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International Moving London, UK

I Love Moving is an international moving company offering shipping services from air and freight shipping to custom crates and free boxes. Traveling is an exciting time in one’s life, allowing you the opportunity to explore a new country and culture as well as grow as a person. The packing and planning aspect can cause a bit of anxiety but with the assistance of our professional international moving company, transitioning overseas has never been so simple. Rely on the trusted and reputable overseas moving team at I Love Moving. Call on us for a free in-home estimate.

International Removals UK to USA

Because of its communities. diversity in culture, and geography, the US is a popular destination for many expats.  If you’re moving from the UK to the USA, you will need an immigration visa if you wish to stay for more than 90 days or work in any state.

To make sure your move is stress-free, it’s important to find the best international removals from the UK to the USA. If you’re looking for a removal service to or from the USA, you can count on us. I Love Moving can offer you the best relocation service from the UK to the USA,  throughout the year. Whether you’re moving to the USA and want to ship your belongings across the Atlantic, our international removals UK can help you. We offer two international removal services from the UK to the US:

  • Air Freight to the USA
  • Sea Freight to the USA

You can get an estimate to see how much it will cost you or contact us directly and book your relocation right away.

Our Services

Our international moving company provides free in-home estimates, enabling you to afford an international move. We’ll sit down with you and discuss your moving needs and your budget. From here, we can go over the various services we offer including air and ocean freight shipping. All of our services come at a competitive price with no hidden fees.

International Moving by Air

International Moving by Air

International air freight is one of the most popular transportation methods when shipping valuables overseas due to its reliability and speedy delivery time.

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International Moving by Sea

International Moving by Sea

Often times homeowners feel rushed during an international move, and they don’t feel like they have the time to organize and map out a moving budget beforehand. Planning your move by sea can be done easily.

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Vehicle Overseas Shipipng

Overseas Vehicle Shipping

We can ship your vehicles to any destination in the world using only the best ocean freight options available. Your car will be moved safely and securely every step of the way, and arrive as planned.

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Packing Services

Packing Services

At I Love Moving, we can absolutely help you with packing. We have methods and techniques to ensure all of your items remain intact.

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Looking for storage space while you get settled? I Love Moving provides 30 days of free storage with your move.

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Custom Crating

Custom Crating

If you have goods that need to be protected with the upmost care, there is no better way than a custom-built wood crate.

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London I Love Moving

London I Love Moving Review

5 Stars

Excellent company, I ordered a home move. An appraiser visited me, he wrote and recommended what to pack, what to leave for movers to pack; he quickly prepared a quote and booked my international move for next week! On the day of the move , 4 movers came to me, and without fuss, they quickly crated my china and some rare art, no questions asked. They were well prepared, thanks to my previous in-home estimation. I liked how everything was documented, so I didn’t have to explain everything multiple times. They loaded my things quickly and safely. By the way, leftovers of packaging material and other small trash was picked up by them as well! Thanks to I Love Moving team!

I Love Moving London

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  • Frank M. Avatar
    Frank M.

    5 star rating I ended up truly loving international movers company because for the first time moving was a hustle free experience. I booked a team of 4 people to move my 2 bedroom apartment to Glendale. I had to move closer to my new job GCC as im teaching there starting this winter. Movers did a great job as they packed and wrapped everything thoroughly and moved everything to my new place with zero damages. I wasn't a long distance move, so everything took just 1 day. It was a stress free relocation at an affordable price. A very professional moving company that I highly recommend. - 11/06/2015

  • Dayna S. Avatar
    Dayna S.

    5 star rating I've moved several times on my own and was not doing it again. I Love International Moving was recommended to me and I was extremely happy with them. The explained everything to me and gave me a quote the same day. They were very professional and made moving a breeze. - 5/15/2016

  • Krist M. Avatar
    Krist M.

    5 star rating From the moment we spoke to the representatives over the phone we knew these guys were genuinely concerned with customer service. They patiently let us explain our moving circumstances and how much stuff actually needed to be wrapped up or shipped to the destination. Most of our things were being sent to Europe to be placed in my grandparents house, they were mostly old ancestral heirlooms and antiques. These things were of great sentimental and monetary value to us, so you could imagine we wanted a very professional team of movers to be in charge of handling all of our stuff. The entire process took less than three weeks and we could not have been happier with the way they did things, totally recommend their services. - 11/19/2017

  • Matt D. Avatar
    Matt D.

