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Essential Moving to Montreal Tips You Need to Know

Posted Country Guides / June 19, 2020

Are you thinking about moving to Montreal? If that’s so, you’ll be glad to know that La Metropole offers things like affordable housing, public transportation, and it is heaven on earth for all the cyclists in the world.

Winters can be quite cold and snowy, but you’ll get used to it in no time. As a little guide, we have prepared a list of tips that could help you see if MTL is the right place for you.

Unlike Vancouver, Rents in Montreal Are Cheaper

If you are a single young professional in Montreal looking for a place to rent, you’ll be glad to know that rents are quite cheap, especially if you compare them with prices in other Canadian cities. The same goes for buying property. It’s more affordable to own a house here than in Toronto or Calgary.

Housing in Montreal vs. Housing in Vancouver

According to Numbeo, to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Montreal’s center, you’ll need around $1,270, while renting a same-size place in Vancouver would cost you almost twice as much – $2,000. Renting in Paris of North America also comes with the possibility for deals, meaning that you can get free rent for the first month or two.

Buying real estate here is also more affordable than in Vancouver. The price for one square foot in La Metropole is $530, while in Vancouver, it is $1,200. According to Numbeo, prices per square foot in Vancouver are almost 125% higher than in La Metropole.

Commercial Space Leases Are Affordable Too

Another good news is for those who want to start a business. Commercial space leases are lower here than in most other US and Canadian cities. For more information, you should go to the Quebec property listing site such as Louer, and who knows, maybe you’ll find your ideal, and most importantly, affordable working space.

Use Online Resources to Find a Job in the Most Populous City of Quebec

La Metropole is a French-speaking city. If you only speak English, finding a job here could be challenging. Therefore, the best solution is to find a job before relocation. Websites like Canada Job Bank and Emploi-Québec Job Bank are the best online resources to seek information about Montreal’s job market.

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Moving and Having a Well-Paid Job in the City of Saints Requires Being Bilingual

If you want to live in La Metropole, English will serve you in non-formal communication. However, if you are still unemployed and moved here, you will need the knowledge of the official language, and that’s French, to find a well-paid job.

There Are So Many Ways to Learn French

The best way of breaking the language barrier is to start learning French as soon as possible. Don’t worry; you don’t have to be perfect. Residents are friendly to newcomers, and people are glad to help when someone is willing to make an effort and learn the language. You can also take courses, and if you have kids, there are French immersion programs and camps suitable for your little ones.

Use the Advantages of Affordable Public Transportation

Compared to other cities in the country, Paris of North America offers cheaper monthly transit passes. According to Numbeo, an adult monthly pass in Vancouver is around $100, while in MTL, it is about $85. Also, Montreal Metro serves most of the community, so you will quickly get places. However, there is a downside too. The metro usually has service delays.

Pack Your Bike: You Are Moving to One of the Top 20 Bicycle-Friendly Cities in the World

When public transit fails, you can always rely on your bicycle. Here, bike lanes are separated from vehicle traffic and are safe to travel. The Copenhagenize Design Company once voted Montreal the best city in North America for cyclists. Nowadays, it is still in the top 20 bicycle-friendly cities globally, and it is the only Canadian city on the list.

Start Getting Ready for Cold Winters

Due to cold winters, Paris of North America can be sleepy from December to March, and many residents are in their homes, by the fireplace, trying to keep warm.

Winter Temperatures

MTL has long, snowy, and cold winters. In January, the daytime temperature is around 14F, but the wind chills can plunge below -22F.

Call You Friends to Visit the City of Festivals

MTL is also known as the City of Festivals. Major and established festivals have found their home here, and there’s something for everyone. So, if you are thinking about how to keep in touch with friends after moving, consider inviting them to some of the festivals. You can visit Everest, and you’ll most certainly find something that suits your preferences.

Comedy, Jazz Music, Alternative Rock – La Metropole Has It All

From Just for Laughs Comedy Festival to film festivals, The City of Festivals has it all – whether you are a horror movie or martial arts movie kind of person. Those who love jazz should come to the Montreal International Jazz Festival. If alternative rock is your thing, you should check out the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival.

Head To MTL, Canada

If you love festivals and culture in general, speak French, or are willing to learn it, Montreal is the right place for you. Also, if you are a cycling enthusiast, and you don’t want to stress over transit delays, there’s nothing more to think about – you should start packing your things. Consider contacting a reliable company that offers international moving and packing services and get ready for a new, exciting chapter in life.

Additional Note – You’ll Love the Food Here

MTL is proud of its colorful culinary scene. Entire neighborhoods and streets are packed with restaurants and bars. However, you’ll truly feel like a local once you can’t imagine your day without bagels, smoked meat, a “Steamé” – steamed hot dog, or poutine. Trust us; you’ll enjoy so many things here.

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