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What’s Living in Connecticut Like – All You Need to Know

Posted Country Guides / November 4, 2020

Living in Connecticut means being surrounded by beautiful landscapes, getting an excellent education, and generally living a quality life. There’s no better place to raise your kids, work, and enjoy natural splendor. Keep reading, and you’ll find everything you need to know about America’s most charming state.

Is Connecticut a Good Place to Live?

Moving across the world can be pretty challenging, especially if you’re thinking about relocating somewhere you’ve never been before. Since you’re here, you’re probably wondering about The Constitution State. CT, actually, often ranks as one of the best states in the US. It’s relatively safe, and life quality is high, it can offer great job opportunities and high income. Yet, there are challenges some people could find a bit difficult. The following segment will be dedicated to living in the Connecticut pros and cons list.

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What Are the Best Cities to Get a Job in CT?

Getting work in a new country is among the most important questions when it comes to international relocation. Connecticut’s capital can be an excellent place when it comes to finding the desired job, but not the only one. While Hartford can offer a lot of employment opportunities, there are other great options. Here are the top 5 cities that will certainly offer you the desired job opportunity:

  • Wilton;
  • Weston;
  • Fairfield;
  • Madison;
  • Oxford.

Some of the highest paid jobs in the cities mentioned above are obstetricians, gynecologists, psychiatrists, surgeons, pediatricians, dentists, chief executives, and benefits managers. If you have professional qualifications for these jobs, you won’t need to worry.

What Are the Benefits of Living in Connecticut?

There are many benefits to choosing this location for a home. Whether you decide to settle in an old town or an urban area, know that your options will be limitless. The state’s rich history is strongly connected to its future, offering a quality life and inspiring people to stay here, raise their families, and build their business.

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Four Seasons: Enjoy Everyday Marks of a Year Passing

One of the best things about CT is the climate. Here, you can actually enjoy all four seasons. If you’re moving during the holidays in winter, you’ll probably catch layers of snow that can last for weeks. Spring increases daylight hours and brings warmer weather, while summers are humid and warm with a lot of sunshine. If you’re relocating with dogs, you’ll simply love daily walks with your furry friends within autumn’s brown and golden colors. CT is also a perfect fusion of urban and suburban. Just imagine what kind of an outstanding view you can get here every season.

Outdoor Activities Are Plentiful

When you move here, you’ll realize how much stuff you can do outdoors in your spare time. Connecticut’s parks, forests, boat launches, and waterways provide many possibilities for outdoor recreation. Its residents enjoy many activities, such as camping, fishing, hiking, picnicking, and boating. The most popular walking destinations for hikers are Bear Mountain and Mount Frissell. If you’re moving with pets, know that your beloved dog(s) are allowed to use hiking trails as well. The scenic coastline can be enjoyed in Saybrook and New Haven.

Visit the Iconic Mystic Seaport Museum

We have to single out Mystic Seaport Museum as a true benefit of living in Connecticut because this is the largest maritime museum in the US. Here you can learn all about whaling and see historic New England ships. Catch a glimpse of this fantastic museum by clicking on the video below.

The Land of Original Hamburgers and (A)Pizzas

Did you know that CT is the birthplace of the hamburger? You can still grab an original in Louis’ Lunch hamburger restaurant in New Haven. You’ll also be able to enjoy a unique (a)pizza taste. These are Connecticut-exclusive and are known for thin crust and crispness. The most notable pizzerias are Sally’s Apizza and Modern Apizza. On the other hand, CT isn’t really known as a state with an abundance of the best vegan cities in the US, but you can find fresh seasonal seafood due to its location. The most notable restaurant is Red Lobster.

The Constitution State Is Flourishing in Exciting History and Rich Culture

CT is known for its rich history and culture. For example, it has the oldest continuously published newspaper in the US, and it was one of 13 original colonies. When you move here, make sure to visit many of its museums to discover all about its history. We highly advise visiting the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and a bit bizarre but fascinating Zaffis Museum of the Paranormal.

Education of the Highest Quality

Thanks to its top-notch education, CT continually ranks among the top five smartest states. If you start living in Connecticut, know that there are plenty of excellent schools, community colleges, and above all Yale University. It’s not a surprise that Connecticutians are very well-read and some of the most intelligent people you’ll ever meet.

A Few of Connecticut’s Disadvantages

As is the case with almost every state in the US (and country in the world), there will always be a couple of distinctive cons. Read the following segments carefully because they could be the decisive factors on whether you should start living in Connecticut or not.

