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    Moving to Malaga, Spain with I Love MovingMoving from Philadelphia to Malaga, Spain with I Love Moving

    Are you planning on leaving the urban city of Philadelphia and relocating somewhere scenic and sunny? The US lifestyle just does not appeal to you anymore, but the thought of relocating internationally gives you anxiety. Malaga is a place you have always dreamed of living, and even though the process is not at all simple, we at I Love Moving want to make the best of your life-changing opportunity and take the stress level to minimum.

    I Love Moving’s job is to offer our services as a reliable partner in the international relocation process. Our team of experts will be responsible for your belongings like we have been for so many satisfied customers in the past. If you don’t believe us, just take a look at all the positive feedback we have on the internet, or ask a friend or someone you may know that has worked with us. Our portfolio consists of a vast number of packing and moving processes for international relocations. We can get you anywhere in the world in a professional and timely manner without any stress and anxiety.

    Our company offers plenty of services, competitive prices and we handle your tasks with the absolute professionalism. Every single member of our amazing team is a person whom we trust to do the best possible job. Know that our company is licensed and safe to work with. A perk of moving with us is the fact that we offer up to 30 days of free storage because we are aware that packing is not an easy process. All of our storage facilities are fire-proof and moisture proof and they are monitored all the time so you will have nothing to stress about.

    Enlisted below are some facts that may come in handy about Malaga that you can use after you have relocated.

    About Malaga

    Moving to Malaga, SpainThis scenic city is located about 80 miles north of Africa making it one of the most southern large cities in Europe. It is well known that Malaga is one of the world’s oldest cities founded in 770 BC by the Phoenicians who then named it Malaka. The city was ruled by Ancient Carthage ever since the 6th century BC. The Port of Malaga has been used ever since then making it one of the busiest seaports on the Mediterranean Sea. In 218 BC, the Roman Republic took over the city later making it part of the Roman Empire. The city was under Islamic rule after the fall of the Roman Empire. During this time it was named Malaqah; this name was kept for over 800 years. Christian forces conquered Malaga during the Reconquista in 1487. All these rulings over the years since the birth of Malaga leave many different remains and monuments over 3000 years old whether they are from the Phoenician, Roman, Arabic and Christian eras. Each one of them is an amazing sight to witness in person.

    You cannot live in Malaga and not visit the beautiful Moorish Alcazaba fortress that dates from the eighth century. The view of the fortress is the city’s restored Roman Amphitheater. Another great sight to see is the other Moorish castle, the Gibralfara that overlooks the old town and port of Malaga. One of the world’s greatest artists was born in this spectacular city, Pablo Picasso. You can visit his birthplace the Casa Natal to view his early life stages in Malaga. There is even a museum dedicated to him in the Buenavista Palace that holds 285 pieces of his artwork that his family donated over the years. This museum also holds some of the city’s oldest pieces of architectural remains in the cellar of the museum. The best part about Malaga is that it has about 300 days of sunny weather each year and only about 50 days of rain making Malaga one of the warmest cities in Europe during the winter time since its mountains block all the cold weather coming from the north.

    Hopefully these facts are going to be of use. Give our I Love Moving representative a call to get started on your relocation! We are happy to help you with any questions you might possibly have.