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    After moving from London to New York, you will get to live in the largest city in the United States, which is already home to 120,000 British people. Almost 37% of all the population in this melting pot is foreign-born, so you will never feel alone.

    Before embarking on this adventure, get all the necessary documents. Then go over the cost of living, monthly expenses, and average paychecks, and it will be easy to figure out Is it cheaper to live in New York or London? Also, research the boroughs, and find the place to live, send out resumes and land a dream job in one of many multinational companies. Relocating to the Empire City is opening a world of possibilities, don’t be afraid to take advantage of them.

    Did You Figure out the Costs of International Relocation?

    Before moving across the world, calculate just how much money you will need for the whole thing. Put down on a paper every expense you can think of and start looking for a way to fit them in your spending budget. From buying an airplane ticket to hiring movers and putting downpayment of the apartment, be prepared for a dent in your savings.

    Find a company that provides excellent and various international moving services and ask for a free estimate. Hire professionals that can handle your belongings but also ship your car to NYC without a fuss even in unusual circumstances that the world is in right now.

    Ask All the Questions Related to Quarantine and Pandemics

    Strange times are upon us, with the recent pandemic of Covid-19, and quarantine, relocation became a tricky process. The whole world changed, however, life can’t be put on hold, and if you decide to travel during the coronavirus outbreak, there are some things you should know.

    Make sure you are doing everything you can to protect yourself and those around you, wear a mask, wash your hands, and keep the distance. Check out the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website and learn about how to minimize the chances of getting sick.

    Ask your international movers about all the ways they are ensuring your safety during packing and handling your belongings. Professionals will wear protective gear, use sanitizers in trucks, storage units, and they will clean the equipment daily.

    Civilization stood the test of time, and it will get through this epidemic as well. However, don’t risk your health, avoid risky behavior, and relocation to NYC will go smoothly.

    Relocation won’t be cheap, but it is worth every dollar.

    Gather All the Documents Before Moving to New York From the UK

    Are you wondering can you move to New York? The answer is yes, and figuring out what documents are needed to travel abroad is the initial step in that adventure.

    First things first, having a valid passport is a must. Then you need to apply for a visa because you’ll be staying for more than 90 days in the US. There are many types of visas, worker programs, and family sponsorships being two main categories. However, to figure out which one you should apply for, contact the US Embassy, or check the official website. Go through requirements, and in the end, your qualifications will point you to the best program. Also, applying for a visa a few months before the relocation is a smart move, because you will have enough time to apply once again if the application is denied in the first place.

    If you are using medicine regularly, you should check with your doctor if those meds contain a controlled drug. There is a list of prohibited drugs in the US if you are not sure that your meds classify as those, check the list on The Department of Homeland Security website. This might entail additional paperwork on your way to the US because you should obtain prescription proof and a license for carrying.

    Obtain documents, and your relocation will go smoothly.

    Calculate the Average Monthly Cost of Living

    Crunching numbers doesn’t seem like a fun part of the relocation process, but it’s a necessary one. Knowing how much money, on average, you will need every month will help you negotiate your future paycheck, and it will keep you out of debt.

    Empire City is pricier than London, and you will see that when comparing the costs. Nevertheless, according to data from the website Numbeo, some things are cheaper in NYC. Basic utility bills are 36% higher in London, but dining out is approximately 30% cheaper.

    Also, when the prices seem like too much, remember that New Yorkers have 60% higher average monthly net salaries than people in London. With those wages, you will be more than able to cover your basic needs in the metropolis. However, if you want to save up, there are some things you can do to lower your monthly costs.

    There Are Ways You Can Save up When Living in NYC

    Are you looking for a way to put aside some money for a rainy day? Think about getting a roommate when you relocate. That way, you will have somebody to share rent and bills with, instead of paying on your own.  Choose a high-value location to settle down in, the one that will allow you to pay lower rent, but at the same time, you can easily reach all the important amenities. Skip taxi and public transportation whenever you can and use bikes. When you require dental work, check out the College of Dental Medicine or Kriser Dental Center, and get your teeth fixed for a reasonable price. Also, make use of low-cost clinics such as Planned parenthood.

    Maybe you don’t like crunching numbers, but that is a necessary step in relocation.

    Find the Perfect Neighborhood to Call Home

    Living in The Capital of The World brings many benefits, and one of them is diverse housing options. The metropolis is divided into five boroughs, and each one is unique. Picking the one to settle down in will depend on your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

    Are you looking for a classic “New York City” experience filled with skyscrapers, yellow taxis, museums, and Central Park? Manhattan can give you just that. With its differing cost of living and mixed residents, this bustling and the crowded borough is perfect for those looking for a fast-paced lifestyle.

