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Best Places to Live Abroad

Posted Country Guides / November 9, 2019

Are you wondering what the best places to live abroad are? What qualities should one place have to be put on the top of the list? Starting with diverse cultural and historical sites and job opportunities, a new home should be friendly and accepting, but at the same time, safe and affordable. Research the country before you relocate, learn the language, and find a reliable moving company to make your transition effortless.

What Do the Best Places to Live Abroad Have in Common?

Are you thinking about relocating internationally? Many of us want to experience life in foreign lands. But what are the qualities that the best countries for expats have that separate them from all the others?

They give newcomers excellent job opportunities, and not only that. Locals are friendly and welcoming. When you are searching for the place to settle down, you want it to be exciting, fun, and to give you diverse choices of entertainment.

Also, outstanding countries have affordable housing and low crime rates, making them appealing to settle for good. Pick your next home carefully. Think about what you need the most in a place. Moving across the world is a big deal, and when you make the decision, there should be no second thoughts.

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China – Chance to Experience a Rich Culture and History

China can be overwhelming for some people, mainly if they are not used to big, overpopulated cities. But if you can overlook that, the Red Dragon can offer you the chance to experience a rich culture and history.

Consider learning Mandarin or another variety of Chinese even before you move. It will speed up the process of adapting to unfamiliar surroundings. And we know that the process of relocating is long and tiring. But if you hire a company to do the packing for you, you will have the time to conquer some basic sentences.

If you plan on moving to China, remember that the country is still developing, so the living standards for the majority are very low. But being there as an expat, you will probably have a much higher salary than the locals, especially if you have a higher education.

One of the Best Places to Find Work

Are you looking for job opportunities? Do you want to excel abroad? Well, choosing China as your next stop is a great decision. Many immigrants find work there teaching English since it is becoming vital as a business language. Other job openings are in the fields of IT, manufacturing, marketing skills, and financial analytics.

New Zealand Looks for Skills That Foreigners Have

If you are a nature-lover, relocating to New Zealand is the solution you’ve been looking for. The country is full of diverse scenery, from many small groups of islands to the wide countryside.

There are many outdoor options to choose from. You want to bike, water raft, or bungee jump? The land of the Kiwi is for you. As a melting pot of cultures and nationalities, natives of New Zealand are friendly and open to newcomers.

Know that, no matter how friendly the people are, there are still some strict rules about importing plants and animals. If you are moving with dogs or moving with cats, make sure to check that their breed is not on the forbidden list.

If friendliness of the nation didn’t persuade you to relocate, maybe the job opportunities will. New Zealand is always on the lookout for skilled foreigners.

Spain – Keeping a Balance Between Work and Free Time

Moving to Spain will allow you to be in a modern country with a highly-developed infrastructure and an urban environment. You will need to get used to the pace of life since natives are famous for maintaining an equilibrium between work and free time. If you are ready to act as a true native, the living there won’t be that expensive. You will get used to getting your food at local markets and restaurants.

Huge Number of Expats

If you have been wondering how to live in another country, don’t worry – Spain is home to many expats. You will surely find a way to fit in with friendly natives. You can always join clubs, take part in meetings of other expats, and share experiences about life in the unknown environment. This is a popular retirement destination not only because of its mild climate, but the low costs of housing and high standard of living as well.

The Netherlands Is for Cycling Enthusiasts

Are you one of those people that just love the outdoors? Or maybe you are an art enthusiast? Relocating to the Netherlands is the perfect solution for you. If you take up cycling as the main method of transportation, it will keep you fit and healthy.

The nation has low-cost supermarkets with cheap groceries, which makes up for the high rents. Also, you can have access to a reasonably priced medical service.

Knowing to Read and Speak English Is One of the Best Resources

Learning a language can be stressful without adding relocation to the mix. But if you are going to the Netherlands, you can take your time with learning Dutch, since English is widely spoken. And even without the language barrier, you should take a few lesions while a trustworthy company handles the moving for you. As an expat, you can find work in teaching a foreign language, service industry, trade, and the communications sector.

Malaysia Is for Foodies

Are you a foodie? Because moving to Malaysia just might be a dream come true for you. With a wide range of tasty dishes, this is the place for everybody who appreciates delicious dining. Depending on where you are staying, the rent and real estate prices can vary from pricy to extremely cheap. For example, a person can get by in Penang with $1500 a month. You’ll definitely need a real estate agent to help you navigate through these prices.

Are you thinking about shipping your vehicle overseas? It is an absolute must if you have kids, but if you are moving on your own, have in mind that cabs are cheap, but buses don’t service a lot of areas.

English Is the Unofficial First Language

You might be surprised by the number of people that speak English. Malaysia was once a British colony, making it the unofficial first language. This will make it easier for you to settle down and adapt to the foreign environment. If you want to meet other immigrants, there are many clubs for that sole purpose. Many of them allow you to bring your kids so that they could spend time with other expat children.

Qatar – Perks of Unused Buildings

Are you on the verge of packing to move to Qatar? Maybe knowing that the community of expats there is friendly and welcoming will help you make the final choice. There are many clubs and events organized by immigrants that will help you fit in.

Finding accommodation in Qatar is not too difficult. Buildings are being constantly built, so you will get to settle in a completely unused place. Also, many of the buildings have on-site amenities like pools, gyms, and cafes.

Trending Around the World

If you want to relocate to Qatar, now it’s the right time. The country’s popularity is trending around the world, and it is estimated that around 500 people arrive every day. Many of those relocate for work since there are openings for many senior positions that pay well. And tax fees are low, so this would be the perfect place to make some money. The petroleum and gas industry might be the prime employer, but you can find work in tourism as well.

Singapore – Strict Laws Keep the State Safe

If you are considering moving to Singapore, be prepared to learn about strict laws. They are there to keep people safe, making the crime rates low. You will be safe even in the middle of the night. Living in this city-state means that you will be in one of the essential trade and financial centers of Asia, as well as one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

Great Education System

Moving to a safe place like Singapore is a smart move if you have a family, especially taking into consideration the quality of education. And even if education is a bit expensive, there are many schools you can choose from.

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