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Handle with Care – A Step-by-Step Guide On How to Pack Glasses for Moving

Posted How-to / February 22, 2023

International moving can be an exciting experience, but it can also be stressful, especially when it comes to packing fragile items like glasses. Without proper packing techniques, glasses can easily break during transportation, leading to costly replacements and potential injury. To avoid these issues, it’s crucial to learn how to pack glasses for moving properly. By following our tips, you can enjoy a stress-free and successful move without the worry of damaged glasses.

Moving overseas demands a lot of careful planning and organizing, and one of the most crucial aspects is packing up your belongings. If you plan to bring your fragile items, you will need extra relocation tips on proper packing for overseas shipping. Here is what you need to know.

Why You Need to Learn How to Pack Glasses for Moving Properly

If you are relocating for the first time and don’t know how to pack glassware for moving, don’t worry – many people have been in your place and learned how to pack glasses in no time. But before we dig into how, let’s first explain why you should know the best way to pack glasses and other delicate items like dishes. Glasses are delicate items that require special care and attention during packing and transportation. Failure to pack them correctly can result in damage or breakage, leading to unnecessary expenses and frustration. Properly packed glasses will give you peace of mind while moving abroad, knowing that your delicate items are safe and secure.

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Supplies Needed for Packing Glassware

One of the first things you need to place on your to-do list is packing materials, as you will need these materials for packing clothes, fragile items, electronic devices, and even your furniture. And once you decide what to pack for your move, you will know exactly what kind of materials to purchase. Here is what you will need for packing glasses.

Cardboard and Divider Boxes

Cardboard and divider boxes are essential items used for packaging and transportation of delicate items. Cardboard boxes are made from sturdy and durable materials, making them ideal for carrying various goods during shipping or moving. On the other hand, divider boxes or moving boxes for glasses have internal dividers that offer extra protection for fragile items like glasses, plates, and electronics. The dividers ensure that the items do not rub against each other during transportation, minimizing the risk of damage or breakage.

Bubble Wrap and Packing Paper

Other essential materials used for protecting delicate items during transportation are bubble wrap and packing paper. Both are excellent materials used for protecting glasses from damage during transportation. Bubble wrap provides cushioning and shock absorption for fragile items. Packing paper is also an excellent option for wrapping delicate items, providing a soft layer of protection that prevents scratching, rubbing, or breakage. With these materials, all the breaking you will see on your move across the world is the breakage of the language barrier.

Duct Tape to Ensure Safety

It’s crucial to use duct tape to secure boxes and prevent them from opening accidentally during transit. Use duct tape to secure the bottom and the edges of the boxes, and once the box is full, you will use it to close the top of the boxes. Just don’t overdo it with duct tape – if you use too much, your unpacking after a move will be much more difficult.

"Fragile" Labels and Markers

You can use printed labels or markers to write on each box that contains delicate items. This step is crucial for packing glasses and other delicate items for transportation. Labels will alert movers that the boxes contain fragile items that require special care during transit. When packing glasses, it’s important to label the boxes clearly with “Fragile” to ensure that they are handled with extra care. Labels should be placed in visible areas of the box, including the top and sides, to ensure that they are easily identifiable.

Where to Obtain Moving Boxes for Glasses and Other Materials

There are several places where you can obtain boxes for glasses and other materials. One option is to purchase boxes from a moving supply store or a home improvement store. These stores usually have a wide variety of box sizes and types to choose from, including boxes specifically designed for glasses and other delicate items.

Also, you can ask for boxes at your local grocery or liquor store. These stores often receive shipments in sturdy boxes that are suitable for packing glasses and other fragile items.

Another option is to hire an international moving company for packing services. Famous moving companies like I Love Moving International will provide packing supplies as part of their professional packing services. Even if you hire them for partial packing, these supplies will be provided. So if you are in the midst of a last-minute moving, or just don’t want to pack glasses, you can hire professionals to do this for you.

Lastly, consider asking friends or family members who have recently moved if they have any boxes they are willing to give or sell to you.

