explore their culture and language. Also, research the climate conditions. Lastly, when deciding where to move, you have to consider how far away from home you are willing to be.

First of All, How Do You Decide if Moving Is Right for You?

Before you jump in and start planning a move to one of the best countries, take a minute to really consider moving overseas – are you ready for that step? The only question you need to answer is this one – am I willing to take risks, or do I just want to settle with the familiar?

We believe the answer is clear – who wants to lead a life where they avoid all the risks? That’s a certain way to have many regrets – relocation stress you might feel is nothing compared to that. So, why not take a chance and try to live abroad? If you’re ready for the challenge, the first step to relocating internationally is choosing where to live – let’s help you make the decision.

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One of the Most Important Decisions of a Lifetime – How to Decide Where to Live Abroad?

How do I decide where to live? Choosing a place is certainly not an easy thing. There are just so many benefits of relocating, and we know you’d like to get the best of them. Think about how many great cities there are in the world – everything is an option, from relocating to Brazil to deciding to choose Europe and move to Germany. Before you start panicking and thinking, “How do I choose an area to live in?” take a moment to relax. There are relocation tips strictly designed for these situations, and we will share them with you, so you can avoid the horrible relocation mistake of choosing the wrong country or city.

So Many Options to Choose From – What Factors Help You Determine Where to Live?

So, how to pick a place to live overseas and select the perfect one? Get a pen and paper and write down the list of factors that will decide which places would be good for you. We will talk about each contributing factor individually, and when you finish reading, you will have a shortlist of places that would work for you and your family.

Your Reasons for International Moving Can Help You Find the Answer – Start From Figuring Out Why You Want to Move

When figuring out how to choose where to live, it’s important to know why you want to move. The reason for relocating can drastically affect this decision – is it work, following a loved one, or educational opportunity? It’s necessary to know this, so you can choose the country and city that will have all the benefits you and your family are looking for but also provide you with the essentials such as a safe environment and a high quality of life.

Take Into Account the Socio-Economic Standard of Different Countries – Which Ones Suit Your Needs?

Even though you are planning to leave your home and move overseas, you probably don’t wish to find yourself in a place that doesn’t resemble anywhere you’ve lived before – at least when it comes to the economic situation and standard of living.

So, one of the elemental factors when thinking about how to pick where to live would be a socioeconomic standard of a potential country. Will the salary in your branch be enough to cover the costs of living there? Will you be able to have good health insurance? You should also explore the political situation of the country you plan to make your home – is it safe to move to one of the cities there?

Explore the Job Market and Learn if You’ll Be Able to Get a Great Job in the Country

If you aren’t relocating for a job or haven’t already gotten a job in Europe or any other continent you wish to move to, you have to keep in mind the career opportunities when choosing a future country. Indeed, how would you live comfortably if you couldn’t find a job you excel at? If your goal is an efficient move that will improve your life, this should make the shortlist of factors to take into account. Of course, you will need to do detailed research for this, but here’s something to get you started – the list of well-known job search websites.

  • Go abroad,
  • Go overseas,
  • Indeed Worldwide,
  • Easy Expat,
  • CEO Worldwide,
  • Expat Network,
  • Jooble,
  • CareerJet,
  • Monster Worldwide.

Legal Documentation – Where Can You Get a Resident or Work Visa?

There are many documents needed to travel abroad, but the one you have no control over is a visa – resident or work one. Some countries might not be open to residents from your homeland. That’s why it is necessary to learn about your chances of getting a visa before you get too invested in preparing and packing for a move – otherwise, it might all be for nothing. Still, you shouldn’t get too worried about this – if you’re planning an employee relocation, your company will assist with legal matters. Plus, most places on the list of the best countries are welcoming to Americans, so you shouldn’t have any issues.


Are You Ready to Endure a Lot of Culture Shock – How Does a Potential Country Fit Into Your Lifestyle?

When the time comes for you to fit into a new, unknown place, how prepared will you be? Culture shock is unavoidable in some amount, but it’s up to you to decide how much you can endure. Adjusting to another country and city can take months, but this period depends on where you go – some spots would be more like your homeland, so you wouldn’t need much time to settle in. If you aren’t particularly good at adjusting to the change of scenery, you can just consider countries with similar cultures and customs.

Do You Want to Learn a New Language or Live in an English-Speaking Country?

Are you ready to break down a language barrier? In most cases, living abroad requires learning a language – you don’t have to do it, but avoiding it would just make things complicated unless you plan on relocating to an English-speaking area. Understandably, becoming fluent in another language is easier said than done, but it’s far from impossible.

Starting on time is of huge importance – the moment you decide for sure where you will move to, you can begin with learning. There are so many amazing tips for learning a language that we are sure you will quickly become a pro. Here is a video with some of the tips you can use – check it out.

Climate Is Also an Important Factor in Your Decision – What Kind of Weather Do You Like?

If you are addicted to sunshine, relocating to Norway or Sweden, for example, is probably not the best idea. Sure, people can adapt to different climate conditions, but ask yourself – do you have the energy for that on top of everything else you’ll have on your plate? Maybe you are used to beginning your days on a sunny terrace with a cup of coffee and wish to keep this ritual wherever you go – in that case, inform yourself about the weather conditions in cities and countries that are possible spots for settling down.

How Far From Home Are You Willing to Go?

Last but not least – the distance from your homeland. This just might turn out to be a deciding factor. Plenty of people experience homesickness when they find themselves somewhere in the world, far from their birthplace. Of course, this is something you can deal with, but you might not be willing to go too far away. That’s perfectly understandable – maybe you have family members in the city you are about to leave, and you wish to stay close to them?

Keep in Mind the Possibility That You Won’t Be Able to Visit Your Homeland Very Often

This is the main reason some people choose to move to a country close to theirs. If you are close, you can always hop on a plane (or even drive, depending on where you are) and be home in no time. But remember – some countries are too far away, and plane tickets aren’t always cheap. Depending on your financial situation, you might not be able to afford to come back whenever you feel homesick.

Once You Choose a New Country and City, the Next Challenge Is Organizing a Move With an International Moving Company

Imagine this – you have chosen the perfect country, and you have a date for a relocation day in mind. So, what’s next? Of course, organizing a move is an exciting task that awaits you. Your to-do list will be lengthy, no doubt, but we know you are up for the challenge. Still, packing all your belongings and shipping overseas all those boxes isn’t something you should do without any assistance.

You will need an excellent overseas shipping company that will ensure your move becomes a pleasant experience thanks to their relocation services (and maybe even an excellent packing service). However, it’s important to be careful when choosing international movers – there are many relocation scams out there.

Moving Abroad Is Always Exciting – New Experiences and Adventures Await You

Even though it might seem hard to pull off, there’s no doubt that international relocations are extremely exciting. You will open yourself up to so many great experiences and see the world – it will be anything but boring. We believe that everyone deserves to experience the beauty of living abroad – and now it’s your turn. Don’t hesitate and start organizing your move right away!

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