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Moving to Munich? What You Need to Know About Bavaria’s Quiet Jewel

Posted Country Guides / November 3, 2021
Hannah Michaelson

Hannah is a freelance relocation writer from NYC that has become an expert on packing and unpacking.

If you’re considering relocating across the world and settling in one of the cities in Germany, Munich will undoubtedly be on your shortlist. Obviously, you will ask yourself – is it worth moving to Munich from the US? The short answer would be – definitely, but we will explain in a bit more detail what makes it so extraordinary and a desirable location for expats.

Europe, and Germany in particular, have plenty to offer, so it would make sense to ask yourself – why is Munich a good place to live? Why should I choose it over, let’s say, Berlin? Although you won’t regret relocating to Berlin, choosing Germany’s so-called Secret Capital could be an even better option for an American relocating to Germany. So, what makes this city with 1.5 million residents so special? Keep reading to find out.

Munich, Germany, Is a Great Spot for Starting Your Life Anew

Although only the third-largest city in the country (after Berlin and Hamburg), the Secret Capital is considered to have the best quality of life in the whole country. It excels in all aspects, from well-organized public services to a quality educational system. And honestly, would you expect anything less from Germany? Trust us when we tell you that the stress of moving overseas is a small price to pay for living in such a jewel of a city.

Is it Easy to Live in Munich as an Expat?

Many wonder, is Munich a good place for expats, but that’s not something you should worry about. Living here will feel like you’ve never lived anywhere else – about a quarter of residents don’t have German citizenship, which means this is a very diverse place, and finding your expat community shouldn’t be a challenge. There are people from the UK, France, United States, Eastern European countries, and many others. Even if you are relocating abroad alone, fitting in won’t take much time.

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Should You Learn German, or Is English Enough to Get By?

Is it enough to know only English? Well, you don’t necessarily need to speak German to live here. Still, people genuinely appreciate it if you put in the effort and try to communicate in their language, instead of just forcing English. So, if you want to adjust to a new country quicker, we must say that breaking the language barrier is one of the ways to do so.

Of course, no one can blame you if you’re worried about learning another language – it seems hard at first, but with a few good tips for learning a new language and some classes, we’re sure you can become the master, and prove that learning a language abroad is possible to accomplish. Besides, you will quickly realize that German and English have plenty of similarities.

Visa and Other Documents Required for Moving to Munich

Before you start packing to move, you will have to figure out an important question – do you require a visa to reside here? As an American moving to Munich, there is a crucial document required for relocating abroad – you will need to obtain a long-term visa if you plan to stay here longer than 90 days – all non-EU and Swiss citizens require a residence permit. That will allow you to stay in Germany and travel to the countries around.

You Will Need a Work Permit for Working and Living in Munich

If you are a highly-skilled professional in your field, and your reason for relocating is work, you can qualify for a Blue Card. Still, to get it, you also require a university degree, a competitive job offer with a salary that’s at least $52,000 for shortage occupations or $67,000 for non-shortage occupations.

What Is the Cost of Living Like in the Secret Capital?

Residing in this “cosmopolitan village” will ask of you to balance finances well. For those who are moving internationally, it might not be such a big problem, considering that Bavarian capital usually doesn’t make it in the top 50 of the most expensive expat destinations on the annual Mercer Cost of Living Study. Still, it’s one of the most expensive cities in the country, and it’s considered a pretty fancy destination – even more so than Berlin or Frankfurt.

Real Estate Market Is Competitive – You Might Need Time to Find the Best Accommodation for You and Your Family

One of the rare cons of relocating across the world and settling here is a challenging real estate market. Although the options are excellent, and there are many lovely houses in great neighborhoods, the fact is that the competition is strong. The population is constantly on the rise, and all of those new residents will be looking for a lovely home, just like you are.

The average rent has grown a bit in recent years as a response to high demand, so we hope you’re not relocating on a low budget and that you’ll be able to find a new home that has everything you need.

The Neighborhoods You Want to Live in

Although the city is considered the safest in the country, it has excellent and not-so-great areas, just like any other metropolis. It’s essential to do your research so you don’t end up in an undesirable neighborhood – do not let the relocation stress make you overlook that. So, where should you, as a future Münchner or Münchnerin, look for a home? We suggest checking out these neighborhoods:

  • Lehel,
  • Alt-Harlaching,
  • Thalkirchen,
  • Schwabing,
  • Bogenhausen,
  • Haidhausen,
  • Maxvorstadt.

As an Economic Hub, the City Offers Excellent Job Opportunities

Bavaria’s capital is considered one of the country’s economic centers, so you can be sure that you won’t lack job opportunities. Did you know that many big companies are headquartered here? Some of them are BMW, Flixbus, Siemens, and Audi. Secret Capital is famous for its engineering scene – if you’re an engineer, you will thrive here in no time.

