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Reasons Why Moving to Connecticut in 2020 Is a Great Idea

Posted Country Guides / October 8, 2020

Are you a creature of habits? Then perhaps a place known as The Land of Steady Habits might be the right state for you. You don’t know where that is? Well, it’s no wonder because it’s one of the smallest states. But if you want to find out what makes moving to Connecticut such a great idea, stick around. We have a few pros to share with you.

When thinking about where to relocate, whether it is moving abroad or within the country, many focus on those popular states, big cities, and melting pots, and it seems that we already know everything about them. It is the same story whether you’re moving to Toronto, NYC, LA, or moving to London. Traffic jams, expensive housing, costs, hustling 24/7, etc. But what about those smaller and maybe not so popular spots? Located in southern New England, CT is one of the six New England states, and one of the smallest in the US by area, only Rhode Island and Delaware are smaller. It has only around 3.5 million citizens, which is fewer than many US metropoles have. So why move here? What are the reasons to move to Connecticut? Let’s find out together.

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Is Relocating Anywhere in 2020 a Good Idea? Living in Uncertain Times

It is 2020, probably not the greatest year for moving overseas unless you don’t mind traveling during the Coronavirus outbreak. Many plans have changed, and it is hard to plan ahead in such uncertain times, which is why moving cross country might sound like a safer option than international moving. Depending on where you’re coming from, you probably have loads of questions where quotes about moving can’t help much.

However, when it comes to relocating, the age of Corona might be the new moving during the holiday season, also known as the cheapest time of the year to move. That’s right, so if you’re looking to save some money on moving services such as packing or storage, now is the right time to schedule a free in-home estimate. Pick your reliable Connecticut international movers, and don’t let Coronavirus stop you from moving.

Is Connecticut a Good State to Live in? It Is Only One of the Best Places in the US in Terms of Healthcare, Security, and Education

This is one of those highly individual questions that depend upon many factors because what might be good enough for one person doesn’t have to be good for others. However, it is frequently well ranked on the lists of best states to live in the US. Connecticut ranks high in terms of healthcare, education, natural environment, crime, and corrections.

Moving to Connecticut for Education

Loads of excellent colleges and universities, including the prestigious Yale University, attract a younger population that’s not afraid to move abroad alone for education. Also, if you’re relocating with kids or planning to raise a family here, you picked the right spot because it is very safe and offers excellent education opportunities.

Job Market and Main Industries in CT

When it comes to the job market and opportunities, digital media is a growing industry, as well as bioscience, manufacturing, green technology, finances, insurance, and many more. So if you’re thinking about employee relocation, these are the primary industries in CT, but certainly not the only ones. Take a look at some of the most important relocation questions to ask your employer before relocating, and start sending your CV.

Is It Expensive to Live in Connecticut?

The overall cost of living index in CT is slightly higher than the national average, with 107.8 compared to 100. However, if you’re good with money management, you shouldn’t struggle with somewhat high costs once you find a steady job. Categories that are a bit more pricey are utilities and transportation, but that varies greatly from one area to another. So although some cities can be considered as expensive, others are pretty affordable, so make sure to pick the one that suits your lifestyle and budget before you start packing to move.

How Much Money do You Need to Live Comfortably in Connecticut?

We all have different needs. Therefore everyone has its idea of living comfortably. Whether you’re moving with pets, kids, or a partner, you should get familiar with some of the main expenses and compare the costs to the ones you already have. This depends on the area you choose because the expenses in CT vary from one city to another.

For example, in the most expensive Fairfield County, a family of two adults and two children needs around $9,125 per month, while in Windham, they’ll need around $7,230 per month. Keep in mind that those are rough figures and that it is completely doable to live with less.

Cost of Living in Main Cities

The capital of CT is Hartford, a city with around 123,000 residents, but the most populous city is Bridgeport, with slightly more, about 143,000 citizens. Let’s now compare the prices in some of the main cities in CT to help you decide where to settle down.

City Utilities Renting Apartment (1 bedroom) Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment
Hartford $100 $890 $95
Bridgeport $220 $1,190 $115

Top 5 Reasons for Relocating to Connecticut in 2020

Now, after we tackled some useful general information, let’s go through some of the main reasons for relocating to CT.

