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7 Top Best Countries for Women Who Are Thinking About Moving Internationally

Posted Country Guides / October 10, 2021

Are you thinking about moving internationally? A step this big requires thorough research – if you are a woman, obviously you will be looking for the best countries for women to live in. So, which country is best for a female? Even though it may seem that most have plenty of inequality, there are actually many progressive places where you can enjoy life to the fullest and not worry about your safety or work opportunities.

Now, you will probably be wondering – which is the safest country for females? This is one of the most important questions when deciding on the most female-friendly countries, but it’s not the only thing that should drive you to a certain place. Before you start packing your bags to move to the unknown, check out this article – it will tell you all about the highest-rated places in the world for a woman, based on a few crucial factors.

What Are the Best Countries For Women To Live In – Which Factors Can Decide That?

Since you are considering the relocation, there must be something you dislike in your current country, and it’s worth going through all the moving stress and, most likely, plenty of culture shock after the move. Once you decide you want to live in another country, the next question is how to decide where to go? International moving isn’t something that should be taken lightly – there are plenty of preparations before you can move across the world and settle in the place of your dreams.

As a woman, you will look for the best countries for women’s rights. Should you move to Switzerland? Or is America the best country for women? Maybe the solution is moving to Ireland? Hold on – let’s slow down. Sure, moving to Zurich or deciding to go and live in Connecticut might be great ideas, but let’s see which factors we should take into account before packing to move – what to look for as a woman who wants to move internationally? You won’t just look for beautiful landscapes, right? Here are the most important factors any woman should take into account when deciding on a destination of her international move:

  • Human rights,
  • Gender equality,
  • Income equality,
  • Progress,
  • Safety.

When you count in all the things mentioned above, you can get a clear picture of which places are ranking at the top and are suitable for moving abroad alone. Wherever you decide to go – whether it’s a move overseas or something a bit closer to home, you can be sure that you are in for a great adventure. So, let’s get to our suggestions, shall we?

#1 Sweden – One of the Most Progressive Places in the World Regarding Gender Equality

When it comes to gender equality and human rights in general, they have long been pioneers in the world – you can’t exactly say that Sweden making this list is news. This part of Scandinavia has been on the top of various lists of best countries for single women for years, always making it into the top 5. If you decide it’s time to prepare your moving checklist and pack your belongings to move to Sweden, you definitely won’t make a mistake. Progress is never-ending here, and there are still things to be improved – for example, there is still a gender pay gap, although smaller than in most places on the planet. Let’s take the US for comparison – a woman makes 87 cents on each dollar a man makes. In Sweden, she makes 87% of a man’s salary.

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Society That Promotes Gender Equality From an Early Age

In addition to being pretty much the best place for a single woman to live in the world, this society can say that they do a lot in the educational sphere. Educational programs are designed to promote equality and teach children how to treat each other with respect. Without any doubt, this is one of the greatest European states to live in if you plan on having children. Once you hear that they also have one of the longest paid parental leaves in the world – 480 days split between two partners – we have no doubt that you will soon start preparing your efficient move.

#2 Norway – Another Part of Scandinavian Peninsula That Ranks High on the List of Most Gender Equal Places in the World

Another entry on our list that doesn’t surprise anyone – the whole of Scandinavia is known for its excellent approach regarding human rights, so it’s only fitting that we suggest moving to Norway. This beautiful corner of Europe has more to offer than just unique nature. If you find yourself living here, you will be pleasantly surprised how dedicated this nation is to fighting inequality. One of the shining examples of this trend is undoubtedly the Equality and Anti-Discrimination Act.

Violence Against Women Isn’t Something You Have to Worry About in Norway

If you could choose a place where it is the safest to be a woman, this would be the one. It has ranked as one of the top spots for women’s safety, even when you count in the Nordic paradox – a disproportionately high rate of intimate partner violence in spite of high levels of gender equality. Of course, there is much more to be done, as there is always room for improvement, but you can be sure that you can live peacefully here and enjoy all the amenities life has to offer. The biggest challenge you will face is breaking the language barrier, but that’s not a reason enough to give up coming here. Learning a language abroad is always an option. Plus, once you see how beautiful cities are, you will be happy to call this place your home. Check out the video below to see which are the loveliest towns to live in Norway.

#3 New Zealand – Education, Equal Opportunities, and Rights

New Zealand is well-represented by its prime minister, Jacinda Ardern – only the second elected head of government who gave birth while in office. Her politics focuses on social inequality, among other things, and is a shining example of modern, progressive leadership proven to be effective during the Covid-19 crisis. This nation has handled the pandemic very well – that sounds like a reason enough to move to New Zealand, don’t you think? If you decide to move here, your biggest worry will be overseas vehicle shipping, which can be solved pretty quickly – it’s a small price for living in one of the top-ranked places on the planet.

