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What is Connecticut Known for – Famous Landmarks in the Constitution State

Posted Country Guides / November 21, 2020

What is Connecticut known for? You probably heard about the beautiful nature or the high taxes, but did you know that there are many inventions and historical events that happened in CT that had an impact on the US and the rest of the world? Some of them have changed our lives for good, and we have to thank CT locals for sharing with us. Wondering what is on this list? We’ll be happy to show you.

If you plan on moving to Connecticut and becoming a proud resident of this amazing state, you’ll have plenty of reasons to do so. Asking Is Connecticut famous for anything is understandable since it’s not the place that is in the center of the world’s attention, such as California or NY. Still, it is one of the places with the highest income per capita, and it’s one of the most densely populated. So, let’s see why moving overseas to CT is so attractive and what makes it so extraordinary, except for the fact that the Yankee Doodle song is the anthem.

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What Is Connecticut Known for? Here Comes a Short History Class

Are you familiar with how the United States was made? Connecticut, or the Constitution State as it’s nicknamed, is one of the first thirteen states, and it is known for being the fifth to get statehood. The land became an English colony in the seventeenth century. One century later, American colonies, including Connecticut’s representatives, signed the Declaration of Independence. This event led to the American Revolution, after which the colonies won freedom from Great Britain . Only five years later, CT ratified the US Constitution.

Why Do People Go to Connecticut? History Is One of the Many Reasons

Every lover of historical events will enjoy moving abroad, living in Connecticut, and being able to see all the historical sites anytime they want. Just like in the rest of New England, you might need a tour guide when coming here. You can take a ride on The Essex Steam Railway on the originally laid tracks from 1868 and enjoy the comfort and style of this old train rail and all the scenery you will see. Griswold Inn would be the perfect place for dinner after this ride since it’s as old as the nation itself.

Another beautiful landmark is The Mystic Seaport, where you can see the last wooden whaling ship in the world and the oldest commercial vessel in the United States that’s still afloat. Still wondering what to do in Connecticut? Taking a walk through the early 1900s handmade Gillette Castle or going to the towns of Old Saybrook and Old Lyme would be an amazing idea. They’re located where the Connecticut River opens into Long Island Sound. Both of them date back to the beginning of the seventeenth century and feature a number of attractions like parks and museums.

A Great Number of Inventions Were Created Here

Another thing that might wow you and make you wish to get international moving services is the fact that you’d be living in the birthplace of so many important inventions. There are just some of the most far-reaching ones:

  • Vulcanized rubber is a part of our lives today because of a New Haven native Charles Goodyear. He had experimented with raw rubber and finally made a marketable product. Even though he made something all of us use every day, he died in debt.
  • Another one from New Haven – lollipops. George Smith decided to put hard candies on a stick and named them after a racehorse called Lolly Pop.
  • The first operational nuclear-powered submarine – the USS Nautilus – was built here in Groton, CT. Even though it was large, it was also fast. It managed to complete its submerged transit all the way up to the North Pole.
  • Frisbee was also born here, at Yale University, to be precise. College students from New England tossed empty pie tins around for fun. The name originated from the defunct bakery they borrowed pie tins from – Frisbie Pie Co. All the people who are moving with dogs can be thankful for that.
  • George Canfield Blickensderfer invented the first portable typewriter. It had fewer parts, and it was much lighter than the models before it. It was later run out of business, but it will be remembered as the first model that made typing portable. Maybe that was also the invention of texting and walking?
  • An invention that affected the ongoing slavery in the South and the cotton industry was the mechanic cotton engine that separated the cotton fibers from the seeds. This mechanism has led to the growth of the need for cotton workers, and it has worsened the situation with slavery.
  • We have one more invention for you – hamburgers. There is a dispute about this, and some other states might say that they are the inventors, but we beg to differ. A restaurant called Louis’ Lunch is the birthplace of this essential part of many people’s lives. Meat or vegan, burgers are a way of life; we can all agree on that.

