Things to Know Before Relocating to Ireland

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I Love Moving has set up a list of information on Ireland so that you can plan your relocation accordingly, stay tuned for more!


You can find different types of accommodations in Ireland depending on your budget. If you are renting a place then know that most of the accommodations come with furniture that are sure to support your everyday needs, but the downside is that rentals are normally far away from public transport. Town houses and other types of properties are quite expensive due to the development of the country. There are plenty of houses that are left as ghost estates because nobody can afford them.


Buildings in IrelandIreland is the perfect place where people come to leave their belongings and travel due to its location being near Spain, the UK, and Italy. All these countries are a couple hours away which gives you the opportunity to become quite the tourist if you relocate here or to guest some travellers that are planning on seeing the rest of Europe. The weather on the other hand is quite indecisive. One minute it can be sunny, and then the next rain will start pouring. This is due to its location being near the Atlantic Ocean. Winter sports aren’t popular in this country because it barely snows in Ireland. Even though there is no snow, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t prepare yourself for the cold weather. The temperatures can be quite low during the winter.

Working in Ireland

Yearly, you can get a work leave for up to 20 days if you have a fulltime job. The standard of work in Ireland depends on the county which is why it is the law that employees should get a vacation. Ireland, being part of the EU, has had a series of financial woes. The unemployment rate is pretty high and there is a competition for work in the country.

Cost of living

The cost of living in the country is quite high and there are plenty of taxes added each year by the government, unfortunately.

Healthcare in Ireland

Ireland has two different types of healthcare, public and private. Public healthcare is mostly funded by taxes. Private healthcare can get you service right away, without waiting, but you have to pay. Waiting lists can take up to weeks which is why they might not be worth the wait.

Pubs in IrelandLifestyle in Ireland

Ireland’s lifestyle is mostly based on pubs with one almost per square foot in any city. You can literally go out whenever you are in the mood for a drink. The downside is that most of the social scene is based on alcohol. So if you don’t drink there is not a lot you can see during the night. That’s why you can visit the theatres, live music shows and get to know some great people. In conclusion, Ireland is a beautiful destination waiting to be discovered, so get to planning your relocation! When you feel that you are ready to start scheduling your move, give I Love Moving a call!
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