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Guide to Learning a New Language

Posted Moving Tips / April 18, 2018

Our team at I Love Moving is well aware that the process of adjustment after relocation is extremely difficult, especially if you don’t know the language. This is why we have put together a couple of tips for you on how to learn a new language quickly, stay tuned for more!


One of the fastest ways of learning a new language is by communicating. Even if it may be awkward at the beginning, there is a reason why the saying ‘you learn from your mistakes ‘exists. This opportunity will be available for you wherever you go at your new location, from the grocery store to the restaurant down the street and even in the nightclubs at night.

You will always be in correspondence with people, so gather up your motivation and try starting up a conversation, who knows, you might even make a new friend. A language is something that needs to be processed, and soon enough you’ll get better at it. Memorizing the grammar at home won’t do you any good unless you put yourself out there to engage in a conversation.

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100 common words

Start with learning the 100 most common words the locals use and using them on a daily basis. This will help you learn to engage in a conversation because you will be familiar with a lot of the words. Just be sure to know that not all the vocabulary is the same. Once you have learned 100 common words, try making sentences with them repeatedly. By doing this you will also learn grammar and be able to start conversations without any grammatical errors.

Pocket Dictionary

It is a good idea to carry a pocket dictionary with you at all times. It will be very useful in your new country in case you forget how something is said and you need to get go somewhere, but can’t ask for directions. There are even dictionary apps on phones that can be with you at all times so you don’t have to carry one around with you all the time.

Practice makes perfect

It is necessary to keep practicing; hard work really pays off in the end especially when it comes to learning a new language. Just setting a goal like the fact that you don’t want to be an outsider in your city anymore and you wish to know how to speak the language so that you can get a good job will give you the motivation to practice every day. Try challenging yourself to think in the new language so that you have constant monologues running through your head.

Audiobooks and online courses

Audiobooks and online courses will help you learn basic grammar and teach you all the common words the country where you relocated to uses. They will help you go over them and teach you how to use them later on. These types of courses are perfect if you are only starting out in speaking this new language and for teaching the most fundamental vocabulary.

During the process of learning a new language you will make a lot of mistakes, know that this is ok and one of the many stages of learning. Don’t be too hard on yourself because in the end, with practice, you will be perfectly adjusted to your new location and speaking fluently before you know it. When you feel that you are ready to start scheduling your move, give I Love Moving a call!

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