IT Industry Is Thriving in Germany’s Secret Capital

Are you a software developer? If the answer is yes, we suggest you start preparing your relocation checklist because you’ve found a destination perfect for your career. IT specialists will get to enjoy the best working conditions, possibly in the whole world. The most demanded programming languages are Python, PHP, and Java – if you specialize in one of these, don’t think twice. It’s time to move overseas and experience all the benefits of life in Europe as an American.

Getting Around Is Easy With Excellent Public Transportation

One of the many amenities you can expect here is excellent public transport. Everything is well-connected, and you won’t have any trouble getting to your destination. Choose your preferred way of transportation – you have trams, buses, trains, and metro at your disposal. Obviously, there is also a cab as an option, but the public transport is so good – we’re sure you will be satisfied with it (although you can also decide to ship your vehicle overseas).

Just remember to buy your monthly (or weekly, if you prefer it) IsarCard pass, and you’re all good to go. Additionally, know that bikes are very popular among the residents. So if you were wondering what to pack for relocating to this beautiful Bavarian corner of the world, be sure to add your bike to the packing list.

What to Expect From Healthcare

Healthcare is an important factor to consider when relocating to another country. By the law, expats are obligated to have health insurance like any other residents. You will have to show proof of insurance when you apply for a visa. The majority of people have state health insurance here (about 90%), which comes as no surprise when you know that the German healthcare system is one of the best in Europe (and yes, this could be a reason to move here from the U.S.).

However, you can choose to have private insurance if you earn more than 60,750 euros per year – if you earn less, you are obliged to stay on the state’s insurance plan. Either way, compared to American healthcare, this system is quite efficient – so efficient that it will make you want to find packing services today and start preparing for your efficient move.

Educational System Won’t Disappoint You

You’ve probably noticed the pattern by now – everything is well-organized in this country. This also stands true when it comes to the educational system. However, keep in mind that education is regulated on the state’s level, not the country’s. This means that there may be slight differences in the system between states – Germany is a federal country that consists of 16 states.

Bavaria can offer your child excellent education, and it’s only a matter of choosing between the public school system and a private one. Public schools are free of charge, and the prices in the private ones can go anywhere from 100 to 1,000 euros per month. But the crucial thing to remember is that, in most schools, the language spoken in the classroom is German.

Oktoberfest Is Amazing, But That’s Not All You Get to Enjoy

Of course, the first association to this part of Bavaria is Oktoberfest – great beer, pretzels, and awesome parties. And while this is honestly something you must experience at least once, that’s not all that’s interesting about Munich. Have you heard about the amazing weather the residents here get to enjoy? When we say amazing, we mean this – hot summers without annoying rain and snowy yet still sunny days in the winter. Some people have called this place the most Northern Italian city because the weather resembles Italy.

Culture, Food, and Various Activities – If You Live Here, Everything Is Available

Anyone will find something to love here. You will undoubtedly find activities for all moods and personalities, from exciting outdoor activities such as cycling trips or trekking in the nearby mountains to drinking and eating in one of the countless beer gardens around. If you love art, you will be glad to hear that you are about to move into one of the great cultural hubs of Europe.

To paint the picture, we will say this – there are more than 80 museums you can visit and many galleries, theaters, and gardens. There is also a great selection of bars and restaurants that offer many international cuisines.

Easy Access to Beautiful Nature and Other Lovely European Countries

Believe it or not, you will be only a short train ride away from the Alps. It takes about an hour to get to the beautiful nature from the hustle and bustle of the center. Even if you aren’t in the mood for a short trip, no one says you can’t enjoy the breathtaking view of the mountains from a few viewpoints in the city. Additionally, one more fantastic benefit of life at this location is that some of the most beautiful European countries are easily accessible.

Once you settle in and get through the culture shock, we suggest organizing a weekend trip to Austria, Italy, Croatia, France, Hungary, Serbia, or the Czech Republic – why not see the beauty of Europe if you can? If you don’t have the whole weekend, maybe a day trip would be a better solution? If so, check out the video below for a few of the best one-day-trip destinations.

Relocating to Munich Guarantees You an Excellent Quality of Life

After you’ve read everything above, you can undoubtedly agree – it makes perfect sense that so many people choose to relocate to the Bavarian capital every year. Everything here is high-quality, that much is pretty obvious – the public system, architecture, climate, nature, job market, economy, and so much more. No chance choosing this spot as a destination for your international move will turn out to be a mistake. So, why waste even another second? Start preparing for moving abroad to Germany and your fresh start!

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