Is It Expensive to Live in Connecticut?

Unfortunately, it is. The cost of living index is 108, which is a little bit above the national average. Housing is pretty expensive, and the property taxes are some of the highest in the US. If your moving abroad checklist includes purchasing a property, you’ll need around $240,000, on average. Are you wondering how much money do you need to live comfortably in Connecticut? According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of two adults and two children has to earn around $110,500 per year or about $9,100 a month to live comfortably.

Secure a Job Before Moving Here

Unfortunately, taxes are a significant issue here, forcing some businesses to relocate elsewhere. For example, in 2015, more than 28,000 Connecticutians left because work is simply leaving the state. If your case is employee relocation, prepare a list of relocation questions to ask the employer. If not, we suggest you search for a job way before contacting long-distance movers.

Traffic Congestions Are an Everyday Problem

Despite the state’s small cities, traffic congestion is an everyday struggle for Connecticutians. If you own a car, you’ll probably hire an overseas vehicle shipping, but be aware that Connecticut’s highways are some of the worst in the US. If you’re not a very calm person, being stuck in traffic for hours will be your worst nightmare.

Winters Can Be Freezing

We did mention the full four-season weather experience as an advantage. Yet if you’re coming from warmer places, you’ll maybe find Connecticut’s winters too harsh at first. For example, Hartford’s average temperature in the winter can get below 20°F. The state’s coastal parts get around 15 days of snow each year, while northwestern areas get more snow that can last much longer. If you’re not sure about this much snow, you should think twice about acquiring those boxes and moving supplies.

Here’s a List of Connecticut’s Best Places to Live

Now that we have got through living in Connecticut pros and cons let’s see some of its places where you could potentially settle. If you are seriously thinking about starting your overseas move, see what your options are, and decide if some of the below-named towns and neighborhoods could suit your preferences and needs:

  • Mystic is located halfway between NYC and Boston. This city is wrapped in a comfy small-town vibe that offers plenty of excitement to its residents. You can opt for a job in Mystic Seaport Museum or the city’s Aquarium. If you are an animal lover, you’ll definitely love the latter. Dining out can also be fun and exciting. Many restaurants are always serving fresh seafood dishes. Foodies should head down to Oyster Club, S&P Oyster Co, or Bravo Bravo, an Italian seafood restaurant. And of course, Mystic’s biggest gem is the seaport.
  • Weatogue is a small suburb of Hartford with around 3000 residents. Due to such a small population, this suburb offers a comfortable village-like feel. Also, crime rates in the area are low. As you can assume, housing is very affordable, with an average price of $290,000. Therefore, Weatogue is generally considered as one of the best places in CT for purchasing a property.
  • Avon, similarly to Weatogue, is a suburb that can offer affordable housing. Although the price is slightly higher than in our previous entry, it’s still cheaper than in many other CT areas. The median home price is approximately $340,300. But you should know that for such a price, you can get a perfect 3-bedroom house with 2-bathrooms, a vast garden, and a private driveway. On top of that, crime rates are very low in the area. Thus, you should consider Avon if you’re moving internationally with your little ones.

Apart from these places, Simsbury and Greenwich are probably the most desired ones for living in Connecticut. Keep reading if you want to know more about them.

A City Feel in a Suburban Simsbury

A suburb of Connecticut’s capital Hartford, Simsbury is home to around 24,000 residents. The most important thing you should know about this suburb is the hefty housing prices. The median home cost is approximately $320,600, which is higher than the state’s average. Yet, the price is totally worth it. You’ll find the most charming New England style homes in Simsbury. The average household income is around $100,000 per year. Thus, the current residents don’t mind expensive housing.

Old Greenwich: The Feeling of Security and Many Things to Do Near the Beach

If you’re looking for the best places to live abroad with family, Connecticut’s Old Greenwich should be your top choice. This is a clean and pretty safe upper-class neighborhood that’s also relatively close to the beach. Yes, upper-class. Similarly to Simsbury, this is an affluent area that will require deeper pockets, especially when we talk about housing. The median home price is around $1,360,000, while the average rent cost is approximately $2,500. If you choose to rent, there’s a high chance you’ll find a perfect little condo or an apartment overlooking the coast.

Prepare for Your International Move to CT With a Reliable International Moving Company

And we have come to the end of our guide to living in Connecticut. The answer to the final question — Is It Worth Living in Connecticut? — entirely depends on you. You’ve read all the pros and cons and could see some of its best places. If you think that CT can offer precisely what you’re looking for, you should start planning your international move.

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