One of the Main Pros: Ideal Mix of Urban and Suburban Living

Many have the dilemma of whether or not to move to the suburbs, but CT can be a good compromise if you’re looking for both. Some cities offer that typical city lifestyle, but you can find calm neighborhoods that provide that small-town charm within them. Also, since the cities are not so large, not so far away, there is beautiful countryside, so you can easily experience the perks of both. Additionally, NYC and Boston are just a short drive away.

Plenty of Outdoor and Indoor Activities and Things to Do

Around 60% of CT is forested, so if you’re an outdoorsy type, there are many options for wandering. Numerous parks and beaches provide recreation options. On the other hand, if you’re interested in culture, museum visits, history, and education, CT won’t let you down. Visit Mark Twain’s house or explore the Wine Trail. There’s always something to do.

There are Four Seasons, But People Particularly Love the Fall

This is a place where you can experience all four seasons distinctively, but when it comes to CT, everyone’s favorite season is fall because that’s when CT shows its true colors. The autumnal foliage here is one of the most scenic ones you’ll ever see. Enjoy a view with a range of goldish yellows, pumpkin orange, and fiery reds. This is also the place with the most extended leaf-peeping period in New England, which is why you can find many fall-related festivals.

Well-Educated Population That Prefers to Shop Books

CT is frequently ranked exceptionally well on the lists of most educated states, but that’s not only thanks to Yale. Central Connecticut State University and the University of Connecticut, as well as some top-notch colleges and high schools, are only some of the reasons why many move here for education. Connecticuters are usually well-read, so it won’t be hard to find a stimulating conversation partner here. And if you’re wondering what to pack when moving: definitely your books.

Low Crime Rates

Whether you’re relocating alone or with kids, safety is always an important factor. Luckily, CT is one of the safest places in the US. For example, the violent crime rate is 2.07, which is lower than the national average, and the same goes for property crime. Some of the safest places are Ridgetown, Newtown, Greenwich, Simsbury, and Shelton.

Moving Internationally to CT

Did you gather all the important documents for moving abroad to CT? Then keep in mind that there is only one international airport, and that is Bradley International Airport (BDL) close to Hartford. Living overseas and adjusting to a new country, its language and culture, is always a challenge, even when you don’t have to bother with breaking down the language barrier.

If you want to know how to live in another country, the best time to relocate overseas is now, so feel free to start making your moving abroad checklist. But keep in mind that whether you’re searching for an international moving company that will transport your belongings by sea or by air, shipping overseas is always pricey, especially if you add overseas vehicle shipping or custom crating.

Need More Convincing? Here Are Some Interesting Facts You Should Know Before Relocating to Connecticut

This might be a small territory, but there are loads of fun facts and interesting things to read about it, so make sure to learn as much as you can before relocating overseas. Here’s our selection:

  • CT is home to the first color TV, first hamburger, and the first speed limit law
  • CT was the first to issue permanent license plates in 1937
  • Apizza, you have to try it, a pizza with a twist
  • Almost 9% of households are millionaires in CT
  • The Scoville Memorial Library is the oldest in the US, est. in 1771
  • In Devon, CT, it is illegal to walk backward after the sunset
  • In Hartford, CT, it is illegal to cross the street by walking on your hands
  • CT is one of the original 13 colonies
  • It is called The Constitution State because the first written constitution in the US was adopted here in 1639
  • It is called the Nutmeg State, but the nutmeg doesn’t grow there

And More Things You Didn’t Know About CT

Just in case you want to find out more about this fascinating state, take a look at this video to find even more reasons on why you should relocate here and become a proud Connecticuter.

Is It Worth Moving to Connecticut?

Are you worried about how to keep in touch with friends or how to find new ones? Don’t worry, long-distance friendships are the strongest ones, and you’ll quickly adapt and meet other people. This should not stop you from relocating, because CT has a lot to offer, and now might be just the right moment to make this move. Write down all the pros and cons, and see if it is worth it for you, it is time to start making new habits, and there is no better place for that than The Land of Steady Habits.

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