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International Moving To Dubai

Posted Country Guides / August 17, 2018
Blake Shaw

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International moving to Dubai can seem like a daunting and almost impossible task. But not when you partner with an expert international moving to Dubai company, a partner like I Love Moving. I Love Moving has years of experience  moving people across the globe. We promise up front international moving to Dubai estimates and an no hassle international moving to Dubai.

Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, fueled by its production of gas and oil, currently has an rapidly growing economy supported by the tourism, property investments, and financial services. Dubai is a mesh of diverse cultures, with Muslims being the most prominent.  Arabic is the primary language of Dubai, though English is widely spoken, especially in business.  Arabic is a difficult language to learn for a native English speaker, but knowing some conversational Arabic would be useful and help with your overall assimilation.

You will need a visa in order to live and work in Dubai.  Prior to international moving to Dubai you will need to contact your local UAE Consulate to find out what type of visa you will need and how to apply for it.  Make sure to give yourself plenty of time prior to moving to Dubai as the visa application process can take quite a bit of time.


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