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Acquiring a Work Permit or Visa

Posted Moving Fundamentals / August 22, 2018

Moving to another country can be challenging. Getting a job in another country is even more difficult. Work permits are difficult to acquire, and even harder if you are in a two-income household as some countries only allow one spouse to be employed. Despite the rigorous entry requirements to obtain a work permit, many people are moving internationally to look for new opportunities and to experience life somewhere else.

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1. When should you apply

Once you enter a country, it is more difficult to get a visa or work permit. If you do apply after entering a country, you will most likely have to leave then re-enter.

2. Who can get the permit in your place?

A work visa is always for a specific job that a company provides to an individual. Some countries require a written job offer from a company only, while others require a notarized employment contract signed by both you and your future employer. Although the respective ministry of foreign affairs issues most work permits, many countries require the approval of the labor ministry and the local employment office to make sure that there are no locals who may be better suited for the job. A lot of countries maintain a quota for each type of work permit. Once the quota is filled, there is nothing that you can do during that calendar year to acquire your work permit. Your only option is to wait and apply for the permit the following year. In a lot of countries, the labor ministry makes sure that companies judiciously follow all requirements to attract local job candidates before allowing them to offer a position to foreigners. Once you have a signed work contract and the approval of the labor ministry or local labor department you can contact the embassy or consulate to get your visa.

3. How long will your work permit last?

Work permits generally have a specific time limit. They are issued either for the maximum amount of time allowed by law, or they are for the duration of your particular job. If you are hired to build a pipeline in Brazil, then your work permit will last until the project is finished. If the work permit has a legal time limit, such as a year or two, you will be able to apply for an extension to remain at that job. Work permit extensions are usually much easier to get than the initial application and approval. Work Permits are issued by the government and can be altered and revoked.

Now that you have read the 3 steps to take when acquiring a work permit or visa, what do you think? Do you have any questions about obtaining your travel papers? The professional team at the I Love Moving moving company are at your disposal and would be happy to help you out. Contact our representatives, and they will promptly help you along in any way that they can.

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