    5 star rating I've taken off to France for my new business. I've never dealt with international moving before. As I was searching for a reliable moving company I came across I Love International Moving. When I called to ask about more information, they provided me great customer service, they took their time to go through all the details I needed to know. Once I booked them, they came to my home and packed everything for me and when everything arrived they unpacked. Their services facilitated my first international move. - 6/21/2016

  • Razmik G. Avatar
    Razmik G.

    5 star rating The day before we were scheduled to begin the move the electricity in the bottom two floors of the office had went out. We were fortunate enough to have the lights in our building reconnected just two hours later, but by that time, we had finished hauling almost all of the crates that were still upstairs. The first truck had already gotten full and been sent off to the drop off location while another truck pulled up to begin being filled up. It took about three or four hours until one of the trucks were entirely full, these movers even referred us to a storage company that could hold some of our furniture on reserve for a relatively low price. Definitely one of the most positive experiences we have had with any company in the service industry, these guys are truly the real deal. Would hire them again in the future without a doubt. - 11/02/2017

  • Hannah Y. Avatar
    Hannah Y.

    5 star rating This company is a wonderful company to chose when it comes to big moves. I just moved from Los Angeles to Hayward for my job, and I was a little clueless on what to do with all of my items that I needed to move. Luckily, international movers helped me relocate without any hassle. Thanks y'all! - 11/09/2015

  • Dani N. Avatar
    Dani N.

    5 star rating I had to move from Los Angeles to Europe. Thank you to this company, I was able to move all my items safely. Their prices are very affordable! They work with your budget. Highly recommend this company to anyone that needs to move overseas! - 6/27/2016

  • Francisco A. Avatar
    Francisco A.

    5 star rating I was able to get a quote over the phone and all questions and concerns were taken care professionally. The fact that they are willing to work with your budget AND have super helpful, friendly service sold me. I would recommend them to anyone who needs international shipping. The fact that they are willing to work with your budget AND have super helpful, friendly service sold me. My bed frame and marble dresser were two huge pieces I was worried about, but they were carefully handled and delivered to London without a scratch! I would recommend them to anyone who needs international shipping. - 6/29/2016

  • Michelle P. Avatar
    Michelle P.

    5 star rating My Sister had moved to Texas A few years ago for work but recently was not happy with the transition and was looking to relocate back to Chicago. Its not easy moving across the country. So I went to facebook and was recommended to use this company from a friend of mine. I am always a little on edge trusting others with my valuables but they were amazing and handled everything with care. She was also bringing her car and we followed them as well. They stopped every so often to make sure nothing had moved and when we finally arrived nothing had been damaged. I am extremely happy with them and hope this review helps them going forward! - 5/13/2016

  • Katherine N. Avatar
    Katherine N.

    5 star rating One of my friends recommended this company. They had really good service and an unbelievably friendly crew. When I decided to go to Madrid and have a vacation, I knew I would have to find a way to move everything at a decent cost. Not only was this affordable, but all my stuff made it there when they said it would. Everyone asked about items before moving which was good for me to let them know what needed to be handled more carefully. Whenever I come back, I Love International Movers will be my go to for help. - 9/30/2016

  • Aida P. Avatar
    Aida P.

    5 star rating Recently received a promotion at work and needed to relocate to Australia for a few years. We are currently adding another office to the business. International moving was the right choice and came highly recommended. They were great from the first phone call. Fast, affordable and professional, with all the right equipment. I could not have asked for anything more. Thank you again, and I look forward to future business between us in the future! - 9/14/2016

  • Anu V. Avatar
    Anu V.

    5 star rating If we had the choice to rewind time and perform this move in a different way, I would still hire this moving company without a single doubt. We had great difficulty finding a company that was willing to transport furniture to an international destination as most of the movers around us only worked a local area. Fortunately for us one of my dad's friends was able to get us into contact with these guys, they had moved his children to Canada a few years ago and they had a great experience with them. After he gave us their phone number we decided to give them a call and see how they performed their moves, the gentleman we spoke to over the phone was very friendly and provided us a detailed explanation. A step by step process was provided for us regarding different types of moves and all of the available equipment we could choose from to use on the job. These guys definitely knew what they were doing and were able to ship two truck loads of furniture overstates in less than two weeks. Would definitely consider hiring these guys again if we need another long distance transport. - 12/17/2017

  • Shahen T. Avatar
    Shahen T.

