Moving to Brisbane Australia

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Moving to Brisbane Australia | Sunset by the RiverIs a move to Brisbane, Australia is in the near future? Here are a few things to consider in preparing for the move.
  1. Make a list of things to accomplish and the time-frame to accomplish them.
  2. Get all documents in order.  Australia requires a visa or electronic travel authority and a work history. A police certificate from any country lived in the past {10} years showing proof of good character. The National Police Check Application must be completed. A “Marriage Certificate” must be presented if applicable. If entering a hospital, health care, or classroom setting; or in excess of age 75, a physical examination is required. A passport or photocopy along with photo, date of birth, documentation of any medical condition and chest x-rays must be presented.
  3. What items are you moving? Moving companies charge by weight. Some items might be more easily replaced than shipped.
  4. Are children involved in the move? Enrolling in schools and providing updated immunizations will be required.
  5. Along with shipping household items, is a vehicle going to be shipped? Vehicles are another costly item that may be cheaper to replace in Australia.
  6. Make travel arrangements as soon as possible. It is usually cheaper if reservations for travel are made far in advance of the actual departure date.
  7. Moving can be stressful. Plan ahead and try to allow free time before and after the move to deal with unforeseen events.
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