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5 Best Countries to Live in as American Expat

Posted Country Guides / November 25, 2019

Preparing to move abroad, but still not sure what is the most suitable option for you? Moving overseas can be tricky, since there are hundreds of details to cover, so here is a list that might help! Find out what are the best countries to live in for Americans and get ready for international moving!

No matter what your reason for moving abroad is, whether you’re relocating alone or with family, knowing what to expect when living in Europe as an American or any other place is of the utmost importance. Adjusting to a new country can cause a real culture shock, and increase the moving stress you’re already experiencing. To avoid these unnecessary feelings when relocating internationally, make sure to explore the tiniest details about living conditions there, and enjoy all the perks of a new life!

What Are the Best Countries to Live In The World?

What nation is the happiest, healthiest, and enjoys the greatest life quality? Answers to those questions are presented in the official report of the United Nations, which entailed the factors like financial stability, gender equality, life expectancy, and literacy.

Some of the ranked states within this report found their spot in our guide too. They can offer Americans who decided to live in another country great living conditions. If you want to become a resident in one of them, here’s everything you need to know before you start packing the bags!

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#1 Canada Has One of the Largest Expat Communities

One of the best countries for Americans to move to is undoubtedly Canada, their Northern neighbor. The most common reason why US citizens are relocating to Canada are:

  • One of the highest living standards in the whole world,
  • Vicinity to the US borders – Canada is only 100 miles away from the US,
  • Great work opportunities,
  • Better education and healthcare system than in the US,
  • No language barrier.

Besides, Canada is one of the safest countries in the world. So, if you’re looking for the best places to live abroad with family, CA can present one of the greatest possible choices.

Even 3% of Canada’s New Immigrants Come From the US

A great expat community can be another good reason to move to Canada since the adjustment process will be much easier. According to the report of The Voice of Canadian Immigration, US expats are one of the largest communities in Canada.

Furthermore, a family-friendly environment and affordable housing options followed by a great business climate and job opportunities are top reasons to immigrate to CA. Moreover, livable cities, even three Canadian cities (Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto) were listed on The Global Liveability List.

Toronto, Calgary, or Vancouver – Which One to Choose?

Since places like Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver are all on top of the global liveability list, you can pick one of them to call your next home. Moving to Toronto will put you in the largest metropolis in the nation. Furthermore, the city is home to 78,370 Americans, so you will never actually feel out of place.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a place in western CA, moving to Calgary might be the best option. The location is ideal for career chasers since it has the second-highest number of head offices in the CA. With more than 800 corporations in Calgary, finding work won’t be a problem.

Relocating to Vancouver might be a solution for people that are looking for an ethnically and linguistically diverse location. Here you’ll hear French as much as you do English, however, people mostly speak both, so you won’t feel like an outsider.

Picking the place to settle in won’t be an easy task, however, when you are relocating to CA, thre are some other options. Just research, and you will surely find a place that will make you happere will be plenty of options available. So, even if you don’t like big and urban spaces, they.

#2 Looking for Affordable Housing and Cost of Living Near the USA? Mexico Can Be the Perfect Solution!

Spanish-like mansions, lush gardens, and a private swimming pool – all this is possible to get in Mexico, for a very reasonable price. The average property price in Mexico is $111,680. Of course, depending on the location the prices will vary.

The rental prices are also very affordable. For a one-bedroom apartment in the city center, you’ll need to set aside only $390 per month (without bills). And the price becomes even lower if you go out of the center.

Mexico Is Great Destination for Retirees That Want To Move Abroad

Another great benefit is that Mexico has really low costs of living. For example, utilities, on average in Mexico are $55 per month, while in the US they are around $165. Also, monthly transportation passes are around $20, while those tickets cost $65 in the States. On top of that, food in Mexico is way more affordable, and even dining won’t leave you broke. Because of all mentioned above, followed by beaches, sea, cuisine, and great entertainment, Mexico presents one of the best countries for retirees.