    5 star rating As of recently a lot of job opportunities have been popping up for the tech majors in my friend group. My best friend recently moved to San Jose to pursue a career in software design, and one of my cousins just scored a job out in Silicon Valley.  She was not a current resident of the States but was very welcoming of the work proposition, it did not take her long to call and ask us to help her find a company that could move her stuff. I began doing some research online and noticed how many positive reviews these movers had, and after giving them a call and inquiring a bit we were assured they would be the right team for the job. The entire process took just about two and a half weeks and she was able to get all of her things settled into her new apartment four days ahead of schedule. - 10/26/2017

  • Arsen E. Avatar
    Arsen E.

    5 star rating I moved to U.S  8 years  ago , my mom still lives in Germany. So its about a time to bring her here . I had no idea  how to bring all her stuff here , because  8 years ago I didn't have that problem I had only my back pack with me )) I'm very happy that I found "I love international movers company" they guide me thru the  whole process It hard to believe but, was hustle free , stress lees international move )) All our stuff was delivered in time and without any damage. I'm very thankful guys for your help , Thank you for helping me to reunite my family. - 1/06/2016

  • Delilah T. Avatar
    Delilah T.

    5 star rating Needed to ship a few of my cousin's things overseas and he had referred this company. I was able to receive an estimate the same day and prices were surprisingly very affordable, which was a huge plus! I had to ship out a bunch of his clothing in addition to a lot of his room necessities. The staff were very helpful with explaining the whole process from beginning to end, making the whole thing much easier on me. And when everything had arrived, all was well and damage-free. A job well done by ILIM. - 5/12/2016

  • Dymond C. Avatar
    Dymond C.

    5 star rating Staff was super friendly on the phone and laid out my options in a way that I could easily understand. Wasn't too long after I was doing the air shipping option to Italy to set up my summer living arrangement. - 5/24/2016

  • Jorge O. Avatar
    Jorge O.

    5 star rating Shipping by sea worked out well. Prices were reasonable. Best past is just paying once with no hidden fees later added. Ask about full service options. It makes it so much easier. - 6/08/2016

  • Leyla T. Avatar
    Leyla T.

    5 star rating The entire experience was surprisingly easy. The movers, were courteous, knowledgeable about the move, and very professional from pick-up in Manhattan to delivery to Canada several days later. I was especially impressed with the excellent manner in which my furniture was wrapped for the move. I have had movers before, but I Love Moving company method was far superior to the others. In addition, knowing that the quoted rate is the rate one pays (and not some inflated rate at the end) was the best part. I would definitely use I Love International Moving again - 1/10/2014

  • Bandy R. Avatar
    Bandy R.

    5 star rating So to start off with I would like to say that I Love Moving was amazing. I initially spoke with Jake in the office who helped me with a quote. On the date of the move the foreman Eric and his team of 2 completely blew me away. Eric started by laying down paper walkways throughout my house so that they didn't leave any tracks. They bubble wrapped and crated all of my artwork. completely packed up all of my furniture with paper pads and bran new moving blankets. They made custom wood crates for my two 60" TV's. All the time they had a smile on their face and were very friendly and talkative. I've never seen such an awesome crew of movers in my entire life! To top everything off I actually received a refund from the billing department for removing some items from the quote we had received initially. There was no confusion the whole time, it even seemed like everyone in the office knew who I was every time I called in! Really happy with my move. I've already boasted to all of my friends about my move! - 1/15/2016

  • Alon B. Avatar
    Alon B.

    5 star rating Fantastic for international moves. They gave me a fast quote for a full home move without any fee. The staff went above and beyond to meet my needs and answer every question that I had when comparing the shipping by plane vs by boat. I had a good feeling when speaking with the staff and looking over emails. Lots of good effort and detail was made on their end making it a great experience. - 5/06/2016

  • Wanessa M. Avatar
    Wanessa M.

    5 star rating Hands down the best experience I've ever had with movers! The staff was very polite and friendly. Even my husband felt comfortable and safe with their service, and that's not an easy task to accomplish. I highly recommend their services! - 9/29/2016

  • Miri O. Avatar
    Miri O.

