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Top 5 Tips That Make International Last-Minute Moving Easier

Posted Moving Preparation / June 20, 2022
Anastasia Hill

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Last-minute moving is one of the most stressful things a person could plan, especially if you’re relocating internationally. This is why you need to follow a strict plan and go through every required step. Moves can be very challenging, so there must be thousands of questions rolling up in your mind. If you’re not sure what to do, the following five tips should help make things a little bit easier. 

One of the most challenging parts of this process is getting all the necessary documents – sometimes, it won’t be possible to gather everything at the last minute. Despite this, you can take the other necessary steps in a short period, and you should definitely hire professional movers. Without their assistance, this can really be hard to manage in a short period.

How Do I Move Immediately? Handling Everything in a Short Time Might Bring Out Some Problems

How do I move at the last minute? This can be a very challenging task if you consider many steps from the to-do list and little time to handle everything. It is always better to plan your move in advance – at least if you want to go through this whole process without experiencing relocation stress. Having days ahead to plan everything can save you from potential relocation mistakes, but it is also possible to have a quick move without experiencing many troubles if you follow the right relocation guide. Some of the things you should consider are:

  • Hiring a professional overseas moving company,
  • Checking your documents,
  • Preparing relocation essentials.

How Do You Move In 24 Hours? You Need to Be Very Organized With Packing Important Items and Documents

Moving overseas in 24 hours is hardly doable unless you already have all the necessary documents. If you want to become a legal resident of a foreign country, this will usually require a visa and other necessary documents. In most cases, for a work or student visa, you have to wait a certain period. 

Once you find enough reasons to move and a suitable home in a specific place, you can check with their paperwork requirements. Some countries may allow you to travel there with a tourist visa and get a work or student visa while you’re there throughout their embassy. Another problematic factor might be the expiration date of your passport. If it expires soon, some countries won’t let you travel to their territory. This is why it is necessary to prepare all the essential documents in advance, or your move will be impossible.

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#1 Ensure You Have All the Necessary Documents Before You Start Packing

You can move abroad without your favorite armchair, but you can’t do anything without a passport or a visa. This is why, apart from professional movers, getting your documents in order is one of the most important tasks. The only problem is that this process usually requires some time, and it isn’t possible to get everything in less than 24 hours. 

In most cases, people start preparing for an international move much earlier. For example, you don’t have to hire professionals in advance – before you get a job there or get a visa. Most of these things are usually connected. First, you get a job in a foreign country, then you apply for a visa, and once you get a visa, you book professionals and start planning all the other necessary steps. 

Once you get a visa, you’re certain that you can move to another country without any problems and start living there without issues. If you don’t get a visa in advance, you can travel only as a tourist, which won’t allow you to get a job in a foreign country – at least not legally. If you get caught illegally working in a foreign country without proper documents, you can get deported, which probably isn’t the way you want to end things. 

In case you plan to study abroad, you’ll also have to know this in advance. For example, you have to apply for a study program, and you can apply for a student visa only after you get accepted. You can start planning your move in advance, and once you get all the necessary documents, try to arrange all the other things in a day and move as soon as possible. 

#2 Handle Your Finances Smart

There is no doubt that you’ll spend more money on the quick move than on a regular one and there are many reasons that explain this. For example, one of the most important parts of the relocation process is decluttering. If you can’t declutter in advance, you might end up relocating a lot of stuff that you don’t use anymore. For example, you can pack your clothes without getting rid of unworn pieces and waste money on relocation services for things you don’t like or want.

The same thing applies when you pack furniture. In all the hurry and madness, you can simply ask professionals to pack up everything from your house when in reality, you won’t use most of these objects. This is why it is essential to make smart decisions even under pressure. Check out this video about budgeting, and you can learn some cool tips about handling your finances.