#3 Taiwan Offers Plenty of Perks and a Comfortable Lifestyle

Slightly larger than the state of Maryland, Taiwan is one of the favorite expat destinations. According to the statistics Ministry of Labour, nearly 40,000 workers in Taiwan are expats, of which 10% of them come from the USA. The reason why Americans choose this Asian independent island is not only gorgeous beaches and sea, but also great working opportunities, and friendly community. The potential for high income gives an opportunity for a luxurious lifestyle, and here are some benefits relocation to Taiwan can give you.

Companies Usually Cover All the Housing Costs and Tax Equalization

For all expats from Europe or the US, Taiwan is a mecca for finding a high-paying job. Furthermore, specific companies decide to cover their employees’ costs of relocation, schooling for their children, and housing – which is the highest expense. Just for the record, the rental price for a three-bedroom, unfurnished apartment raised to $3,650. All this made Taiwan become one of the fifty most expensive locations in the world when it comes to rental prices.

However, even with high rental prices, Taiwan has plenty to offer to newcomers. To learn more about all the fun and exciting things this country has to offer, check out the video below.

#4 Australia Is the Country With Eternal Summer and Friendly People

If you’re ready to relocate across the world to find a perfect climate characterized by an abundance of sunny days, then moving to Australia is definitely the best option for you. Ocean, perfect beaches, surfing, laid atmosphere, and friendly people – it all already starts to feel like a vacation.

In Australia, there are around 90,000 expats from the US, which makes it one of the largest American communities outside of the States. Also, the prospects for getting a job are pretty high. And the IT, services sector, healthcare, education, administration, and transport are the top industries in demand for the workforce. The unemployment rate is below 5% which is the lowest unemployment rate within a decade! So, if you are a career chaser this is the spot for you.

#5 Finland Is #1 Country in the World in 2021 for High Quality of Life

If you ever wondered what country is #1 in quality of life – Finland is the answer! Not only Finland is one of the best European countries to live in but is also ranked among one of the best nations in the whole world.

Situated in the very north of Europe, there are a few things to tackle before relocating there. The first thing is checking what documents are needed to travel abroad, and what type of visa you can acquire since European countries have different regulations.

This is The Santa Clause Land, and the Land of the Northern Lights

There is no person who hasn’t heard of the famous Lapland and Santa Claus! As well as the Northern Lights that make the winter so magical here. That’s why Finland is known as the winter wonderland. So, if you want to experience some of the most unique natural phenomena like northern lights and Aurora Borealis, then Finland is the right choice for you. Also, Finland has a great location and is near to the Russian cultural capital – St. Petersburg, which gives you great options to explore the rest of this part of Europe.

Finish Language Is Characteristic, But Communication Won’t Be a Problem Since English Is Widely Spoken

When relocating, speaking another language is kind of a necessity. When it comes to Finnish you should know that it is nothing similar to the English language. So, at the beginning learning Finish can be complicated. The good thing is, however, English is widely spoken,so breaking the language barrier won’t be that difficult.

Finland Has Booming Start Up and Innovation Scene

Getting a job in Europe as an American is not that complicated, especially if you’re in the ICT or gaming industry 5G, 6G, AI and industrial IoT. Finland is also a leader in digitization of health services, and bioeconomy, giving tremendous opportunities for further development. Finland is also giving working/business visas for all potential investors, so if you have such ambitions you should definitely consider it for your new next home.

Which Country Is No 1 in the World? Other Data You Might Like About Finland

Finland found a place on numerous lists that prove the high life quality of this country. Some of them you should have in mind when considering to move to Finland are:

  • According to the UN happiness report from 2021, Finland is the happiest country in the world.
  • Family Life Index enlisted it as one of the best countries for expats.
  • A European Company Survey found that Finland is the best employee-friendly state, in terms of working hours.
  • Yale University found Finland is one of the green countries in the world.
  • The World Economic Forum listed Finland in third place when it comes to the gender pay gap.

Moving Internationally Will Be A Breeze When Having the Right Support By Your Side

After making a final decision upon the country to live in, the next crucial step is to organize relocation with the help of a reliable international moving company.  Finding an overseas shipping company that can cover any destination in the world, and various international moving services is the best proof you’re working with professionals. Ask an overseas moving company about all details and schedule shipping overseas in advance. Choose all packing services you need, book vehicle overseas shipping, and prepare for movers to come and start handling your belongings in order to move efficiently.

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