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By in Blog September 5, 2018

Best Cities to Live in Europe

You decided to become a European, but picking the right country can be tricky. You might wonder what best cities to live in Europe have that others don’t? 

Is it a low cost of living? Maybe the level of entertainment they offer, the quality of life and various job opportunities

Determine your priorities and find the city that suits all your needs. And maybe the following list will help you reach an educated decision.

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By in Blog August 29, 2018

Moving Overseas? Here Are the Most Important Documents Needed to Travel Abroad

Have you decided to move overseas? The amount of documents needed to travel abroad is vast. But don’t let this discourage you.

Start early, and you will be able to check the expiration date and collect new documents in no time. 

Do your research, get familiar with the rules and laws of your new country, and find a reliable international moving company to help you with the move.

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By in Tips and Tricks August 22, 2018

3 steps to take when acquiring a work permit or visa

Moving to another country can be challenging. Getting a job in another country is even more difficult. Work permits are difficult to acquire, and even harder if you are in a two-income household as some countries only allow one spouse to be employed. Despite the rigorous entry requirements to obtain a work permit, many people are moving internationally to look for new opportunities and to experience life somewhere else.

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By in Ocean Freight July 4, 2018

11 easy ways to save money when moving internationally

Moving to a brand new country is exciting, but it costs a lot of money. Sometimes quite a lot of money. Just when you think you have dealt with one thing, something else crops up. If you are not careful, things like shipping, visas, and flights can set you back a considerable amount of money, and that is before you have even got there. But you should not let money worries put a downer on your plans. Fortunately, we have provided these 11 easy ways to save money when moving internationally to help you cut moving costs and we are delighted to share these tips with you.

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By in I Love Moving June 27, 2018

Shipping to Hawaii

Are you thinking about relocating to Hawaii? Gather the courage to do so and start planning your relocation without any worries, because I Love Moving can help ship all your precious items without any problems. Our company will ship your items by using both sea and air transportation. The way we relocate you depends only on your preferences and your budget. Transportation by sea takes a lot longer, but it costs less and is perfect if you have a larger shipment. Air transportation is a way to ship your items quickly, but it is a lot more expensive. You are charged by the cubic space when shipping ocean freight. Shipping air freight depends on the distance of your location, the size, weight, and consistency of your package.

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By in I Love Moving May 23, 2018

What to Know When Moving to Another Country for Love

Moving to another country for love is a big decision. Before you make it official, you should know a few things about relocating abroad.

Think about the documents you will need and whether you would want to find a job or not. Should you move in with your significant other or rent a flat of your own?

Whatever your choices are, make sure you consult your partner whenever you have doubts about your decision.

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