Use Convenient Websites to Inform Yourself About the Cost of Living

Another significant thing to consider when relocating is how much life in a certain area will cost you. You have to think about different aspects of a general cost of living, such as food, housing, and transportation. You should learn as much as you can about the prices in a certain area and calculate if the potential expenses suit your budget. You can find a lot of useful information at

#3 Hire Professional Overseas Shipping Company – You’ll Need Movers Assistance More Than Anything

If you want to move abroad and, if possible, move efficiently, one of the most important things to do is to hire professional movers. You have to be aware of the fact that your move will be hard already with all the things you need to do in a short period, so this can actually mean more to you than you can imagine, and it will be worth every dollar you spend. Professionals can help you protect your inventory with convenient packing services and ensure nothing from your fragile possessions breaks during shipping overseas. 

Professionals can show you great relocation hacks that you can use in order to be efficient and fast during this process. At the same time, they can handle all of the belongings from your moving abroad checklist, while you can focus on other important tasks and save your precious time.

Learn How to Find a Reliable International Movers, Get Good Services, and Avoid Relocation Scams

When planning a quick move, professionals play the most important role, so it is essential that you find a reliable international moving company that won’t use your situation as an opportunity to take advantage of you. This is why you have to be sure that the company you hire is trustworthy and that you can completely count on them. You can recognize that they are reliable by a few things such as:

  • Their professional website,
  • Positive reviews not only on their official website but other independent forums,
  • Trained and experienced team with the appropriate supplies and equipment.

Another important factor is the price of your move. If you are relocating on a low budget, you should know that a last-minute move is usually much more expensive than moves where you can plan everything in advance. Getting professional help quickly, especially during the summer season, can cost you a little more than usual (if you’re lucky to find any available).

Make sure to always get a quote and calculate the potential price of required services before making final decisions. Always compare prices with their options on the market. If you notice that some companies offer unreasonably low quotes, this might be one of the signs of a scam.

#4 Pack Smart and Prepare Relocation Essentials

Getting professional assistance when relocating such a long distance will be much easier for you to pack your belongings. However, you still can’t leave everything to them, as you’re still responsible for packing all the essentials. After all, essentials are things you should bring with you.

What should you bring with you? Items that movers won’t move are important documents and jewelry, and this is definitely something you should have by your side during the whole process. The same thing applies to money – movers won’t accept it, and you should have it close by in case something happens and you need cash.

Packing Moving Essentials Will Save You From Unnecessary Problems – You Have to Handle This Despite Hiring a Mover

When traveling to any foreign country, you can never be too certain about the things you can expect, so you should be prepared. Other things you essentials should include will also be helpful for at least a day or in your new home. These are usually:

  • Toiletries,
  • Fresh clothes and comfortable pair of shoes,
  • Medicines, medical records, prescriptions,
  • Chargers and a laptop,
  • Fresh towels and bedsheets.

There is a chance that you’ll get to your new home before professionals, so you want to have these things by your side instead of having to buy everything until your belongings arrive. Also, if you don’t want to start unpacking immediately, it’s always recommended that you have all of these essentials in the same place. You’ll probably be very tired after a long day of traveling, and you don’t want to spend your first event at the new home going through every possible box looking for a toothbrush or a clean pair of socks.

#5 Don’t Forget to Notify Important Organizations and People Before You Move

Apart from packing, which can take up most of your preparations, another important thing to do is to notify others that you’re relocating. If you’re in a hurry, you might forget to notify some important organizations about changing your address which can eventually lead to huge issues. For example, you can end up paying bills for other people, which is definitely something you don’t want. Here are some tips on who you should notify:

  • The U.S. Postal Service (You can’t change your address online, you have to go to the closest post office and fill out the necessary forms),
  • The United States Embassy,
  • Utility Companies,
  • Social Security Administration,
  • Bank,
  • Insurance providers,
  • Tax Agencies,
  • Friends and family.

Hire Movers Near You to Make Last-Minute Moving Easier

Still wondering, “What is the easiest and cheapest way to move?” or “How do you move house in 3 days?” You’ll have the best experience and most convenient last-minute moving help if you contact professional movers. Once you get international moving services, you’ll realize how much there is about this process that you can’t handle on your own, and you’ll thank yourself for calling professionals to assist you. Moving internationally can be a very pleasant experience, and you can experience the benefits of relocating simply by following our helpful tips.

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