One of the Countries With Outstanding Work and Educational Opportunities

Besides being respected, females in New Zealand are highly educated – more than half of university students are female. In this nation, there is a place for a woman in business and in influential roles (we’ve said more than enough about Jacinda, you’ll agree.) The only downside, and something that has to be worked on, is a somewhat high level of domestic violence.

#4 Canada – A Place Where You Can Enjoy Complete Freedom as a Female

If you think that moving to Canada could be your next chapter of life, you will be happy to hear that a woman has quite a high quality of life in this part of the globe. There are many great places to live in Canada with excellent educational programs – in fact, that’s one of the common reasons why young females move to Toronto. Also, another popular choice is moving to Vancouver. Even if your priority isn’t education, rest assured that Canada won’t disappoint you regarding quality and standard of living.

Safe Cities and Great Business Opportunities

Canada is home to some of the safest cities on the planet for a woman to travel alone to, which says a lot about the standard of life for females. On top of all that, you can expect to find excellent job opportunities – whether you decide to live in Ottawa or you are planning to move to Ontario, you will find what you are looking for.

#5 Finland – High Level of Independence and Equal Status

Finland has the youngest female prime minister on the planet, Sanna Marin. In her government, 12 of the 19 Cabinet positions are occupied by a woman – which was the news that made the headlines of all important global media – and her politics mainly revolves around equality. Raised in a rainbow family and often battling sexism during her career, Marin is a perfect example of how progressive a woman can be in Finland.

A Classic Scandinavian High Standard of Living

As you have probably noticed so far, Scandinavia is home to some of the most progressive states, and Finland isn’t an exception to that. With an excellent educational system known as one of the greatest on the planet and equal access to job opportunities, this is one of the European states where anyone would love to live. Add to that an extremely high level of safety, and you get a perfect destination for your next move. The capital, Helsinki, is considered safe even at night – you can’t say that for many cities.

#6 The Netherlands – One of the Most Tolerant Nations

The Netherlands is ranked as one of the most open-minded and tolerant states in Europe and globally. The nation has been known for its feminism and progressive thinking for a long time – they were the first to legalize same-sex marriages in 2001. Compared to many other European states, the Netherlands is ranking quite well regarding gender equality. The residents can proudly say that their state had shown early signs of feminism long back in the second half of the 19th century, and their progress hasn’t stagnated up to date.

High Levels of Safety Compared to Most European States

The Netherlands is pretty safe for both traveling and living. Crime rates are very low, and law enforcement does its job correctly. Moving to Amsterdam is something we can recommend, as it is known as one of the safest cities in Europe for a single woman – the worst thing you can face is a pickpocket, so we can say without a doubt that moving to the Netherlands is an excellent idea.

#7 United Kingdom – An Ever-Developing State With Countless Opportunities

Even though things have gotten a bit tough after Brexit, we can’t say that has affected the ranking United Kingdom has always had. They have excellent opportunities in all spheres, and everybody knows that London is one of the most visited cities on the globe. Moving to the United Kingdom can’t be a mistake for sure – if you decide to move to London, know that this historic hub has all the amenities a woman can want.

Good Level of Safety, But There’s Room for Improvement

Nothing’s perfect – some of the rare things that can make you doubt the idea of moving to England are the recent news about gender-based violence. Yes, this still happens even in the most progressive places on the planet, and humans still have a long way to go. Understandably, this can be a reason to question your plan to move to one of the greatest cities to live in Europe, but, fortunately, the law enforcement is doing everything to step up their game. Hopefully, we will see the results soon, and safety will be on a higher level than it is now. However, keep in mind that the United Kingdom is still one of the safest states to live in Europe and that booking packing services and moving here will be a great adventure.

Moving Internationally Is an Adventure You Can’t Skip

Packing your bags and moving overseas – this is one of the bravest things a person can do. We have one life, and we have to use it well – what better to do than move across the planet, at least once in your life? That adrenaline rush you will get once you step onto the foreign land can’t compare to anything else. Sure, you’ll have to put in some effort to keep in touch with friends and family, but it will all be worth it. Adjusting to another state will take a while, but this is something that every traveler will enjoy the most. Which destination is the one for you?

Hannah Michaelson

Hannah is a freelance relocation writer from NYC that has become an expert on packing and unpacking.

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