What Are Fun Facts About Connecticut?

CT is not only home to all of these creative discoveries but also to the oldest newspaper that’s still being published – Hartford Courant. Also, the first phone book was issued in 1878 in New Haven, and it listed only fifty names. The first speed limit in America was also set in CT. It was twelve miles per hour.

This state also has a history with weird laws that will make you think how and why did it come to this, but the weirdest come from the capital: Hartford. Here are some of the funniest:

  • In certain cities here, you’re not allowed to walk backward after sunset.
  • It’s illegal to cross the street on your hands in Hartford.
  • You cannot educate your dog in Hartford.
  • In the same city, it’s forbidden to fly a kite on the street.

Also, Connecticut and Rhode Island are the only states that didn’t ratify the 18th Amendment that prohibited the manufacture and sale of alcohol.

American Folks Might Say It’s The Invention of the Century – Sports Cable

All the people from the East to the West Coast have to thank CT, for Bill Rasmussen founded ESPN here in Bristol. They firstly aired the signal only locally, and on September 7th, 1979, they aired the program to 1.4 million cable subscribers all over the nation.

There Are Also Misconceptions About What Is Connecticut Known For

There are a lot of articles and videos about what is first made and invented here, so you’ve probably stumbled upon the info that the first color TV was made here, but apparently, that isn’t true. That also applies to submarines – you might have heard that the first one was made by the Yale graduate called David Bushnell. He made a submarine that was shaped like an animal: it resembled a turtle shell, so its name was Turtle. However, there was one model before it that was a working prototype. Another tricky info is that the instant photographs and Polaroid come from CT, but sources say the place where the first Polaroid was sold was actually Boston. The inventor Edwin Land was indeed born in CT, so there could be some mixup.

People That Made the CT World-Famous

There are a few faces that can also answer the question of what is Connecticut famous for. George W. Bush was born in New Haven, actress Meg Ryan is from Fairfield, but so are famous writers Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe. Mark Twain’s house is now a museum – it’s where he wrote his greatest novels, including Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. You can get your tickets and visit it, but it’s more recommended to take a virtual tour due to Corona pandemics.

Yale, One of the World’s Best Universities Is Here

Ivy League’s private research university is located in New Haven, CT. This prestigious institution was founded in 1701, and it is the third oldest in the United States. It has a very low acceptance rate (only 6%), but it also has an almost absolute graduation rate (94%). It is known for its amazing music and drama programs that attract thousands of students each year to be moving abroad alone in the search of the best education. After all, adjusting to a new country and living overseas is much more bearable when you know you’re in one of the world’s finest universities.

What Food Is Connecticut Known For?

Once you figure how to live in another country, get your documents needed to travel abroad and pick one of the best places to live in Connecticut, you’ll surely want to know what to eat. So, what food is Connecticut known for except for the hamburgers we mentioned? If you’re a fan of fresh seafood, you’ll be ready for moving across the world and coming here. CT’s Lobster Rolls are like sent from heaven, and make sure you eat them warm. The cost of living in Connecticut is rather high compared to the rest of the United States, but you won’t pay much for delicious hot dogs and grinders here. When it comes to sweets, they are worth moving internationally. You’ll find tasty apple cider doughnuts, delicious maple syrup, and apple pies. Of course, there’s also the PEZ Candy Company.

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You’ll Get to Enjoy the View Every Day

Whether it’s December or June, CT will make sure you have the most beautiful view whenever you go for a walk or even outside your window. The incredible Long Island Sound, Thimble Islands, or one of the many parks are perfect for walking, biking, and fishing. However, once you take a walk by the river after shipping overseas, you’ll notice that the fall is the prettiest season here. It could easily be named a natural wonder. After learning how to move overseas, decide what to pack when moving abroad, get the right overseas shipping company, and come to see it for yourself. After that, all of the quotes about moving will be even more clear.

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