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An Expat Guide to the International Moving in the Summer

Posted Moving Fundamentals / June 30, 2022
Gemma Collins

Gemma is an NJ local that has explored all the US states, making her the perfect person to write about moving.

What season is best for moving? You’ll hear from many professional movers and people with such experience that moving in the summer is the best. But what if, on top of that, you’re relocating overseas? Here’s a guide on how to move in summertime across the globe and live to tell the tale.

The heat can be tiring, difficult to handle, and demotivating. However, nothing can come between you and your international move when you plan things in advance and get ahead of the hot weather. Check out some tips for relocation day and how to choose the right country to move to in the summertime.

The Best Way to Move Overseas in Summertime Is by Hiring Professional Movers

For anyone asking how do you move in the summer, there’s a universal answer for every season – contacting an international moving company. The only thing movers can’t help you with is adjusting to a new country, but you can always get some relocation hacks from them.

For example, when you hire international relocation services, you will get the full package and more. That package entails packing, loading, and unloading your appliances and furniture. After that, you can also request various packing services and extra car shipping services to boot.

There’s not much a reputable relocation company cannot do for you. Even if you think there’s nothing else they can offer, they will provide free monthly storage services and add mandatory relocation insurance.

This is why, wherever you feel like going, there will be nothing like professional help from experts who know what they’re doing.

Packing and Moving in the Summer Heat Are Challenges Worthy of an Overseas Moving Company

Living overseas might be easy, depending on where you go and how well you know the place. However, if you think you can move efficiently to a completely different continent, that’s where you might be a little bit wrong.

Professional crews recommend relocating in the summertime because that is the perfect season for the process. However, pros aren’t limited to only one time of the year. When you wish to relocate with them, they’ll provide you with services no matter the month.

That’s why attempting to move alone, as challenging as it may sound, isn’t that recommended. You don’t have to worry about burdening your movers with a lot of cargo or tasks because they’re ready for everything. Professional relocation crews are trained to handle relocations of any caliber.

Is It More Expensive to Move in the Summer? Movers Care About Customers During Every Season

While you might have questions like what month is the best to move in and what is the cheapest month to move in mind, there really isn’t a direct answer to either. Relocation crews take care of customers no matter what all year, which, of course, also applies to people relocating with pets, kids, elderly family members, or friends.

If we could offer any relocation tips, that’d be to check multiple companies for quotes. While relocating during the hotter months might cost more, there’s no reason you shouldn’t shop around and get the best deal.

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Tips for Moving in the Summer Heat and How They Apply to Moving Internationally

To avoid relocation stress and any unnecessary relocation mistakes, there are some essential tips to follow, whether or not you get help from an overseas shipping company:

  • Follow the weather forecast closely, and keep adequate clothes ready for relocation day. Heat can be exhausting, so having adequate clothing and a change of clothes is vital,
  • When movers arrive at your home, prepare refreshments for you and them; water is important, and you can even add food to the selection whenever someone needs a break,
  • Get up as early as possible to avoid the hottest hours of the day, and wrap up most of your unfinished business at this time,
  • Just before relocation day, start packing an essentials bag. This will serve as a supply of items necessary for the first few days, or even weeks, of living in your new home,
  • Donate unwanted and no longer used items to a recycling center, volunteer organization, or a neighbor. If you want to make some extra money, organize a garage sale, but be wary of heat; no one will come to shop if you set it all up on the hottest day of the month,
  • In case of relocating with children, pets, or elderly family members, ensure they’re in a safe place. They shouldn’t be exposed to high temperatures or exert themselves more than necessary,
  • Take care of yourself, too. Your loved ones may need extra protection, but if you overheat, become exhausted, or stressed out, you won’t be able to finish your relocation properly or do basic human things. Take it easy, and let the relocation crew take care of the big stuff.

Is It Good to Move in the Summer? Tips for Finding the Best Time for Relocating

Something you can add to your relocation to-do list is adequate times and dates for relocating. For example, you should take relocating during the holidays out of the equation completely. These are the busiest times, and relocation companies are typically overbooked at this point.

Try setting your move sometime after the holidays, because all the preparations and fuss will be over by this time. Avoid holidays like Memorial Day and the 4th of July, especially. Additionally, research the bank holidays in your destination.

You could be struck with a similar fate if you do all your relocation business on a free day in the US but see your items stuck in customs or the warehouse longer than usual because of a bank holiday in your destination country. There are plenty of times to maneuver around and avoid the worst of the worst. All it takes is a bit of planning and forethought.