    Brooklyn is filled with families and hipsters that are too cool for urban streets of Manhattan. It’s home to beautiful parks and restaurants, but it is also buzzing with art galleries and unique coffee shops that attract artists or those that prefer that kind of lifestyle. One of the benefits of life in Brooklyn is that you can probably afford a bigger apartment than you could in Manhattan.

    The Bronx is the Yankees home and a cradle of hip hop. If you are looking for a fun place to call home, this is it. With Pelham Bay Park, Yankee Stadium, and Bronx Zoo, you won’t ever be bored. Those that are on a tight budget will love staying in the Bronx because it offers lower rents than Brooklyn and Manhattan.

    Queens is geographically the largest borough, and it’s ideal for those people looking for the suburban vibe. It is just a short ride away from the center, so you will have all the perks of urban jungle within reach. The Queens housing market offers a variety of styles from apartments and houses to condos and properties with a suburban feel.

    Staten Island is referred to as the forgotten borough, but don’t overlook it when searching for a home. There are many reasons why this family-oriented, suburban borough is an exceptional place to call home. Its residents get to enjoy the great zoo, backyards with pools and botanical gardens.

    No matter which one you pick, just ensure that you are happy with your choice and that the borough can give you exactly what you need. However, choosing the location is only half of the work. The next part is house haunting when you’ll have to decide whether to rent or buy a property.

    When Moving From London to New York Rent Instead of Buying a Property

    According to data from the website Niche, approximately 67% of all residents rent their homes instead of buying them. As a foreigner, you will have to prepare additional paperwork so that you can get a place. Landlords are notorious when it comes to the documentation, and if you don’t have everything, you might lose a place. Get the required papers and start apartment hunting:

    • Identification and work permit or work visa
    • Letter of employment
    • Bank statements
    • Tax returns from the last two years

    Avoid being scammed and get to know the rent laws and regulations of 2019. They prevent the landlord from asking for more than one month’s rent as a security deposit and state that it’s illegal to discriminate against anyone based on their citizenship.

    Also, if you are relocating overseas with pets, notify your real estate agent about it, because this might affect your renting options. When the agent knows all the circumstances, it will be easy to avoid wasting time on properties that don’t allow pets.

    Every borough is different from the next one.

    Research a Market and Find the Job

    Are you ready to live in the global hub of business and commerce? NYC is a hotspot for banking, world trade, tourism, media, arts as well as medical research and tech. When you are researching a job market and looking for employment, you will see that there are many national and multinational corporations seated in the city. Maybe some of the 73 Fortune 500 enterprises have something to offer you.

    A smart move would be to look for employment while you are still in the UK. This is where the internet will become your best friend. Maximize your search by checking out some of the best job sites with a variety of offers:

    • ZipRecruiter – connects millions of employers and job seekers
    • Digital – lists tech startup jobs all around the metropolis
    • NewYorkJobs – thousands of offers, mostly focused on Manhattan
    • Poached – great site for those looking for restaurant-related employment
    • NYFA – the best place to look for openings in museums and galleries
    • Media Bistro – for digital media and marketing related offers
    • Charter Schools – teaching positions have never been closer.

    No matter what your dream job is, when applying for employment, remember that some US employers don’t recognize the UK qualifications. If you run into this kind of problem, contact education authorities for additional information. Also, when you are sending out a resume, employers may require a criminal record check, which is equivalent to Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check in the UK.

    You’re looking for work in a metropolitan area with approximately 22,6 million residents, and as many as 800 languages are spoken. One of the best tips in standing out from the crowd of people looking for work is pointing out that you speak other languages besides English.

    The city is home to a variety of multinational corporations you can work for.

    Make a Healthcare Plan Before You Relocate

    Did you know that health-care coverage in the US is a combination of public and private efforts, and it’s not universal? That’s why even before you start packing, think about medical coverage you can use when you get to the US.

    Remember, you will be relocating to a country that is a global leader in medical innovation. Add, the health care system that outspends any other nation measured in percentage of GDP and per capita spending, and you know you will be in safe hands. Don’t stress about the quality of medical care, however, don’t forget to obtain health insurance.

    Healthcare is not universal, that’s why you should consider making a plan before relocation.

    Moving From London to New York Will Be an Unforgettable Experience

    Don’t overthink relocation too much. “These streets will make you feel brand new, the lights will inspire you“, as the song says. When you land, unpacks and settles down, embrace everything that the metropolis has to give. Walk the streets, meet new people, every day here can be an unforgettable experience, and after a while, you will understand what it means being in a New York state of mind.