How to Prepare for Packing Glasses and Glassware

No matter if you hire movers for packing or only for international moving services, you will need to prepare your glassware and other household items for shipping overseas. Not only that you will be prepared for movers better, but your packing and unpacking will be much easier.

Clean Them if Necessary

Yes, cleaning your glasses and glassware before packing them is essential to ensure that they remain in good condition during transportation. Dirty or greasy glasses can cause damage to other items or become damaged when packed. Before packing, wash each glass or glassware piece in warm, soapy water, rinse them thoroughly, and dry them with a clean towel. Additionally, it’s recommended to inspect each item carefully for cracks, chips, or other damage before packing them.

Disassemble Multi-Part Glassware

If you have multi-part glassware, it’s a good idea to disassemble them before packing to prevent damage and make packing easier. Multi-part glassware typically consists of several components, such as stems, bowls, and lids, which can be fragile and difficult to pack when assembled. Disassembling them into smaller parts will allow you to wrap each piece individually, providing extra protection during transportation. Watch this video for more tips on how to pack fragile items.

To Stack or Not to Stack? The Best Way to Pack Glasses

One of the common moving mistakes people make is that they tend to stack items to speed up the whole process. And even though this system will work with shoes or other items, with glasses, it can only cause damage. Take your time and deal with your glassware carefully, especially if these glasses are precious. Avoid stacking glasses whenever possible to reduce the risk of damage or breakage.

Use Wrapping Materials as Padding and Empty Space Filler

It’s essential to use wrapping materials such as bubble wrap and packing paper as padding and to fill empty spaces when boxing up fragile items. By doing so, you can help ensure that the glasses remain in place and cushioned during transportation, minimizing the risk of damage or breakage. Here are some tips for using wrapping materials as padding and filler:

  • Wrap each glass or piece of glassware in packing paper or bubble wrap, starting from the base and wrapping it tightly to the top. Secure the wrap with tape.
  • When placing the wrapped glasses inside the box, ensure that there is enough packing material to cushion them on all sides. The material should be snug but not too tight, providing enough cushioning to prevent movement during transit.
  • Fill any empty spaces in the box with crumpled packing paper or packing peanuts to prevent shifting during transport. This will also provide additional cushioning and support for the glasses.
  • Use dividers or cardboard separators inside the boxes to keep the glasses separated and prevent them from touching each other.
  • Ensure that the box is properly sealed with tape and labeled with “Fragile” markers to alert movers and handlers that the box contains delicate items.

Here’s How to Pack Wine Glasses for Moving Abroad

When moving internationally, especially if you are relocating to Paris, you will want to have your wine glasses intact. Packing wine glasses requires extra care to ensure they arrive at your destination intact. Firstly, clean the glasses thoroughly and dry them completely. Then, wrap each wine glass individually in packing paper or bubble wrap, securing it with tape. Next, place the glasses in a sturdy box with enough packing materials to cushion them on all sides.

Use cardboard dividers or separators inside the box to keep the glasses from touching each other. Fill any empty spaces with packing peanuts or crumpled packing paper to prevent movement during transport. Lastly, seal the box with tape and label it with “Fragile” markers to alert movers and handlers.

Common Mistakes People Make When Packing Glassware

Planning a move to another city or country can be overwhelming, even if this is not your first relocation. Naturally, some mistakes will happen, especially during the packing process. And even though mistakes when dealing with clothing can be tolerated, if you make mistakes with your fragile items, it can lead to damage. Here are some of the most common packing mistakes people make:

  • Insufficient cushioning – Failing to provide enough cushioning can lead to glassware touching each other, causing breakage or damage. Using adequate packing materials such as bubble wrap or packing paper is crucial to prevent this mistake.
  • Overpacking – Overpacking boxes with too many glasses can increase the weight, making them difficult to carry and increasing the risk of breakage.
  • Using the wrong box – Using a box too small or too large can increase the risk of damage during transportation. Choosing the right size box and using dividers or separators can help prevent damage.
  • Improper labeling – Failing to label boxes with “Fragile” or similar warnings can result in glassware being mishandled, leading to breakage.
  • Not disassembling multi-part glassware – Failure to disassemble glassware with multiple parts can increase the risk of damage and make packing more challenging.

