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Tips from your international moving company.

By in Country Guides November 19, 2020

Moving to Canada? Here’s the True Cost of Living in Montreal

If you’ve decided to move internationally to Canada and want to know the true cost of living in Montreal you have come to the right place. Ville de Montréal (VDM) is undoubtedly praised for its overall low expenses, but how affordable is life there? We have prepared the Montreal cost of living guidelines just for you. Keep reading and see how much you’ll actually need to spend when you start your life in this city.

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By in Country Guides November 9, 2020

Living in Orange County California – Ins and Outs of OC Cities and Suburbs

The OC is a place where many Holywood TV shows and movies were filmed, but surprisingly not the most famous one, The O.C., the hit TV series from the early 2000s. So if you think you know everything about life in OC, think twice. If you want to find out what living in Orange County really looks like, take a look at our guide. We gathered some essential information and facts every newcomer should know.

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By in Country Guides November 7, 2020

What to Do in Connecticut – Your Guide to Leisure in the Constitution State

When you don’t know what to do in Connecticut, New England, having the highest income per capita in the US may not be enough to convince you to relocate here. Finding some entertainment opportunities in CT is important, whether you’re a local or moving abroad here. Luckily, with the help of our guide, you’ll find plenty of things in the area. From great outdoors to museums and wine tasting, here are some leisure activities you can explore.

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By in Country Guides November 6, 2020

Detailed Guide to Cost of Living in Canada

Before relocating to the second-largest country by area and tenth-largest economy in the world, go over the cost of living in Canada and figure out how much money you’ll actually need to live there. Compare the costs with the ones you have in the US, and you will see how the relocation will bring you many financial benefits.

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By in Country Guides October 31, 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Vancouver

Do you often catch yourself daydreaming about living in a big city filled with friendly faces and surrounded by breath-taking nature? Perhaps you should consider moving to Vancouver and fulfilling that fantasy. Located in British Columbia, this place has both the vibrancy of a metropolis and the serenity of a resort.

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