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International Moving Dallas

Are you thinking about moving to the United States? Have you chosen Dallas, Texas as your new home? That is a great decision! However, you should know that international relocation is not an easy step to take. The safest way to go about it is to hire a reliable international moving company, such as I Love Moving. We have been in the business for a while now, and we know all the ins and outs of the moving industry. With us, you can rest assured that your belongings are in safe hands.

Our Services

Our professional packers will carefully disassemble, pack, and load all your household or office items, and we will then transport them either by ocean freight or air freight. Once your belongings arrive, we will unpack and reassemble them, and get rid of all the leftover packing materials. In addition to this, we will also provide you with great international car shipping services, safe storage spaces, and much more.

If you are interested in our services, feel free to give us a call, and one of our friendly representatives will explain the whole process in detail. While you’re at it, you could also request a free moving price estimate, so that you can plan your budget in advance. Let our professional movers and packers do all the heavy lifting, and take time to learn more about the city you will soon start calling home.

International Moving by Air

International Moving by Air

International air freight is one of the most popular transportation methods when shipping valuables overseas due to its reliability and speedy delivery time.

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International Moving by Sea

International Moving by Sea

Often times homeowners feel rushed during an international move, and they don’t feel like they have the time to organize and map out a moving budget beforehand. Planning your move by sea can be done easily.

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Vehicle Overseas Shipipng

Overseas Vehicle Shipping

We can ship your vehicles to any destination in the world using only the best ocean freight options available. Your car will be moved safely and securely every step of the way, and arrive as planned.

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Packing Services

Packing Services

At I Love Moving, we can absolutely help you with packing. We have methods and techniques to ensuring all of your items remain intact.

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Looking for storage space while you get settled? I Love Moving provides 30 days free storage with your move.

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Custom Crating

Custom Crating

If you have goods that need to be protected with the upmost care, there is no better way than a custom built wood crate.

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Dallas I Love Moving

Dallas I Love Moving Review

5 Stars

I want to express gratitude to the employees of this company. We were pleased also to see neatly packaged and labeled property transferred to the long-term storage, to be moved to our new destination at a later date. The movers did not slow down themselves, did not say any extra words, but simply were doing their job. And they performed the job very professionally and carefully. Now, with your help, we are already in the new office across the ocean!

Moving from Dallas with I Love Moving

Dallas International Movers

Are you looking for a reliable moving company that will help you relocate from Dallas to some country abroad? Well, you are at the right place. I Love Moving will be happy to be your partner in this endeavor. Since this is a huge step in your life, it needs to be planned carefully. You will be occupied by a lot of other things, and the moving process should not worry you. You have found real professionals to assist you in the international moving process.

I Love Moving will plan the procedure down to the last detail, because we want to avoid any unexpected issues. Our company is reliable because we have been in the moving business for over 15 years. Many satisfied customers recommend our services. They also share their experience and impressions of working with us by leaving comments and reviews on our website. We always fulfill our goal, and that is – successful relocation. That’s why we do everything to meet the needs of our clients. Feel free to tell us your demands and special requirements.

You can choose every service we have, or you can choose only a few of them. However, experience has shown that many people don’t like packing, so we recommend our packing service. Don’t waste your time by doing it yourself. You probably don’t have all the right equipment. I Love Moving will provide you with all kinds of supplying material. We will use it to wrap and protect your belongings from damage. The transportation will last for some time since you are moving to a whole other country, so your things need to be completely secured once they are loaded. Our experts know all about it. They can help you and give you advice on what items need additional protection. Some objects are very fragile and delicate, but we have a perfect solution – custom crating.

You will have two options for transportation. Depending on your budget and needs, choose the international moving by air or international moving by sea. The first service is fast and secure. Your shipment will be delivered to your new address quickly. However, if you have a big load, you will need the international moving by sea. This service is also more affordable than the previous one.