An International Moving Company Will Help Pack Glass Items Since They’re Very Delicate

If you still believe you don’t know how to pack glasses for shipping, then you need to choose a reliable overseas shipping company to do this job for you. Professional movers have the necessary experience and equipment to ensure that your glassware and other fragile items are packed securely and safely.

An international moving company like I love Moving International will typically offer pack services that include the use of specialized packing materials such as bubble wrap, packing paper, and sturdy boxes. They also use dividers and separators to keep the glass items from touching each other and prevent damage during transportation. In addition, they will label the boxes with “Fragile” markers to alert movers and handlers to handle the boxes with extra care.

Hiring an overseas moving company to pack your glass items can save you time and effort, as well as reduce the risk of damage or breakage during transport. With the right packing techniques and equipment, your glassware and other delicate items can arrive safely at your new destination, giving you peace of mind knowing that your valuable possessions are well-protected.

There Aren’t Many Steps on How to Pack Glasses for Shipping, but They’re All Important

Although packing glasses for shipping may not involve many steps, each one is essential in ensuring that your delicate items arrive at their destination in good condition. From cleaning the glasses to using the right packing materials and labeling the box as fragile, every step plays a crucial role in preventing damage or breakage during transport. However, if you still decide to do this job alone, don’t hesitate to contact the I Love Moving International company to assist you with your move.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Pack Glasses for Moving

Take a look at answers to frequently asked questions people have regarding packing with glasses. Maybe some answers will provide you with assistance in your moving.

What Is the Best Way to Pack Glasses for Moving?

The best way to pack glasses for moving is to wrap each glass individually in packing paper or bubble wrap, starting from the base and wrapping it tightly to the top. Use dividers or cardboard separators inside the boxes to keep the glasses separate and prevent them from touching each other.

Should I Pack Glasses in Boxes or My Luggage?

It’s generally recommended to pack glasses in boxes rather than in your luggage. Glass items are fragile and require extra care and protection during transportation, which can be difficult to achieve when packed in luggage.

How Do I Keep My Glasses From Breaking During the Move?

To keep your glasses from breaking during the move, you should wrap each glass individually in packing material such as bubble wrap or packing paper. Use a sturdy box that is specifically designed for moving, and ensure that there is enough padding inside the box to prevent the glasses from shifting during transportation.

Can I Use Newspaper or Regular Paper to Pack Glasses?

While it’s possible to use newspaper or regular paper to pack glasses, it’s not the best option. Newspaper or regular paper may not provide enough cushioning to protect the glasses during transport. The ink from the newspaper can also rub off on the glasses, leaving stains or residue that can be difficult to remove.

How Many Glasses Should I Pack In One Box?

The number of glasses that you should pack in one box depends on the size and weight of the glasses, as well as the size and strength of the box. In general, it’s recommended to pack no more than 6-8 glasses per box, depending on the size and weight of the glasses.

How Do I Label Boxes Containing Glasses?

Labeling boxes containing glasses is an important step in ensuring that they are handled with care during the move. To label boxes containing glasses, use a black or red marker to write “Fragile” on the top and sides of the box.

What Kind of Box Should I Use to Pack Glasses?

When packing glasses, it’s best to use a sturdy box that is specifically designed for moving or packing fragile items. These boxes are made from thicker cardboard and are more durable than regular boxes.

Should I Use Bubble Wrap to Pack Glasses for Moving?

Yes, it’s recommended to use bubble wrap to pack glasses. Bubble wrap is an excellent material for protecting delicate items such as glasses during transportation. It provides cushioning and support, reducing the risk of breakage or damage during transit.

How Can I Best Protect Stemware During a Move?

To best protect stemware during a move, you should wrap each piece individually with bubble wrap or packing paper and ensure that there is enough padding on all sides. Use a sturdy box that is specifically designed for moving, and ensure that the box is the right size for the stemware.

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