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The Expat’s Guide to the Best Vancouver Neighborhoods

Posted Country Guides / December 30, 2020
Blake Shaw

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Diverse and beautiful Vancouver neighborhoods are plentiful. If you’re thinking about moving abroad to this amazing place, but you have a problem choosing between Vancity’s areas, we’re here for you. Decide which one fits you best, hire a reputable international moving company, and begin your new life as a true Canadian.

If you’re planning on moving to Canada because of the breathtaking nature, countless job opportunities, and diversity, then moving to Vancouver, British Columbia, is the right choice. It’s one of the best places to live in Canada since the quality of life here is one of the highest in the world. That is the main reason why so many newcomers are attracted to living in Vancouver, as well as the climate, landscape, and cultural diversity. Keep in mind that this certainly isn’t the cheapest place to live in Canada, so if you can afford to reside here, take a look at some of the following neighborhoods.

Yaletown Is One of Chicest Vancouver Neighborhoods

This Downtown area is known for its boutiques, high-end restaurants, designer shops, and glass towers. It once was a warehouse district that is now transformed into an upscale residential neighborhood. You will find cafes with patios on the sidewalks, a lot of options for fine dining, and even stores for your furry friends. In case you’re moving to Canada with pets, you’ll know where to find a coat for your pup. This is a safe area with a very vibrant style, so if you’re moving abroad alone, this could be a good neighborhood for you.

Here You Can Eat Whatever Your Heart Desires

If you’re shipping overseas all of your belongings to Canada and you’re a foodie, Yaletown is the one for you. You will never run out of options for both indoor and outdoor dining. There are a lot of expensive eateries such as Brix and Mortar, but you can also find more affordable Yaletown options, such as The Flying Pig.

West End and Davie Village Are Among the Most Walkable Ones

Also located near the Downtown area, it will give you a true feeling of how Vancouverites live. West End is perfect for walking and biking, and it’s bordered by an amazing tourist attraction called Stanley Park. You will find anything you’re looking for here – from an active lifestyle and recreation on the beaches to delicious meals, tasty beverages, and street art. West End is also one of the best places to live abroad with family.

Davie Village is a thriving LGBT neighborhood with rainbow crosswalks and annual Pride celebrations. Needless to say, this stretch from Davie Street to Burrard and Jervis Streets becomes an epicenter of the gay nightlife scene in the evening. However, the fun is guaranteed during both day and night. Check if there’s a rainbow flag on your moving abroad checklist, and start adjusting to a new country.

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Explore Stanley Park and Enjoy the Views

One of the best features of the West End community is how close it is to this amazing place. It’s no wonder that this public park attracts so many people year-round. This is a true green oasis that spreads on 400-hectare. It’s the first park in this city, it has a long history and plenty of cultural and historical landmarks. Here is Canada’s largest aquarium, miles of walking trails, and many other attractions for all ages. Coming to this beautiful place will guarantee you incredible views of the sky, mountains, water, and trees.

Granville Island Is a Unique Place With an Amazing Public Market

This area used to be an industrial wasteland that has been transformed into one of Vancouver’s best cultural scenes. Both locals and tourists love the vibe that this neighborhood has – there are so many galleries, theatres, craft studios, and artisan workshops. The famous indoor Granville Public Market on this (not technically) island is home to local food, handcrafted products, and unique gifts. If you’re looking for work in Vancouver and you have your own small business, then this market could be the place for you. Granville Island is just a quick ferry ride from Downtown.

South Main Is a Hip Residential Area

Moving internationally as a young person can be hard, but one thing that can ease this transition is choosing the right community for your new home. For everyone who wants to meet new people fast and to have an active social life, South Main is the place to be. There are so many cafes, breweries, brunch joints, cheap ethnic restaurants, and barbershops that one might call South Main a hipster heaven. Street festivals happen every year, galleries are abundant, and there are many public gardens. Shopping here is a lot of fun, especially if you love craft stores.