    5 star rating I love International Movers just completed my sisters move to Austria. I must say they did an amazing job. The packers came and packed all her apartment in NYC within few hours, and took care of her items like they were gold. I can't believe how professional and fast they did it. It would take me a week to pack few boxes but they must know their job. On the arrival end, same thing. The crew called, scheduled the delivery date and delivered as promised. Their price was guaranteed and service is exceptional. We couldn't be more happier by choosing I Love International Movers in New York. - 3/11/2014

  • Jason W. Avatar
    Jason W.

    5 star rating Our company was expanding and plans were finally underway to open a business sector in Quebec,Canada. I was moving there for 2 years to get things underway. So I needed to have the majority of my 1 bedroom apartment (everything in it that is) shipped over there in roughly 3 weeks time without costing a fortune. Looking online through various international shipping companies I finally settled for "I love international". The rates for shipping by sea were the most competitive & they guaranteed me that the rates would never fluctuate at the end. They pretty much won me over & I'm pretty happy with the results. A few minor hiccups but a need flawless experience for the most part. Thanks guys! - 8/23/2016

  • EC A. Avatar
    EC A.

    5 star rating It may sound cheesy but I really do LOVE I Love International Movers. I had to move very suddenly from NY to London for work and was panicked about the logistics and horror stories I've heard from my colleagues about their international moves. A friend recommended these movers and they were a god send. They were able to schedule a visit to my house to give me a quote on the day I first contacted them and were professional and helpful from beginning to end. They quoted me a very fair price, showed up on time, kept me informed about the status of my belongings and delivered them on the date they promised. Nothing was broken or damaged. They took great care with me and my things and it is the first time in my life that moving was not a stressful affair! Book these guys! Your life will better! - 9/19/2015

  • Paul C. Avatar
    Paul C.

    5 star rating What a great company.   They were extremely responsive to my needs.  It's refreshing to know that there are still companies out there that still value customer service.   Very impressed! - 5/28/2016

  • Maria T. Avatar
    Maria T.

    5 star rating Love this company! Shipping to Europe made easy. Everything was done by air freight. Fast and pretty affordable for the speed and service. Movers helped me with some last minute packing as well. They came fully equipped with extra boxes and tape. They picked up all belongs. Left no mess behind. Less than a week later everything arrived over seas without any damage. I really have nothing negative to say all. Everything worked out very well! - 5/13/2016

  • Marino C. Avatar
    Marino C.

    5 star rating This was my second international move and it was a thousand times better than my first thanks to I Love International Moving!  All of my furniture was carefully packed and each staff member gave me top notch service! This company really does make moving to a new country stress-free! Highly Recommend! - 8/31/2016

  • Gayle S. Avatar
    Gayle S.

    5 star rating The most honest, respectful and quality moving company you will ever experience.  The crew is VERY professional and handles everything very carefully.  When you're moving internationally, it can be very hectic and stressful...but this company makes it such a smooth transition with no stress.. THANK U!!!! - 6/09/2012

  • Paulina M. Avatar
    Paulina M.

    5 star rating This move was actually not for ourselves but for my grandparents who wanted to move their furniture back to Europe. We were trying to find the best possible company that would be able to help us out for a long distance transport. Most of the moving firms around their local area did not accommodate to international moves so we were very fortunate to have found these guys. We spoke to some representatives over the phone and they were more than willing to explain their moving procedures to us. It seem like these guys definitely knew what they were doing so we were sure to let them manage our move. Will totally use them again in the near future if necessary, totally recommend them. - 12/11/2017

  • Marta Z. Avatar
    Marta Z.

    5 star rating If we had to do this move all over again we would not even hesitate to contact this company once more, this first time around they provided us with exceptional customer service. They arrived to our house early every morning and managed to pack all of my grandparent's furniture that needed to be shipped out within a few hours. There are not too many companies that accommodate to international moves but we desperately needed a way to ship these pieces of furniture out of the States. Fortunately for us we received a reference to this moving company and it was truly a blessing in disguised, would definitely hire them again in the future. - 11/27/2017

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Choose us because our international moving company can get you anywhere across the globe in a timely and professional manner. We offer plenty of shipping services, competitive prices and absolute professionalism. As a company that’s been in business for years, we are constantly updated on the latest moving equipment and procedures. Each staff member has undergone an extensive background check and screening. I Love Moving is completely licensed, bonded, and insured making us extremely safe to work with.

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