By in Country Guides June 27, 2018

Are you thinking about relocating to Hawaii? Gather the courage to do so and start planning your relocation without any worries, because I Love Moving can help ship all your precious items without any problems. Our company will ship your items by using both sea and air transportation. The way we relocate you depends only on your preferences and your budget. Transportation by sea takes a lot longer, but it costs less and is perfect if you have a larger shipment. Air transportation is a way to ship your items quickly, but it is a lot more expensive. You are charged by the cubic space when shipping ocean freight. Shipping air freight depends on the distance of your location, the size, weight, and consistency of your package.

I Love Moving offers you a lot of other benefits, such as free moving estimates, packing, custom crating, and, of course, transportation. Due to the fact that moving can be quite a hassle and stressful at times, we offer you free storage services for up to 30 days. Take the chance to look at our online reviews and check out all the positive feedback, or contact someone you know that has used our services before. We will start off your move when we pack up all your items and make sure that every box is nicely packed and wrapped, so as to avoid damage. All the materials we use for packing are sturdy and great for holding fragile items. Give us a call for more information about our services and prices. We can always help you out if you have any concerns. If you are ready to book your relocation, give us a call.Below are some tips on how you should prepare for the shipment of your items to the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

Shipping to Hawaii

The best thing you can do when relocating to Hawaii is to keep things as simple and minimal as possible. Try selling anything you can back home and come with as few items as possible. Most of the apartments here are already furnished because the majority of the houses are rented out, which is why transporting furniture is a waste of money. You could even get rid of some clothes that you know won’t be useful in these parts of the country, so only pack the clothes you’ll need for the island. We definitely recommend that everybody ships their car to Hawaii. Even though an island might seem like the perfect place to be car free, you will definitely need your vehicle. Public transportation is hard to obtain in Hawaii outside of Oahu, so you are for sure going to need a car here.

In conclusion, the key to every shipment wherever you are relocating to is to plan and stay organized! When you feel ready to start planning out your relocation to paradise, give us a call!