Beach Lovers Should Move to Kitsilano

The cost of living in Vancouver isn’t low, but you will get an amazing quality of life for the price you pay. One proof of that is the Kitsilano community. It has all that you need, and more. This is a prime sunset location with fantastic sandy shores that are also the location for all outdoor activities such as swimming, volleyball, and yoga. Here are Vancouver’s most popular beaches – Kits Beach and Jericho Beach, as well as the massive saltwater pool. It’s perfect for students, professionals, and young families.

If You’re Wondering What Is the Safest Neighborhood in Vancouver, Relocate Here

This city is generally safe. After all, Canada is one of the friendliest countries in the world, so asking What is the most dangerous part of Vancouver isn’t the same as asking the same for New York. If you’re checking out the tips for learning a new language and you plan on breaking the language barrier because you want to live in Kitsilano, you don’t have to worry about the crime level – it’s perfectly safe.

Gastown Is the Oldest Neighborhood

This neighborhood lies in the north of the city from Richards to Main Street, and to Hastings Street on the south, and it was founded by John ‘Gassy Jack’ Deighton in 1867. Its cobbled streets, beautiful architecture, and a steam-powered clock are a huge attraction, but residents aren’t here just for that. Gastown is also home to a lot of clubs, pubs, restaurants, and shops. Unlike Vancouver suburbs, this community is where you should be if you love going out and partying all night.

Which Is the Best Area to Live in Vancouver? Try Commercial Drive

This area, also called The Drive, is another authentic place where you will never be bored. Artists, merchants, musicians, and chefs have taken over this close-knit community. You will always find a place to go dancing, eating, listening to live music, and shopping. Commercial Drive is also home to decades of Italian heritage, and it’s also known as Vancouver’s Little Italy. If you’re planning on moving overseas to this neighborhood, you’ll find a mix of cultures, a lot of friendly people, local breweries, and great eateries.

You Can Find Affordable Rents Here

If you’d like to reside in a house with a backyard, and you don’t mind sharing it with other residents, The Drive is your destination. There are many rental houses that are split into a number of different bedrooms, and you can rent them for around $500-700 per room.

Coal Harbour Is a Peaceful, but Expensive Area

Finding jobs in Canada isn’t hard, and you should definitely prepare relocation questions to ask the employer and find a job before you move. Employee relocation is the safest way to start living in another country since the cost of living in Canada is not affordable for everyone. If you’re in one of the highest-paid industries, you’ll be able to afford to live in Coal Harbour. This upscale neighborhood was once a mining town and even a military base. Now it is home to high-rises and luxury condos, high-end shopping, and dining. Here are private marinas, boating, and rowing clubs. If you own a marine vessel, you will find a floating gas station here. Talking about floating, there are also six legal floating homes.

Where Should I Avoid in Vancouver?

Anyone who’s wondering how to immigrate to Canada knows how safe this whole country is. However, there might be some areas that you should avoid if you’re walking alone at night. After all, 2.5 million people reside here, and there is some crime. Downtown East Side is one of the locations that are considered “the most dangerous” even though it’s not the whole community that’s problematic. Streets are still safe, so you should just avoid the dark alleys at night.

Choosing the Right Overseas Moving Company Will Help You to Have a Better Start in Vancouver

Hiring professional Vancouver international movers will not only mean that your belongings will arrive safely but also that you’ll be able to finish all the work with just one overseas shipping company. You will get to choose between international moving by sea and international moving by air, while you can also get overseas vehicle shipping. When it comes to international moving, it’s crucial that your items are safely covered, so you can also consider getting packing services and buying high-quality boxes and moving supplies from the relocation company. Just schedule a free home estimate, and let your relocation specialist know if you need a storage unit or oversized freight. Delicate and breakable items might require custom crating, which can also be done with a professional company.

We Hope You’ll Be Enjoying Vancouver Neighborhoods

If you’ve decided which one of these beautiful areas best fits your needs, then the only thing left is getting all the documents needed to travel abroad and overseas shipping of your belongings. This city will welcome you wholeheartedly, and you’ll start feeling like a local in no time. This incredible place has so much to offer to its residents, and every newcomer has a chance to live their Canadian dream. Move here and make incredible views of British Columbia your everyday enjoyment.

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