If you own a company, you will need our corporate relocation service. We will guide you through every step of the process, so you can be sure that everything will be handled according to plan. However, since we know that most of the people want to be involved and informed completely, we offer shipment tracking. It is an easy and efficient way to check and follow your luggage.

If you need any tip or advice, you can contact our experts. They have been doing this for a long time; therefore, they can be very helpful. We have many other services that will ease the moving procedure. You won’t have to do anything by yourself if you hire us, so what are you waiting for? Call I Love Moving today.

I Love Moving Dallas

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  • Raghy C. Avatar
    Raghy C.

    5 star rating I just have to say that I'm overly impressed. I'm a big time traveler and let me just say how incredibly pleased I am with this company. I've been through many moving companies and none of them have given me this very helpful and professional service. Highly recommended. - 9/29/2016

  • Jasmine E. Avatar
    Jasmine E.

    5 star rating After graduating from the University of Dallas, it was time to relax and enjoy myself for the hard work that I achieved. Searching online, I looked for help to move for my trip to Spain. I Love International Moving was very affordable and helpful. Their crew arrived on time and were friendly. All my belongings arrived in the same condition and they even helped arrange it. Will be looking for their help during my move back after my trip. - 9/29/2016

  • Myranda C. Avatar
    Myranda C.

    5 star rating I wanted to go take a trip out of the country to explore other areas, but I needed help with my belongings. I was referred by a friend so I did more research on my own about them. They have some of the best prices around while offering a friendly crew. The crew arrived on time while shipping all my belongings quickly. Nothing was damaged during the shipping either. When I go back to the US I will use their services again to get everything back. - 9/29/2016

  • Mark S. Avatar
    Mark S.

    5 star rating An old colleague works with these guys. A friend of a friend used them for an international business move to a town just outside of Paris. Rates, customer service and overall demeanor of moving staff were spot on. The process took about a week and half. Pretty stress free for the most part. - 5/15/2016

  • Oscar B. Avatar
    Oscar B.

    5 star rating I recently visited a few auctions near my home and found a few rare vintage vehicles that I wanted to ship to my parents in Austria. Never did anything like this before but some people recommended  international moving and they had great reviews. So I booked thru them and they were great my cars arrived as promised and they were so affordable. There was not a scratch on them. Thank you again for everything I will refer others to you for sure. - 9/14/2016

  • Joseph M. Avatar
    Joseph M.

    5 star rating So I found out that my company is going to be moving over seas and being that I love and need my job I decided to follow. I was very scared about the actual moving part cause I have alot sports memorabilia that is very expensive and rare, brand new furniture and I am a big time bowler and have alot of bowling balls to move as well. I didn't know who to call that I could trust to move all my things safely and after a great search Sunset was who I chose, they moved all my things safely and in a great timely fashion most of all everything was in one piece and great condition. I would recommend this company to anybody moving over seas they did a terrific job. Thank you guys very much!!!!!! - 9/22/2016

  • Antonio R. Avatar
    Antonio R.

    5 star rating I travel a lot do to business inquiries, this time around it required me to go abroad for a couple months for a new business. A coworker recommended me their services. The guys were very professional and easy to work with. They gave me different options for my move. They offered affordable ones that fit in my budget. While things were coming over seas, I had a couple questions and concerns but they were really easy to reach and very helpful! - 8/25/2016

  • Marino C. Avatar
    Marino C.

    5 star rating This was my second international move and it was a thousand times better than my first thanks to I Love International Moving!  All of my furniture was carefully packed and each staff member gave me top notch service! This company really does make moving to a new country stress-free! Highly Recommend! - 8/31/2016

Serving the Dallas Area

Choose us because our international moving company can get you anywhere across the globe in a timely and professional manner. We offer plenty of shipping services, competitive prices and absolute professionalism. As a company that’s been in business for years, we are constantly updated on the latest moving equipment and procedures. Each staff member has undergone an extensive background check and screening. I Love Moving is completely licensed, bonded, and insured making us extremely safe to work with.