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Wondering What Living in Toronto Is Like? Here Are the Things to Know

Posted Country Guides / April 24, 2020
Blake Shaw

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Are you considering moving to Canada, and you wish to know what living in Toronto, the Great White North’s largest city, is like? You’re in the right place. We gathered some vital information from the locals and relevant websites to help you get the right picture of what it’s like being one of the residents of this fantastic place.

To make the transition less stressful and to avoid unpleasant surprises, ask around and read as much as you can about life in Toronto ( also known as T.O. or Hogtown) before you move up north. Currently, almost three million people live here, which makes it the most populous city in Canada. This vibrant place with a lot of green spaces is only a two hours ride from the US border. It’s the largest urban and metro area with very diverse demographics and people of many different races and ethnicities. And yet, it’s a safe city. Keep in mind that winters are pretty cold and snowy and that the temperature goes way below zero. Still, summers are warm, sunny, and humid.

What Costs Can You Expect When Living in Toronto?

First of all, know that people in Canada use Canadian dollars, which is a bit weaker than the US dollar. If you’re planning to live abroad with family, keep in mind that the four of you will spend around $3,400 per month without rent, according to Numbeo. If you’re moving abroad alone, your costs will be about $900, not counting rent. The most affordable stores to go shopping are Wallmart, Basic Food, and No Frills, and you’ll spend $100 on an average for weekly groceries. After taxes, the average salary is around $2,500.

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Housing Costs in This City Can Be High

The prices vary depending on whether you want to rent or buy a place to live in, as well as if you wish to live in the city center or a bit farther away. Renting in the center goes from $1,500 for a one-bedroom place to $2,500 for three bedrooms. Outside of the center, prices go from $1,200 to $1,900.

If you want to buy a new home of your own, expect prices from around $1,000 per square foot in the center to $560 per square foot outside of the center. Essential utilities cost about $100, a phone bill is about $70, and the same goes for unlimited Internet for a month.

Don’t Forget to Include Relocation Costs

When calculating your budget, count in the money you’ll spend on the international moving services and packing, unless you plan to do it yourself. We strongly recommend that you hire a professional moving company that will provide you with a stress-free move and start saving money for it as soon as you can. Turning a new leaf and starting a new life in another country also requires gathering all the important documents needed for moving abroad.

It’s Not Hard to Find a Job

If your reason for moving to Toronto is something other than employee relocation, then you’ll need to know how the job market works. In a place this big and with such a number of opportunities, finding a new job isn’t hard. Start by checking out employment websites. Knowing some French might come in handy for the most wanted jobs like a staff accountant or a position in management. Managers here earn around $40,000 for a year.

Here’s a list of some of the most significant employers in 2020 in this city:

  • PayPal Canada Co.
  • University of Toronto
  • Schneider Electric Canada Inc.
  • Diamond Schmitt Architects Inc.

Get to Know How Commuting Works

Public transportation here includes a subway, streetcars, and bus service, and it is cheaper than renting a car and paying for expensive parking spots. Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) covers everything from downtown to the suburbs, and there are no “fare-zones.” Everything is included in the monthly pass, which is around $100.

You can, of course, ship your vehicle with you, but keep in mind that the commute time can be long, and traffic jams can be annoying. The Toronto Pearson International Airport is also at your service with affordable flights to many worldwide destinations. Southwest of downtown is another one, Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. Toronto is pretty walkable, and there are lots of cyclists.

There Are a Lot of Great Neighborhoods

To save you from wandering around looking for a good community to live in, we singled out a few of the best ones based on your specific needs and wishes:

  • Runnymede-Bloor West Village is the best option if you’re relocating with your family. It is safe, relatively affordable, it has many shops and highly ranked schools.
  • North Riverdale is a good pick for those who don’t care much for the price and want to have the best life that T.O. can offer.
  • Danforth comes as a place for every future Canadian who wants to live in a vibrant community with great food and a lot of entertainment.

Possibly the Biggest Pro: You’ll Have Excellent Free Healthcare

As you probably know, Canadians have free public healthcare that’s paid through taxes, but non-residents have to pay for certain services. Once you become a resident, you won’t pay for any kind of medical visit. The health care index is high, and people are very satisfied with the service they get in return for what they pay.

This City Has a Lot of Fun Things to Offer

Last but not least, coming here to live is an excellent decision if you love festivals, nightlife, superb dining options, and breathtaking nature. You’ll get to visit beautiful parks, beaches, and gardens like Edward’s Gardens, Hanlan Pint Beach, and Scarborough Bluffs Park that will wow you. There are many outdoor activities, cultural events, museums, and landmarks. You can get lost in nature or be in the center of happenings – it’s up to you.

Leave the Concrete and Go to Some of Toronto Islands

Lake Ontario has a chain of fifteen small islands that offer a great escape from the urban jungle. There are several beaches and Centreville Amusement Park that kids adore and that you can access by a ferry or water taxis. It is a popular recreation destination with rental bikes, kayaks, paddleboats, and a golf court.

You’ll Be Enjoying Amazing Restaurants and Bars

Diversity of this city led to the diversity of the cuisine, so once you’re here, you’ll always have great food at your fingertips. There are many restaurants, bars, and pubs that guarantee a fun time, so you’ll never be bored.

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