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Relocating to Kona, Hawaii

Posted Moving Fundamentals / May 9, 2018
By admin

Kailua Kona is known as the sunny outdoors capital of the Big Island. The west side of the island is where this beautiful place is located right in the center. Kailua-Kona is situated in the middle of the Kona coast only a couple of miles south of the Kona International Airport. The place was once a sleepy fishing village. Over the years it has turned into a scenic town that has become the capital of the Big Island. Kailua Kona is the ideal city for tourism on the Big Island, but that doesn’t mean it is not a good place to relocate to. Here you can find plenty of shops and farmers markets that sell locally produced items, and there is a wide variety of restaurants. Kona can be often thought as an ideal base for you to relocate to and explore the rest of the islands this amazing state has to offer. It provides many different versions of relaxation and gives you the picturesque view of waves crashing over the black lava rocks. Here you can also test out the world-famous Kona coffee, or have some freshly caught tuna while taking a break of a long day of work.

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Things to do in Kona

There are plenty of things you should know about Kona so that you can plan out your daily activities when you relocate here like the fact that it is best to wake up early in the morning if you wish to go snorkeling at the King Kam beach in central Kona on Ali’i drive. If you don’t make it on time here, know that there are a lot more places to go snorkeling near Kona.

Living here will give you the privilege of taking afternoon walks on the beautiful Ali’i Drive. The Kailua pier is the perfect finish to your walk and nearby are plenty of restaurants where you can find some great food to eat along the seaside. From the restaurants you can get a perfect view of the sunrises and sunsets over the ocean. The Mai-Tai is a place the locals love where you can find some great homemade things such as the Kona Brewing Company’s handcrafted ales.

Surrounding Kona are other great places for activities. The Manta Ray night dive has its own seahorse farm, great places to go for coffee, botanical gardens, and national parks to the south. These are just some of the many places you can go visit here, and in the end if you are up for a day of relaxation, the beach is just around the corner.

How do you get to  Kona?

Throughout the whole Big Island, Kailua Kona is the landing place for most of its newcomers which is why it is home of the Kona International Airport. From here you can catch any source of public transport such as the hele-on bus that can transport you all over the island if you wish to see its treasures. Hilo Waimea, and Volcano Village from here can be easily located by car or another transportation source.

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