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How to Move Abroad – Everything You Need to Know

Posted How-to / December 3, 2019

Living as a foreigner in a community where everything seems odd or new can be quite overwhelming. The list of things you should know before relocating includes how to move abroad, what to expect, and how to organize everything accurately, but also how to adjust to the new surroundings. With enough time and patience, learning all this is entirely possible. Doing things step-by-step will ensure your peace of mind and give you enough time and space to adapt.

How to Move Abroad – First, Have a Right Plan

Relocation can be an overwhelming process that entails too many bureaucratic hurdles. So, you should make plans and start preparing your papers and documentation, finances, packing your belongings, and finding the relocation company with the best estimate for their international moving services. If you have settled everything and know what to do, it’s crucial to have the right mindset to overcome all the obstacles and prevent any unforeseen situations.

However, you should create a moving checklist to outline the basic tasks you will need to tackle before your relocation:

  • You should be familiar with thevisa requirements
  • Think about your old home – should you rent or sell it
  • Get to know your tax requirements and obligations
  • Find a home in your future destination
  • Start packing to move
  • Choose an international mover
  • Acquire all necessary insurance policies (life, car, home, travel)
  • Get information about driving requirements
  • Go to your bank and find out what financial planning options you have
  • Take care of utilities, landline and mobile phones, and your internet provider
  • Make sure to change the address officially
  • Insure your belongings
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What Topics Are Crucial for You as an Expat

Being without familiar faces and their support in the whirlwind of an unknown culture and social norms will compel you to equip with both great willpower and a financial cushion. So, you should ask yourself before the move: Do I have what it takes to live overseas? To be honest, even moving abroad alone will be a worthwhile experience, but it will also require planning and self-discipline. This task requires much more than a valid visa and plane tickets. Consider the following tips to take off some pressure from your upcoming move:

Apply for a Visa and Passport Before the International Move

The process of obtaining a visa varies depending on a specific country, as well as according to visa type, so you should check with a local embassy to find out exactly what you need. For example, a shorter visit usually requires a tourist visa, but a work visa is necessary if you’re planning to look for a job. However, you should check your future country’s government website to find out what documentation you will need to send along with the application.

Moving Overseas? Think About the Money

Maybe you think that the country you are planning to move to is cheaper than your current one. However, keep in mind that there can be more expenses than you’d expect. In these cases, it’s prudent to think of ways to save money. Some aspects of your present lifestyle might be qualified as luxurious and extravagant somewhere else. So, you can adapt to the local way of life or do proper research and planning before the relocation. Whatever you choose, some costs are unavoidable and they are related to your relocation to the other end of the world:

  • Visa application
  • Plane tickets
  • International transportation
  • Housing
  • Essentials

Watch out for Health Care

Before you leave, you should find out if your current health provider covers your expenses abroad. You should also visit your current GP for the following reasons:

  • Ask for medical records
  • Get all the necessary immunizations
  • Ask for prescription medications. Maybe those medicines are permitted in the country, but if they aren’t, bring an extra dose

What else can you do to be prepared when it comes to your health? Ask around, do some research, and find a list of doctors and hospitals in the area you’re moving to. Also, check what benefits and services you can expect from the available medical resources there.

Know Which Jobs Are Accessible to Expats

Depending on your work experience and career aspirations, you should be familiar with the job market in your future destination and whether your abilities are actually in demand. Also, making connections by volunteering or interning with an international company could be an excellent opportunity to start.

For example, if you are an engineer or a medical professional, you’ll have no trouble finding a job if you’re relocating to Germany. India, for example, is a suitable destination for Americans in the IT sector.

Get in Touch With a Different Culture and Obtain a Real Perception

Every relocation represents a venture beyond your comfort zone, especially when you need to learn how to live in another country. That’s why you need to research it to find out what you can expect in strange surroundings and to get a better picture of the pressing social issues, crime-related matters, and local politics. These questions might be crucial for your everyday life there, but they also have an impact on the work culture. So, learn about the habits, customs, and work ethic. Do yourself a favor and prepare appropriately for your first day of work.

Prepare Yourself – Learn About Intercultural Issues

Be prepared not only for cultural shocks and climate differences but also for a different kind of behavior and the way of living among local people that is rooted in their history. So, maybe your health or mood may be affected by dry weather of the region or you might realize that local cuisine is not what you are used to because of too spicy food. To facilitate the adjustment to a new country, you should consider these steps:

  • Research the history
  • Find out government’s operating ways
  • Get informed about social norms and rules
  • Try to find as much as possible books and movies related to your future destination
  • You can enroll in a rapid learning language course to break down the language barrier

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