Is Summer the Best Time to Move? It Depends On Where You’re Relocating

When you ask how do you move in the summer, you might be surprised that the answer depends on where you want to move. For example, if you wish to move to the UK, the weather may not always be in your favor.

UK summers are notorious for having rainy weather and not always being warm. So, if you desire to move to the United Kingdom in June, July, or August, you might be unpleasantly surprised by the atmosphere. Still, it doesn’t mean that every summertime in the UK is rainy or every day will have heavy rain; it just means you should be ready for any outcome during this season.

This May Be New, But Australia and South America Have Different Summers

People relocating to Melbourne or Argentina between June and August will experience something similar to culture shock. Why? Because countries in the Southern Hemisphere experience seasons differently than those in the Northern. Australia and Argentina are the direct examples of this.

If you’ve ever seen a live transmission from Sydney or Melbourne during a New Year’s celebration, you might have noticed people in shorts and dresses strutting around and partying. While it’d be pretty awesome to welcome NYE on a beach somewhere, it’ll first be a bit shocking.

That’s why you must be careful what to pack when moving abroad and, more importantly, research your destination. Australia and Argentina will surprise you with snowy landscapes in July unless you come prepared.

Besides the Hot Weather, Prepare for Shipping Overseas by Researching Your Destination

As mentioned above, you must research the country you wish to move to before actually packing and getting on an airplane. Searching for the best places to live abroad won’t be enough because you won’t know more than what some random blogger told you.

When you dedicate time to discovering all there is to know about your destination, you’ll gain valuable information, like which documents for moving overseas you’ll need before relocating and what kind of jobs are available for expats.

Documents are essential to take care of before calling movers or renting an apartment. Your new home can wait, but your immigration status won’t. Maybe you can expedite the process if you plan a last-minute move, but if not, count on it all lasting between one and three months.

Which Countries Are the Best to Move to During the Summertime?

The best countries for Americans to move to may not only include English-speaking countries. When you move in the summertime, you’ll likely have a higher chance of finding a seasonal job before getting hired elsewhere full-time. Securing work before relocating to another country is recommended, but it’s OK if you want to wing it and look for employment while you’re there.

If you choose this method, you can research places that are the busiest during summers, such as Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Vietnam, Thailand, and other coastal locations. The video below shows countries with summertime all year round, so if you wish to move to a warm and sunny place, the list will help you choose.

Packing to Move Permanently or Temporarily? Here Are the Best Countries to Live and Work During the Season

Why do more people move in the summer? It’s usually easier to pack this season, and they have more time to arrange the process. This is especially true for families with children. Arranging everything around a child’s education might be more complex than expected, but when the school break comes, there’s suddenly a world of opportunity around the corner.

Of course, some people also move in the summertime when they want to test the waters before a more permanent relocation happens. The occurrence of seasonal jobs has been more common than ever.

And we agree with this notion. A seasonal job will give you a chance to learn a new language, gain more skills and experience in a specific industry, and boost your reasons to move there later on. Here’s a list of the best countries to work in during the summertime:

  • Spain – places along the coast, like Marbella, Ibiza, Mallorca, Barcelona, and Benidorm, are the most popular between June and September. English people often holiday in Marbella, and Ibiza is a well-known, international party island. A lot of bar staff are English speakers, and it’s a good opportunity to make some seasonal cash,
  • Greece – there are so many places to visit in Greece, and people from all over the globe come here every year. Their seasonal job market won’t be lacking for sure, and you can look for work in the hospitality industry,
  • Portugal – Portugal’s Algarve region is filled with people during the hot season. It’s full of bars, clubs, restaurants, and beaches and is one of the most beautiful coasts in the world,
  • Cyprus – Ayia Napa has been one of the most popular destinations for English tourists, especially those looking for parties in the sunshine and the late hours. Clubs, bars, and restaurants hire English-speaking staff at the start of the hot season.

Don’t Worry About Your Seasonal Move – Summertime Is Ideal for Relocation

We know relocation is tough. There’s a lot to think about, factors to consider, and plans to make. It’s alright, though, because, with a little organization and a lot of professional help, you’ll see that relocating in the summertime is just as easy as any during the year.

After it all goes smoothly, you’ll just have to figure out how to live in another country and not give away that you’re American immediately. There are tips for that, too, and if you’re willing to learn and adapt, no challenge will be a match to your abilities. We hope your plans and relocation go perfectly.

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