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I Love Moving is an international moving company offering shipping services from air and freight shipping to custom crates and free boxes. Traveling is an exciting time in one’s life, allowing you the opportunity to explore a new country and culture as well as grow as a person. The packing and planning aspect can cause a bit of anxiety but with the assistance of our professional international moving company, transitioning overseas has never been so simple. Rely on the trusted and reputable overseas moving team at I Love Moving. Call on us for a free in-home estimate.

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5 Stars

Excellent company, I ordered a home move. An appraiser visited me, he wrote and recommended what to pack, what to leave for movers to pack; he quickly prepared a quote and booked my international move for next week! On the day of the move , 4 movers came to me, and without fuss, they quickly crated my china and some rare art, no questions asked. They were well prepared, thanks to my previous in-home estimation. I liked how everything was documented, so I didn’t have to explain everything multiple times. They loaded my things quickly and safely. By the way, leftovers of packaging material and other small trash was picked up by them as well! Thanks to I Love Moving team!

Moving from Orlando with I Love Moving


You are relocating from Orlando after a lot of thinking. In order to make progress, you need to make that bold decision, which will pay off, we are sure. It is never too early or too late to learn and try new things. And that’s exactly what you are going to do once you move to some country abroad. Do you have some city in mind already? You must have dreamt of living abroad, and now that dream will become a reality. Needless to say, the international moving process is a huge undertaking that needs to be appropriately handled. That’s why you need to be careful when choosing a moving company. The characteristics that your movers need to have are professionalism and reliability. I Love Moving is proud to say that only experts work in our team and that you can fully depend on us. During more than 15 years of work in this area of business, we have helped many people to relocate from all parts of the United States to many countries abroad. We have learned to cope with tricky situations.

The best thing if you hire I Love Moving company is that we have a broad list of services that will cover every step of the relocation procedure. You will not have to seek any professional help beside us. Do you need help with packing? Then opt for our packing service. No matter how many things you have, we will pack and load them. If you are concerned about not having any boxes or other supplying material, don’t be. Our crew has everything covered. We have bubble wrap, blankets, and other wrapping material to secure all of your items from damage. The transportation will last, and the road will be tough, but when we carefully pack your belongings, they will arrive at your future home in the same condition they were.

There are two ways of transportation in our offer. The international shipping by air is a safe and fast way for your luggage to be delivered. This service is excellent if you don’t have a big load. However, if you have bigger shipments, you should choose the international shipping by sea. It is more affordable but not as fast as the previous one. The crucial thing is that both of these services are entirely secure. We know how concerned you are for the safety of your belongings, and that’s why we take good care of them.

Apart from transporting your things, we can transport your car, too. The international vehicle shipping must be carefully planned. You will be instructed how to prepare your vehicle for the shipping. Tell us what type of vehicle you have. We have moved cars, vans, SUVs, motorcycles, etc.

All you have to do is to decide on the services you need. After that, we can start making a plan for your move. I Love Moving will assist you to get through this successfully. Call us today.

Can I Afford an International Move?

Our international moving company provides free in-home estimates, enabling you to afford an international move. We’ll sit down with you and discuss your moving needs and your budget. From here, we can go over the various services we offer including air and ocean freight shipping. All of our services come at a competitive price with no hidden fees. Our ocean freight shipping is only charged by the cubic space and air freight is dependent on weight, volume, and destination of your package.

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Will I Love Moving Help Me Pack?

At I Love Moving, our international moving company will help pack all of your belongings. We offer free boxes and can easily customize crates that fit your hard-to-pack items. Our products are extra durable and are designed to hold heavy, fragile items. Along with this, at I Love Moving our professional movers can pack an entire household for you. Each mover has years and years of experience packing various items from flimsy, small items to expensive and fragile belongings.

What Are the Types of Shipping Methods?

The types of shipping methods that our international moving company offer include door-to-door and port-to-port shipping. I Love Moving is dedicated towards offering various types of shipping methods to satisfy the needs of our various customers. This allows you to gain a clear sense of which transportation method fits your needs, while also staying within your budget. Some prefer the cost of ocean freight while others seek an expedited delivery with air freight. Whatever the case may be, at I Love Moving we can transport your entire household overseas.

Our expert movers will come to your home, pack your belongings, ship them and deliver to your new destination. If you have chosen sea freight, we can drop off your items at the port and you can pick up at the port located near your new home. Regardless of the shipping method, we have a solution that fits the needs of everyone.

How Secure Are Our Storage Facilities?

Our international moving company offers safe and secure storage facilities in various locations. Let I Love Moving eliminate the confusion and help you have a no-hassle move. Our secured storage units are a great resource to incorporate into your move. With 30 days free storage and fire-proof facilities, you can rest easy.

Every storage facility is moisture proof and monitored 24/7 so you can know that your goods are in the right hands. Along with this, everything is labeled and in order assuring that your precious belongings will never be misplaced. At I Love Moving, our mission to satisfy the customers and we go above and beyond to make that happen.

Free Storage
up to 30 days
Free Storage
Moving can be tough, let us make it easier by providing up to 30 days of free storage.
Free Boxes
delivery for any shipment.
Free Boxes
Get a free boxes delivery for any shipment. Up to $100 in value, must be a booked job.

So Why Choose Us?

Choose us because our international moving company can get you anywhere across the globe in a timely and professional manner. We offer plenty of shipping services, competitive prices and absolute professionalism. As a company that’s been in business for years, we are constantly updated on the latest moving equipment and procedures. Each staff member has undergone an extensive background check and screening. I Love Moving is completely licensed, bonded, and insured making us extremely safe to work with.

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